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message 58: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Not long until we start discussing this one! I'll probably start the thread on Thursday as I'll be visiting Simon's family on Friday and don't know when I'll have access to a computer. Sadly I left my copy of the book at uni when I came home for spring break, but I'm sure some of you will be eager to start reading immediately!

message 57: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (riverunbroken) | 271 comments Thanks.

message 56: by Abbie (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments Kristy it was a freebie at one point. Keep an eye out maybe it will be free again in the next month! Enjoy your new labtop.

message 55: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (riverunbroken) | 271 comments I won't be joining in April's Months read because I can't spend anymore money on books. If it comes up free, then I can join. I just bought a new computer and will be using it starting tomorrow. So I have to save my book money for paying off my laptop.

message 54: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments When we discussed Vannetta Chapman's book I'd read it several months earlier but hearing everyone discussing it made it become more fresh in my mind and I was able to join in anyway. I'm sure you can do that :) and I guess it gives you a chance to get another book of your TBR? This is yet another book I didn't already own, and my floor may be caving in some sometime with all the new books I've bought!

message 53: by Lorie (new)

Lorie | 1487 comments Mod
I plan to join in even though I have already read it. Loved the book.

message 52: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 1055 comments Mod
I want to join in the discussion and see what everyone else thinks about the book.

message 51: by Abbie (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments Barbara even if you already read it you can join in the discussion. I have had that happened where I read it but I still had fun talking about it with everyone. :)

message 50: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 1055 comments Mod
Sadly, I have already read next month's selection, so I guess I'll just have to read one of the very many other books on my to-read list. Darn. :-( I do so enjoy reading with everyone. Maybe I should get it from the library & re-read with you!

I enjoyed this one so much that I read the next two in the series and am awaiting #4.

message 49: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments My copy arrived today - looks great! Can't wait for April :)

message 48: by Lorie (new)

Lorie | 1487 comments Mod
That fixed it thanks!

message 47: by Abbie (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments I understand now and its fixed. Sorry for my stupidity!

message 46: by Abbie (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments O got you! Yeah its hard to do that you can't merge authors I don't believe. I had this same issue with the above author. I will take a look. Sorry I misunderstood!

message 45: by Lorie (last edited Mar 15, 2011 04:12PM) (new)

Lorie | 1487 comments Mod
Abbie its listed as Ann Gabhart and Ann H Gabhart looks like two books?Believer and then the same book is here The Believer It's two different books listed but its really only oneand the title is not right on one its suppose to be The Believer. Rachel's right needs to go in the library section.

message 44: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Oh, I didn't meant to change it Abbie, I just meant to change the entries that are just Ann Gabhart so that they all appear as Ann H. Gabhart. Right now they look like two separate authors.

message 43: by Abbie (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments M.L. Tyndall is the same way. A bit of a pain to find her stuff but its what she goes by.

message 42: by Abbie (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments Her name on the books is Ann H Gabhart. She is not the only author to prefer a middle initial in her name so I would not change it since that is how it appears on her book.

message 41: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments I'm sure the librarians can combine all the books under the one same name :) If someone doesn't spot this you could always go and post it on the Librarians thread here?

message 40: by Lorie (new)

Lorie | 1487 comments Mod
Yes that's one for the librarians to deal with, its the same book only the abriviation in her name? Diane, camille or whoever else is a librarian is this fixable?

message 39: by Rachel (last edited Mar 15, 2011 01:32PM) (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments I just bought this book for £0.01 plus £2.80 delivery on Amazon. My bank account is most happy at this :D

Lorie, is this the one you were looking for: The Believer? I think the reason you couldn't find it is because the author's books are listed under Ann H. Gabhart, not Ann Gabhart, so you have to search her full name to find them. Most annoying!

message 38: by Lorie (last edited Mar 15, 2011 08:05AM) (new)

Lorie | 1487 comments Mod
I've read this one before and really learned a lot I did not know about the Shakers. While it was good I loved the second one bettter althought the characters are not the same at all and the story is different. The seconed one is Believer. I thought it was called The Believer that's why I was having a hard time finding it.

message 37: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Ooh, interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to reading about another group of "plain" people.

message 36: by Diane U (new)

Diane U (djuseless) | 1673 comments Mod
I'd play the lottery today if I was yiou Abbie! LOL!

message 35: by Abbie (last edited Mar 15, 2011 06:29AM) (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments HA I got this one too? Seriously I think I should play the lottery today. What are the chances.

message 34: by Diane U (new)

Diane U (djuseless) | 1673 comments Mod
Good Morning and Happy 15th Everyone!

It is time for me to pick the Amish group read for April 2011. Using, the number selected was #6.

We will be reading The Outsider by Ann H. Gabhart.

Thank you Abbie for nominating this book. It will be nice to read about the shakers next month.

message 33: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Last day of nominations!!

message 32: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Actually, Tricia, I've just noticed that your book isn't released until April 15th - I'm wondering if you'd consider waiting until May's read to nominate your book? This way we'll have a whole month to dicuss it if it gets chosen. Otherwise, we'll only have 2 weeks to buy the book, read it and talk about it. I'm sure we wouldn't want to rush our group read :)

message 31: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Tricia, thanks for stopping by! We are truly blessed by having three authors visit us this month :) I will add your nomination to the list.

