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message 1: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited Mar 31, 2011 05:18PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments I just came back from watching Beastly. Some thoughts:

- I like Beauty and the Beast stories
- It's a change from the usual Cinderella stories
- The actor who played the Beast looked a lot better as the Beast.
- Mary-Kate Olsen did a decent job as the witch. Just wish that the witch wasn't her (I like unfamiliar actors in my movies, not the familiar ones.)
- The transition scenes and lines were not that great.
- The make-up was pretty neat.
- The acting wasn't the best but it didn't suck either.
- I didn't really sense chemistry between Lindy and Hunter/Kyle.

Overall, I enjoyed it and my sister did too. I feel the urge to go read Beauty and the Beast stories now. Any recommendations?

Oh, and I heard from my youngest sister that they are apparently making a TV series on LJ Smith's Secret Circle trilogy. I loved that trilogy when I was in high school. I wonder whether the TV series would be worth watching.

message 2: by Lisarenee (last edited Mar 14, 2011 08:57PM) (new)

Lisarenee | 7661 comments Beauty A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley
Have you read Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley? It has a dream of a library in it.

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Lisarenee wrote: "Beauty A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley
Have you read Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley? It ha..."

No, not yet. It's on my list of books to read, as are the other books by Robin McKinley.

message 4: by Sans (new)

Sans McKinley also has another Beauty and the Beast version, Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley. I heard she wasn't as happy with Beauty so she wrote Rose Daughter years later.

message 5: by Shay (new)

Shay | 923 comments There was a tv show about 20 years ago:

With Linda Hamilton (Terminator) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy).

I can't think of any books that are retellings of Beauty and the Beast, but "Beauty" is very similar to Phantom of the Opera in terms of woman falls in love with monster. (Kind of like every single werewolf book.) A more modern Phantom book is The Jumbee.

message 6: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (Wckdktty) | 20 comments Oh Wow Shay. I had forgotten about the old TV show. It was one of my favorites back in the day. I think I even bought a TAPE that had the intro song on it.

message 7: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited Mar 31, 2011 05:18PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments My sister and I just watched Sucker Punch. It was pretty interesting.

What I liked about it:
- an all-female cast in an action-fantasy movie
- acting was pretty decent
- action scenes were just as exciting as ones with starring male
- story was interesting

What I didn't like about it:
- it was a little boring the first 15-20 min
- it was a little confusing 15-35 min.
- sometimes it seemed a bit silly

Apparently the director had been forced to cut out a lot of scenes to make the film at least PG-13, but according to Wikipedia, he will be adding them back in for the DVD. I'd be interested in seeing what has been cut out.

I could have sworn it was a manga but apparently not. I thought that it might have worked as well (perhaps better?) as an animation.

message 8: by Sashana (last edited Apr 01, 2011 01:09PM) (new)

Sashana I want to see that one too but I think I'll wait for it to come out on DVD. Isn't Sucker Punch a comic book?

I want to see Soul Surfer. I might even go to the movies to see it.

message 9: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited Apr 06, 2011 06:12PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Last evening I watched Jane Eyre with a friend. I have to admit, I really liked this adaptation. At first, it was confusing and I wasn't too impressed, but afterward, the film lingered on in my mind as did Jane Eyre, a classic novel that I never really enjoyed. It made me start rereading the book on my way home (thank goodness for Project Gutenberg and my iPod Touch!). I never realized how intelligent and, well, witty, Jane Eyre proved to be when confronted with Mr. Rochester. It had been so long - over 10 years - since I'd last read Jane Eyre that I could not remember a lot of details. This made the film both new and familiar to me.

message 10: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments I love Project Gutenberg!

message 11: by Sashana (new)

Sashana I'm glad you enjoyed it, Niquae. I've never read the book or seen the movie but the preview kind of looked like a thriller to me. I'll wait for it to come out on DVD before I see it.

message 12: by Sashana (new)

