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Annie Rain ♪♫♪♫ (onthewingsofanangel) Name: SIlent Mist

Alias: Anabelle Saul, local high schooler

Age: 17

Gender: f

Personality: Silent, shy but bold and violent though she tries not to be. She is enthusiastic and loves deeply


Costume Appearance

Birth Planet: earth, doesn't believe it though

Superpower: Able to make a mist that can catch fire, capture air therefore cutting it off from the people, poison some one and able to suck any liquid out of the person/plant/ anything really

Bio: When she was younger, her and her friend Isabelle were playing in the forest when they found a glowing rock. Isabelle ran to touch it and died instantly but the glow went away... When Ana touched Isa to try and help the
glowing power shifted to her and lives with in her. From that day on she'd had tattoos that glow whenever she activated her powers. She lived with her dad who also worked so she was alone to master her new power.
After a while she mastered it but it was affecting her body. Her hair wouldn't grow and her wounds wouldn't heal as fast as they should have. She wasn't aging as fast either, every two years she'd age one more year
Her father found out when Ana accidently set his shirt on fire out of fury for him leaving her home alone so much. After that her father kicked her out and took her out of his life, dropping her off in the forest and giving up on her. She went to the mansion to work there while also going to school.

Family:Dad who left her

Crush: none yet ;)

BF/GF: never loved

Weakness: cupcakes and anything with diamond

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