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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Isaacs (eisaacs) | 339 comments Mod
Now that I'm finally settled into the new publishing thing, I'd like to pick your brain on marketing, concentrating on ebook sales. What are you doing (other than pimping yourself out on twitter and facebook :-) for advertising, and if you had one piece of advise, what would it be?

message 2: by Woulds&shoulds (new)

Woulds&shoulds | 5 comments Sometimes contests are a good idea. The prize has to be good though, and sometimes it's tricky to come up with something that people would want. Since you're focussing on ebook sales, you could say, "If I sell 100 ebooks in the next month, I will do _____________." or "I will give away _________."

message 3: by Sammie (new)

Sammie Spencer (SammieSpencer) | 38 comments Here's something I'm doing for some cross-marketing. I'm having a blog tour in May and there will be giveaways along the way as well as a big giveaway at the end for those who followed along each day. I'm collecting some author goodies (bookmarks, ARCs, signed swag, etc.) to give out in the giveaways. Readers will learn about my book AND other authors' books too. If you want to add some of your stuff, let me know. OR if you're doing a blog tour or giveaway and want to include a free copy of Amaretto Flame, let me know!

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Isaacs (eisaacs) | 339 comments Mod
Hey, Sammie,
Count me in! I want to set up a blog tour at some point, but have no clue how to go about it. I'll message you on here later! Gotta teach!

message 5: by Jacquelyn (new)

Jacquelyn (jwheeler) | 43 comments Count me in as well! I recently did a blog tour with Teen Book Scene (, and it was a fantastic experience (Beth, you should contact them if you haven't already--they were super cool to work with). I would be delighted to give away bookmarks plus a copy of Rising Shadow and a copy of Merger, so please ping me if you'd like to include these. I've got a giveaway running right now for Merger on Goodreads, and I have to say, I just love giving out copies of my books. It's almost more fun than selling them! :)

message 6: by Sammie (new)

Sammie Spencer (SammieSpencer) | 38 comments Awesome, Jacquelyn! Sounds great. I'll send you a message. Beth, I had no clue either. I just sort of jumped in and started e-mailing book bloggers. With that method, I managed to line up about 13 blogs to visit and organized it so it would run through the first 2 weeks of May. Some of the book bloggers won't take self-published books =( but the ones I'm working with are awesome. I can send you their info if you want. Just let me know! =)

message 7: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Isaacs (eisaacs) | 339 comments Mod
Thanks Jacquelyn,
I just emailed them, and Sammie if you'd send me their blogs that would be great!

message 8: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Isaacs (eisaacs) | 339 comments Mod
Oh, and oops! I forgot to message you earlier today. With the trailer coming out totally slipped my mind. :-(

message 9: by Sammie (new)

Sammie Spencer (SammieSpencer) | 38 comments Oh - totally understand! Super exciting!! I emailed Teen Book Scene too...sounds awesome. I'm going to send you a message now, Beth. =)

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