Sashana Richelle Mead just mentioned the premiere on her Facebook. What channel is it airing on, Niquae? I want to see what it's all about.

message 13: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments has a Dire Wolf in it. I may have to watch! Oh dear, it is on HBO. Oh well, maybe I'll read the book. A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) by George R.R. Martin

message 14: by Sashana (new)

Sashana Awww, that sucks :(. I don't have HBO.

message 15: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Sashana, Did you read the book?

message 16: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments There is a new Doctor Who, which I have never watched, coming to BBC America around April 23rd. I have my TiVo set. I think they are show a few old one before then too.

message 17: by Sashana (new)

Sashana Lisa Kay wrote: "Sashana, Did you read the book?"

Nope. But Niquae mentioned starting the series up in the summer for the Read it With Me challenge so I'll be reading it then. Maybe I can watch it one Netflix after that.

message 18: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Okay, Sashana. Thanks! I'll watch for the "Read It With Me" challenge.

message 19: by Sashana (new)

Sashana Awesome. I'll see what Niquae has to say about the start date and how many other people will be reading along.

message 20: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited Apr 19, 2011 07:13PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Looks like summer's a good time to start for most people so let's aim for then, shall we? :)

I don't have HBO either. I was interested in seeing what it was like, but iTunes and doesn't seem to have it available. Neither does Netflix. :(

Last night I signed up for the free month trial at Netflix, wondering where I'd placed my head since I don't really enjoy watching things. In fact, though I played a few "Instant Play" movies, I didn't really watch any of them in their entirety.

Today, I came across BBC's Robin Hood, and the first 3 minutes of it had me giggling.

"My master and I. There are only two of them!"
"Oops. I shouldn't have said that. Run!"

I think I found something I might be willing to watch. hehe.

Edit: Watching further, I'm still amused. Definitely not a serious series. Some of the acting is not that great such as Will Scarlett's father. At first I thought the actor who played Robin Hood was too thin but he quickly became quite good-looking. :D I've read and can see that they've taken liberties and that this production is not entirely historically accurate. Nonetheless, it's entertaining so far and I'm enjoying it.

message 21: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Niquae, I've watched a few of BBC's Robin Hood trailers on YouTube and one parody that was pretty funny. If I find it again, I post a link here.

message 22: by The UHQ Nasanta (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments There's a parody of BBC's Robin Hood? That'd be interesting. Thanks. :)

Watching episode 2 of season 1 right now.

Robin Hood to Much: "And that is why I love you."
To another: "You. I'll need you."
Much: "Why him when you love me?"

ROFL. I really like the story behind it - of the good nobleman turned outcast because he wants to fight for justice and to save his people. I used to like Robin Hood stories when I was younger. I'd forgotten.

message 23: by Lisa Kay (last edited Apr 19, 2011 10:12PM) (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments niquae, Here is the BBC Robin Hood parody from YouTube with Richard *sigh* Armitage. LMAO!

Sir Guy: Too Sexy for Nottingham?

Enjoy! LOL!

message 24: by The UHQ Nasanta (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Thanks, Lisa Kay. It was pretty funny. Richard Armitage was good-looking but I prefer the light-hearted fun of Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood. Skinny though he is, I thought he pulled off the flirty, attention-seeking caring, outlawed Earl of Huntington rather well. XD

I'm not a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies. In fact, except for the first three movies, I find that I dislike them. However, a friend of mine is a fan and wants to watch the second part of the Deathly Hallows movie together when it comes out so I'm doing some "catch-up".

I just finished watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm so glad that I listened to my youngest sister who said it wasn't worth purchasing, and that I'd rented it from Netflix instead. Although I liked it better than Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (tried to rewatch that one recently and couldn't finish it), I didn't much care for this. The thing that really bothered me was that the first half of the movie, at least, was very episodic. It was like they shot select scenes from the book and then pieced it together in chronological order. The transitions were awful - not smooth at all which lent to the episodic feeling.

