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Just Curious - Favorite Dune Character and why??

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message 1: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) Duncan Idaho. He's a constant throughout the series and I can always count on his code of honor.

message 2: by Jackie (last edited Mar 10, 2011 07:03AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) Because he had the qualities to break through the ghola memory block, I guess.

Jeanine, If you could clone another character continually, who would you choose?

message 3: by Jackie (last edited Mar 10, 2011 07:33AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) After they figured out how to do it with him didn't they do that to other gholas??

They did. Finish the series. It was fantastic, more than I could have hoped for.
Breaking the memory barrier isn't that easy, the right emotional conditions have to be met and they're different for each person/ghola.

Alia would have been great as a long term villian. And Ghanima was a wasted character, she had the same potential as young Leto and could have been anything, hero or villian, instead of being married off to appease a minor relation. What was he thinking?

message 4: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) Have you read any of the prequels?
The kid is a major character in one of them, I forget which one. If you're really interested, I could go through my books and see which one it is.

message 5: by Jackie (last edited Mar 10, 2011 08:58AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) She's in Paul of Dune. Technically an interquel.
You've got to read all the prequels and interquels, they're packed with all the info we always wanted to know. IMO, the whole Dune series should be taken as a whole to get the full impact, the backstories are just as important as the original.

message 6: by Jackie (last edited Mar 10, 2011 10:23AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) All of Brian's Dune work is good. I think they added a lot to the Duniverse.

Make sure you read Hunters and Sandworms too :)
You won't regret it.

message 7: by Neil (new)

Neil (stansnig) | 4 comments I prefer the ones that finish off the sequels to paul and winds though they are worth a read still.

Favourite character would have to be Duncan, trite to say but he is consistent and quite unique.

message 8: by Colin (new)

Colin | 19 comments Miles Teg. Definitely Miles Teg. And his ghola.

message 9: by Ian (new)

Ian Peterson (Kolonelklink) | 7 comments Stilgar, hands down. He's the perfect pragmatic desert leader and I've always felt he's a perfect foil to the cult around Paul.

message 10: by Neil (new)

Neil (stansnig) | 4 comments Crikey yes, Miles Teg! he was brilliant. But will stick with Duncan

message 11: by Colin (new)

Colin | 19 comments I was also fascinated by Norma Cenva (pre-transformation). I could relate to her.

message 12: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) They're all great characters, it's hard to choose just one.

message 13: by Lou (new)

Lou (louwags) | 24 comments Jessica. Hands down. Had the hots for her the moment I read about her! ;-)

message 14: by Tulara (new)

Tulara (iberostar) | 11 comments Jessica is also my favorite. She was a rebel for love, a strong woman who loved her son and a brilliant strategist. And yes, Lou, she is hot - but my tastes for "hot" ran to Paul. *Grin*
Out of the movie versions, I liked the mini-series Jessica - both of the actresses who played the role were really great.

message 15: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahahn) | 1 comments Liet-Kynes, planetologist

message 16: by Ash (new)

Ash Thames (Sasstronaut) | 2 comments The Atreides are so full of character. Leto. Though you saw him for so little, definitely Leto.

Stilgar as well.

message 17: by Doug21221 (new)

Doug21221 | 2 comments You've got to go with Duncan. Hands down he evolves as a character more then anyone else throughout the series. Granted he sort of has more opportunity to do so :)

message 18: by Matt (new)

Matt | 1 comments Nobody has mentioned Gurney Halleck? His skill with both Knife and Balliset are unparalleled. Plus, the way that ropy inkvine scar moves when he laughs.

message 19: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) Yes, Gurney was awesome.

message 20: by David (new)

David Menzies (crushedlikefruit9) | 2 comments Have to go with Duke Leto. Although he was killed off early in the book, he impressed me with his integrity and honour. I feel that those two traits come close to godliness.

message 21: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (MrsMelissa) | 10 comments I've been reading a bit of Napolean Hill lately, & in one of his books he suggests that it is important to identify people whom you respect & would like to emulate ...
Fictional though he is, Paul Atreides, made my TOP 5 :)
I note that he has not been mentioned...

message 22: by Matias (new)

Matias (matias87) | 1 comments The Lady Jessica, that Bene Gesserit witch!

It was her decision to bear a son and screw the Sisterhood that defined most future events.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Gurney Halleck, Because he's a take charge kind of guy.

message 24: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) And he's a romantic as well as a kick-ass warrior.