Are the Amish calenders limited to North America? Just out of interest as I'm in Scotland. I imagine the postage would be a bit steep to send over here!

message 30: by Dale (new)

Dale Cramer | 4 comments Hey Tricia! If I'd know you were here I'd have come around sooner. How've you been?

message 29: by Tricia (new)

Tricia Goyer (triciagoyer) | 7 comments Hi there! I'd love to nominate my new book Beside Still Waters. It'll be out April 15th.

Also, I have to say Hi to Dale. He's one of my favorite author's. I LOVED Levi's Will.

Finally, if you haven't emailed my assistant for your free Amish gift yet there's still time. I'll spill the beans and let you know is an amazing Amish calendar with photos from the Amish Community in NW Montana where my novel is set. The true stories and real people from that community inspired my series.

If you'd like a calendar, email


message 28: by Lorie (new)

Lorie | 1487 comments Mod
Dale, I nominated your book last month :). It's on my to read list.

message 27: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Thanks so much, Dale, for volunteering to join in with the discussion if your book gets selected. We're very lucky to have two authors join our group this month!

message 26: by Dale (new)

Dale Cramer | 4 comments I'm new to the group but I'd like to nominate my own book for April. My name is Dale Cramer, and the book is Paradise Valley, published by Bethany House. It's inspired by actual events. A group of Amish, persecuted by the state of Ohio over school attendance issues in the 1920s, bought land and started a colony in the mountains of Mexico. Paradise Valley is the first in a series called The Daughters of Caleb Bender. There's romance, adventure, and a thought provoking premise. The series is sort of a generational prequel to a previous book of mine called Levi's Will, and features some of the same characters. I'd be happy to participate in a discussion, and there's lots to talk about.

message 25: by Diane U (new)

Diane U (djuseless) | 1673 comments Mod
I will be drawing the winner a week from today. Please nominate your book soon!

message 24: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Thanks Wendy, have added your vote.

message 23: by Wendy (new)

Wendy | 9 comments I would like to nominate An Amish Gathering which is on my list of books to read

message 22: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments You're welcome, Kimberly :) I'm sure we're all happy to help out a new addition to our favourite book genre.

message 21: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Stuart | 13 comments I'm nominating Operation Bonnet by Kimberly Stuart. :) This not your typical Amish fiction, but if you like a sweet love story, a good amount of laughter, and the chance to cry a bit, Operation Bonnet might be the perfect fit for April.

You can click on the redhead to read the first chapter at

Thanks for considering it, ladies! :) Operation Bonnet A Novel by Kimberly Stuart

message 20: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments I love that book :) Would definitely be happy to read it again!

message 19: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 1055 comments Mod
I would like to nominate one that's been on my to read list for a while... A Gift of Grace by Amy Clipston

message 18: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (atimetolove) | 119 comments Beth, Kathy, and I had a great time writing the two Amish collections at the same time we were writing our own books.

message 17: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (riverunbroken) | 271 comments Your welcome Barbara. I just finished reading Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman and Loved the book.

message 16: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (atimetolove) | 119 comments Kristy,g
Thanks for nominating An Amish Gathering: Life in Lancaster County by Beth Wiseman, Keathleen Fuller, and Barbara Cameron (me).

I loved writing in a novella collection because it gave me a chance to do a shorter story and collaborate with other writers. Each of us had a chance to write our own story but then use continuing characters...we didn't know each other in the beginning but became friends and still blog at and


message 15: by Rachel (last edited Mar 02, 2011 11:46AM) (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments I'm hoping for romantic one too!

Ooh, Ann H. Gabhart is popular this month!

message 14: by Abbie (last edited Mar 02, 2011 10:57AM) (new)

Abbie (weatherlover1) | 275 comments Hmm what should I pick. I am really hoping for a romantic Amish this month!

I think I will go with

The Outsider by Ann H. Gabhart again.

message 13: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments Whoops, missed Angie's nomination. Will add that and Lorie's :)

message 12: by Lorie (new)

Lorie | 1487 comments Mod
I'm nominating The Seeker by Ann H. Gabhart. I read the first two in this Shaker series and really enjoyed them. They are stand alone books in case you are wondering. I did not even know they were a series until I saw that on Goodreads.

message 11: by Diane U (new)

Diane U (djuseless) | 1673 comments Mod
Rachel, please update the first post to include Angie's nomination in message #7. Thanks! :)

message 10: by Rachel (last edited Mar 02, 2011 02:05AM) (new)

Rachel Brand | 2051 comments I think a novella collection is a great idea as it'll introduce us to various different authors, as well as ones we already know. I read An Amish Love: Healing Hearts/What the Heart Sees/A Marriage of the Heart (Inspirational Amish Anthology last month and loved it, so I'd definitely be interested in this one! I've edited the rules to say that novella collections are okay :)

message 9: by Camille (new)

Camille (CamLovesRaptors) | 872 comments Personally, I'm not at all opposed to a novella collection, it could lead to a very interesting discussion about the different styles of the authors as we read the different novellas!

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