That said, I will be watching Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows, rented from iTunes (since on Netflix I won't be able to get the DVD until a couple weeks into May), and hoping that I enjoy it better.

The next DVD in my queue on Netflix is Eclipse. I'd heard that it was the best movie out so far in The Twilight Saga.

Is no one else watching movies or TV? This cannot be so. lol.

message 25: by Lisa Kay (last edited Apr 21, 2011 12:37AM) (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments niquae, I need to catch up on my HP movies too. Still need to see Half-Blood Prince. You mean the movie wasn't as good as the book, b/c I really liked that book?!

Saw the first movie Twilight and I'm done. Wished I had stopped there with the books too. Please, no body send me hate mail for that!

message 26: by The UHQ Nasanta (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments I don't know about you but I find that movies based on books are hardly ever as good as the books. ;)

There were some changes as always when there is a book-to-movie translation, but as I mentioned, what really bothered me the most was that at least for the first part of the movie, the scenes seemed episodic with poor transitions between them.

To be honest, I enjoyed the first Twilight book and the last one. haha. I won't say that the writing was great, but I liked the story.

I just finished watching Etre et Avoir, a French documentary about a schoolteacher teaching a one-room school in rural France. I had seen it years ago with a class for one of my education courses, and I'd enjoyed it then. It stuck in my mind and I finally found it on Netflix. What I appreciated about it was the teacher seemed to really enjoy teaching and to sincerely care about his students.

message 27: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments niquae, I agree - the 99.9% of the time the book is always better!

I loved the first Twilight book; it took me back to my high school years, only with an adult sense of perception; therefore, less painful. LOL! I really thought it was wonderful. I would have been much, much happier if I'd stopped there.

I've never heard of Etre et Avoir; I'll have to check into it. I love a teacher who cares about his students!

message 28: by Sashana (new)

Sashana Did anyone see Water For Elephants? How was it?

message 29: by Sashana (new)

Sashana Selena Gomez will be starring in Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I'm really shocked :)

message 30: by Kellyflower (new)

Kellyflower | 248 comments niquae wrote: "Is anyone planning on watching Game of Thrones the TV series?"

I'm watching this, and I was hooked from the very first show.

message 31: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Okay, Sashana and niquae, I ordered A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin today, so I'm ready for the Read It With Me challenge this summer!

message 32: by Sashana (new)

Sashana You're one step ahead of me, Lisa. I haven't gotten it yet.

message 33: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments There is someone in the Historical Romance and W♥LK groups who is interested in reading A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) by George R.R. Martin this summer. Do you know if a sub-group is going to be started somewhere here in NBRC?

And, no, niquae, I don't know where it is "streaming" legally or otherwise.

message 34: by Janet (last edited May 13, 2011 03:00PM) (new)

Janet | 43 comments A great place to keep tabs on book adaptations on TV/movies is Bookyurt's book watching page.

So what is a book adaptation that you love & one you find disappointing?
I loved the newest Sherlock by Steve Mofatt and Mark Gatiss
(and I liked BBC's Robin Hood and Merlin, too :)
and I was disappointed by the Dresden Files.

message 35: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited May 14, 2011 01:00AM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Lisa Kay wrote: "There is someone in the Historical Romance and W♥LK groups who is interested in reading A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) by George R.R. Martin this summer. Do you know if a sub-group is going to be started somewhere..."

I believe a number of us agreed to start A Game of Thrones in June.

@Jan: I find most adaptations disappointing (Harry Potter comes to mind), but I thought Beastly was okay. But then again, I watched it first and then read it. While the film made some changes (made the "Beast" a tattooed kid and the "fat witch" into a sexy one portrayed by an Olsen twin), I did like it. I also like The Chronicles of Narnia films although I was not too pleased with the liberties that they took to make Prince Caspian more "exciting". They also completely changed Peter the High King into a proud, headstrong teenager. That really ticked me off (nearly spluttered when I first saw it). But the locations where they shot much of the film were gorgeous, which is why I purchased the DVD. lol.