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Gurney is such a tight character. He is the kind of guy you would like to pal around with. And perhaps get into a bar fight with.

message 26: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (MrsMelissa) | 10 comments When you say bar fight... You'd want him on your side right?

message 27: by Moss (new)

Moss Ryder (MossRyder) | 1 comments Original series: Miles Teg 1.0 The whole scene with the T-pobe was legenday! Moneo- don't know why, just really liked him.
New books: Hidar Fen Ajidica- crazy tleilaxu with a great death scene.

But more than all those GE Leto II, of course!:P

message 28: by Marge (new)

Marge | 3 comments My favorite character is Lady Jessica. I've always wanted to be like her.

message 29: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Zacher (zacher2005) | 6 comments Leto II

message 30: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Zacher (zacher2005) | 6 comments Because I feel that GEOD is one of the best Dune novels, and Leto II's charachter opened up a whole new chapter of dune.

message 31: by Rick (last edited Jul 16, 2012 08:46AM) (new)

Rick It would have to be Paul Muad'Dib Atreides for me. As the original book, Dune, is one of my top favorite novels of all time and when I first read it, around age 13, Paul's coming of age story was very poignant for me.

message 32: by Tom (new)

Tom | 1 comments The God Emperor.

message 33: by Bill (new)

Bill (stilgar73) | 1 comments I will go with Stilgar!

message 34: by Vic (new)

Vic Dinovici (Dinovici) | 2 comments It has to be Muad'dib. So powerful character!

message 35: by Colin (new)

Colin | 19 comments Xavier Harkonnen.

message 36: by George (new)

George Snare | 1 comments Miles Teg.

message 37: by Enrico (new)

Enrico Accenti | 2 comments Leto II. Very powerful character.

message 38: by Angela (new)

Angela Graves | 1 comments Piter de Vries

message 39: by Niklas (new)

Niklas Jensen (Boye) | 1 comments Odrade. The whole Dar and Tar pingpong and sea-child was facinating to me, not to mention I love how she let's her plan for the Sisterhood play out.

message 40: by Lori S. (last edited Apr 04, 2013 01:14PM) (new)

Lori S. (fuzzipueo) | 3 comments Niklas Boye wrote: "Odrade. The whole Dar and Tar pingpong and sea-child was facinating to me, not to mention I love how she let's her plan for the Sisterhood play out."

I love Darwi Odrade. She and Tar are a good team. I also really like Miles Teg. From Dune proper, I like Paul and Jessica best.

message 41: by Ralph (new)

Ralph | 1 comments The God Emperor, his longevity allowed him a unique perspective of history and the part he plays in it.

message 42: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Kränzle (AlexanderKraenzle) | 1 comments I really like Princess Irulan. It is the tragedy of her character that makes her an interesting protagonist to me. On the one hand she is beautiful and comes from a long line of aristocrats, but on the other hand she doesn't have much to say and is "(...)less than a concubine — never to know a moment of tenderness from the man to whom she's bound."

message 43: by Mark (new)

Mark (markvanvollenhoven) | 5 comments The Bene Gesserit, that mysterious sisterhood that is far more powerfull and engenering than men ever thought they could be.

message 44: by Cherie (new)

Cherie (CherieNB) | 2 comments I have to get on the Duncan bandwagon. Honor and loyalty, character development, importance to the story as it unfolds. I'd love to see another attempt at making this a movie, with Kit Harington (Jon Snow) as Duncan - "a handsome man with 'curling black hair' to whom women are easily attracted."

message 45: by *Kashi* (new)

*Kashi* | 12 comments Jessica, Leto, LetoII, Liet-Kynes. for the moment. lots of wonderful characters.

message 46: by Allison (new)

Allison | 1 comments duncan idaho
because he traversed so many miles to be with the artiness. also when he was first a ghola and was programmed to kill paul his own personality kicked in and he couldn't do it

message 47: by Steven (new)

Steven Guscott | 10 comments After much thought I think mine would have to be Leto 2nd(3rd) and Ghanima. I've surprised myself with this as I've never really considered who my favourite character was as there are so many incredible characters. I know they are two characters but as twins, and because they really are one in many ways I've chosen them both.
They are my favourite as they both embody sacrifice and love for others. I also like them the most as I see great value in what we can learn from their responses to how they are continually misjudged and underestimated because of their outward appearance (Most specifically in Dune Messiah, Children of Dune and Leto in God Emperor of Dune). They are great characters to share their unique but very human experiences with.

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