I watched a few episodes of BBC's Robin Hood and I enjoyed it. Then I got distracted with reading and stopped. I tend to do that when it comes to watching vs. reading. :)

The most recent thing I watched was Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. My sister's too. I enjoyed it still. I've been looking for the soundtrack but unfortunately, it looks like it is no longer being sold except for used and bootleg copies for an exorbitant amount.

I've got Eclipse from Netflix but haven't watched it yet.

message 36: by Lisa Kay (last edited May 14, 2011 02:15AM) (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Jan wrote: "I loved the newest Sherlock by Steve Mofatt and Mark Gatiss..."

I am loving that series also. Modern day SH. They left it with a bit of a cliffhanger, LOL! Loved Benedict Cumberbatch, an actor I am not familiar with. He does the quirky-superior-intellect-maybe-has-Asperger-syndrome-thing just right. Martin Freeman is good as Dr. Watson also.

message 37: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Jan wrote: "A great place to keep tabs on book adaptations on TV/movies is Bookyurt's book watching page."

Thanks for the website, Jan! It will be interesting to see Johnny Depp star in The Thin Man movie(s).

message 38: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited May 18, 2011 09:33PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments What...the...hell?

Watching Eclipse right now and...what happened to sparkly vampires? Edward is out in front of Charlie when the sun is out?

The scene with her mother was a bit sad though.

I am embarrassed to say that I became giddy at the sight of Jake's abs. I feel like such a cradle-robber. lol. And Seth is so adorable.

Hmm, Charlie pushes Edward and Jake apart - and doesn't comment on the difference in their temperatures?

OMG, I want a big, fluffy, wolfy Jacob of my own. So cute!

hahaha. The father-daughter talk. Funny! I think that that is the only time I really see some animation in the actress's face.

message 39: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (treychel) | 1484 comments Hehehe. Found an inconsistency now didn't we? Lol.

message 40: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited May 18, 2011 09:35PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments :D A couple of them, yes.

I'm forcing myself to watch the film instead of letting it run in the background and just reading or browsing Goodreads. I wish I enjoyed watching things more. There are things I want to watch but have no patience to do so.

Where'd the snow come from, and if it's that snowy out, why the hell isn't she wearing a hat, scarf, mittens...a COAT? She's only got on a tanktop and a thin, plaid shirt. WTH?

Mmm...*coughmumble*nice view*cough*

I liked most of the soundtrack and music.

I had heard that Eclipse was probably the best of the 3 Twilight movies out, but to be honest, I think all the half-dressed male bodies running about turned the people's heads not that I blame them.

message 41: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (treychel) | 1484 comments LOLOLOL! Yeah, those male bodies probably did have something to do with it. Although, bodies aside, I do think it might be the better one yet. But, for the record, I don't think any of them were (are) worth it!

I am really bad with movies too. I would rather read something. I tend to fall asleep or start daydreaming when I watch movies.

message 42: by The UHQ Nasanta (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Yeah, I tend to fall asleep too. I don't watch TV much either. My family enjoys watching TV during dinner. When I was younger, I used to sit after dinner to finish up the show I was watching. Now, I just return to my room even if I was enjoying the show. It amazes me because I used to watch TV all the time when I was younger.

I told my former co-worker that I don't really watch TV or a lot of movies so I don't know the celebrities (something my younger sisters and I made a private joke out of), and she told me that I should be more aware of pop culture to be able to understand references and all that. She made a good point.

message 43: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments Why? There is a new celeb on the cover of a mag in the grocery store every week? If they are worth my attention they'll be there in a year or two. Just saying.

message 44: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (treychel) | 1484 comments I could care less. Movies bore me, most TV shows bore me, even reading about most celebrities bore me, so obviously talking about them guessed it...BORE ME. Lol. That's what I would have told her! :D

message 45: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited May 19, 2011 01:14PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments I actually see it as more of a knowledge is power thing. Because I wasn't into pop culture, in high school, I had a really hard time understanding what my group of friends and classmates were talking about. While they were into Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and the Hanson brothers or movies like Charlie's Angels, I was the quiet girl sitting and listening without offering anything to the conversation. I've always felt that this made it harder for the others to relate to me.

These days it's more of Grey's Anatomy, Lost, CSI, whatever. I still don't watch it but as grown women, I think we can find a little more to talk about than TV shows and celebrities. lol.

message 46: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (treychel) | 1484 comments Exactly! I was in to TV and stuff when I was in high school, but not as much as everyone else was. I could add to the conversations or listen if I wanted. I agree with you about being able to talk about something else other than TV and celebrities now that we are older. It all gets old and loses its excitement for me really quick! Even though I think Chef Ramsey (Kitchen Nightmares, Hells Kitchen) is super hot, I still cannot watch his shows every week. I get bored even with the eye candy.

message 47: by Sashana (last edited May 31, 2011 06:33PM) (new)

Sashana Anyone seen anything good recently? I saw Bridesmaids about 2 weeks ago and it was great. I literally cried from laughing too hard. Also saw the new Madea movie which was also funny. I really want to see Hangover 2. Anyone seen it yet?

message 48: by The UHQ Nasanta (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments Nothing particularly good but I did watch Princess of Thieves starring Keira Knightley. I liked the story idea and the ending didn't please my desire for a HEA but worked out considering the situation and the time (except for the explanation that is suppose to make the romantics happy, hah!).

I did not care for Keira Knightley, but part of this has to do with the fact that I dislike seeing actors I know from another movie in a different one (which is why unlike everyone else, I did NOT like blue-eyes-what's-his-name as Frodo), most especially if their faces are quite distinctive. One of the few exceptions would be Johnny Depp because no matter what he plays, I can not tell that he is a character in the film due to awesome make-up and less distinctive face.

message 49: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited Jun 11, 2011 10:45PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments I just finished watching the film of The Phantom of the Opera. My sisters had seen it before and did not recommend it but I really liked it. It gave me greater appreciation for the Broadway show because although I'd seen that one 2-3 times, I didn't quite understand the story. The movie helped to flesh out some details that I'd missed thanks to my not-so-great seats.

I thought that the acting was pretty good. The interactions between Christine and the Phantom was more sensual in the film. At first glance (and maybe second, third and fourth, lol), the only actor I thought was really good looking was the Phantom. Even with that awful make-up, he looked pretty good. lol. Unfortunately, I didn't like his voice. It didn't quite fit the "opera" style.

Christine's voice was pretty good but I didn't think she was as pretty as everyone said. It could be her hairstyle that just didn't flatter her appearance, though.

Raoul was okay. He wasn't that good-looking (compared to the Phantom) and his voice was decent.

I also liked the secondary characters: Madame Girie, Meg, the owners (former and current) of the Opera House, etc. Carlotta's "Italian accent" wasn't consistent though but her acting was good.

The film and music stayed quite true to the Broadway show, which was great. It helped me recall some things that I'd forgotten. I liked the way that the film transitioned between present and past.

I'd always wondered what had happened to the Phantom and Christine. I liked how this film showed that. It provided some closure for me.

I'd borrowed this from Netflix. I want my own copy now! :D

Edit: This Editorial review at better put into words what I thought about the casting:

"Emmy Rossum glows in a breakout role as opera ingénue Christine Daae, and if phantom Gerard Butler isn't Rossum's match vocally, he does convey menace and sensuality in such numbers as "The Music of the Night." The most experienced musical theater veteran in the cast, romantic lead Patrick Wilson, sings sweetly but seems wooden. The biggest name in the cast, Minnie Driver, hams it up as diva Carlotta..."

message 50: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 15159 comments I've seen the Broadway musical of POTO twice and the old movie once. I was given the new movie version by a friend and haven't watched it yet. Maybe I'll get off GR's and pop it in now, niquae! (It was Gerard Butler's break out role that made him famous, though Yahoo! states "no one really listened" to his voice.)

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