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message 3877: by Paula (new)

Paula Counsell | 10 comments Hi, this blog post is about the best places to find stunning, free stock images for your content: I think/ hope most of you would find this interesting! :)

message 3876: by Krishnadas (new)

Krishnadas Pc | 1 comments It's about life and why it is important to think positive. My aim is to make people to think positive and lead a good life.

message 3875: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Greaves | 2 comments Interested in the truth of film? I have just started up a blog here:

message 3874: by Blowrhyme (new)

Blowrhyme | 2 comments My Blog
u guys can also suggest me some improvements thanks
and can any one tell me when will i get my blogger approved to use adsense thanks again

message 3873: by Janae (new)

Janae Drayton | 1 comments

My blog is about getting closer to God, talking about it in a way the younger people understanding and connecting it to everyday life. Please check it out!

message 3872: by Simon (new)

Simon Collins | 1 comments Hey I'm Simon and you can Check Out My First Official Blog Post Under Orionsole A unique Spin on Health and Fitness!

message 3871: by Salem (new)

Salem Razak | 6 comments Here is a comedy blog where I write on various topics from online dating to awkward life experiences:

I hope you enjoy my posts!

message 3870: by Diamante (last edited Sep 26, 2015 12:53AM) (new)

Diamante Lavendar (DiamanteLavendar) | 1 comments I have a blog that is inspirational as well as having poetry and short stories posted. It's kind of a smorgasbord. I also just started doing reviews and spotlights on my blog. Check it out at:

message 3868: by Grebia (new)

Grebia | 5 comments "Returning home is the most difficult part of long-distance travels.
You have grown outside the puzzle and your piece no longer fits." Check out my tavel blog at

message 3867: by James (new)

James Flanigan | 3 comments I have a new humor blog at

message 3866: by Chris (new)

Chris Perry | 42 comments The Uber Dad Chronicles! Please check it out

message 3865: by Simona (new)

Simona Branta | 4 comments Please check out my blog, it is necessary for the school, also if you like photos and travel...have a look!


message 3864: by Siim Land (new)

Siim Land | 4 comments Hello.
A philosophical blog about self-experimentation and empowerment.

Sue  (Bedazzled By Books) | 3 comments Come take a look at my blog for YA and NA book reviews, new book releases and giveaways. :)

message 3862: by Beth (new)

Beth | 2 comments

Hello : ) I was in the occult, a drug addict, lost, alone and depressed. I have now come out of the darkness and into the light. This is my story.

message 3861: by Tariq (new)

Tariq Al-Mohbani | 6 comments My blog talks about the life of a Middle-Eastern teenager. It's not any shenanigans that happens to cross my mind and I think the first topic could be interesting and relatable, since it's about self-exploration. Please do give it a read :)
Link: []

message 3860: by Laura (new)

Laura Grant (BakingWithLaura) | 10 comments here's a link to my blog, go check it out

message 3859: by Laura (new)

message 3858: by Iven (new)

Iven | 6 comments Konnichiwa!

My new blog - From Paris to Tokyo: discovering life in Japan with a slightly Parisian perspective :)

message 3857: by Tariq (new)

Tariq Al-Mohbani | 6 comments My blog talks about the life of a Middle-Eastern teenager. It's not any shenanigans that happens to cross my mind and I think the first topic could be interesting and relatable, since it's about self-exploration. Please do give it a read :)
Link: []

message 3856: by Robert (new)

Robert Lalonde (RobertLalonde) | 4 comments Link to my blog

message 3855: by Sridhareswaran (new)

Sridhareswaran | 1 comments my blog is

follow my blog for technology related updates..kindly share to ur friends..

message 3854: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (Jessicaaston) I review pretty much any kind of book genre. This is my blog and my facebook page where I like to post links to pieces of my writing: :')

message 3853: by TheMonochromeQueen (new)

TheMonochromeQueen | 1 comments The Monochrome Queen here would love you to check out my blog!

enjoy it is about my travels and styling clothes!

message 3852: by Arushi (new)

Arushi Pandey | 4 comments

My blog is about things that occur to me and keep me wondering. It's mostly ideas, views and opinions. Hope you guys like it! :)

message 3851: by Cole (new)

Cole And | 6 comments This is our blog about College Football check it out please


message 3850: by Alibrandi (last edited Sep 16, 2015 11:34AM) (new)

Alibrandi George | 13 comments An Open Letter From the Sibling of a Cancer Survivor

A piece of my life and lessons from my heart up on the blog!

message 3849: by Jim (new)

Jim | 1 comments Check out my blog dopeassdeals.blogspot

message 3848: by Matt (last edited Sep 16, 2015 08:57AM) (new)

Matt Bywaters | 3 comments My blog is a satire on the "how-to's".

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to share my blog here!

message 3847: by Jerichopals (new)

Jerichopals | 5 comments DOWNLOAD PC GAMES FOR FREE (LEGIT)

message 3846: by Robbie19185 (new)

Robbie19185 | 2 comments What a wonderful collection of books.
Visit my blog

message 3844: by Charles (new)

Charles Patrick | 2 comments I post stuff about my life experiences and lessons. What I want to do is to create posts that don't take too much time to read but still inspire a good feeling in the hearts of every reader. :)

message 3843: by Jo (new)

Jo Zebedee | 1 comments Waves. Mine's here - mostly writing related with some good guest posts from editors, successful authors - both indie and trad. And some mutterings.

message 3842: by Francis (new)

Francis Powell (FrancisHPowell) | 1 comments Hello, this is my blog

Please take a peep

many thanks


message 3840: by Suren (new)

Suren | 3 comments is my blog post "While women have progressed amid gender gap and discrimination, are they forejudged as micromanagers?". Please check out this blog post and share your feedback. Thank you!

message 3839: by Fifi (new)

Fifi Rio | 2 comments GOODY EATS

*Welcome to Goody Eats*

Goody Eats was created with you in mind to share your favorite recipes with your friends, family, and our Goody Eats Blog Friends!
I *love to create new recipes that I will be posting here for you along with pictures.
I also have recipes created by my mother and recipes that she has found that are truly awesome in which my daughter and I use today for our family.. I will be sharing those with you also!

*Goody Eats* is about sharing your favorite GREAT recipes! Recipes that your mom has created or found... your grandmother* or aunt.. we'd love to try them!
If you have found a recipe on-line or recipes shared with you by a friend or family.. by all means.. share it with us!
Also at Goody Eats, sharing tips and tricks in the kitchen is also allowed.. we could always use tips & tricks! You may post kitchen and food jokes/comics/cartoons , quotes, sayings, photos, stories, questions etc. As well as your fav recipe websites, health & nutrition websites etc.

....So let's get this party going!
Share.. Share.. Share…

message 3838: by Morten (new)

Morten Sørensen | 2 comments


I'm a writer that tends to be really critic and straightforward - so beware, there will be a little explicit language. You have been warned.

Other than that, I tend to pick at the ridiculous, and give my raw, dead-honest opinion about various subjects. Some may like it, some may not. I am however a nice guy behind the attitudes, so please bear with me :) I hope you'll check my content out. You'll also find several movie reviews and several special posts as well (horror related and/or comedy related).

message 3837: by Styna (new)

Styna Ambouille | 1 comments Hello there, my blog is OneBlogueuse. I share my thoughts, my fav music or movie atm, reviews, places to visit in Paris or in France and a lot of things too. Please check it :) it would mean a lot! x

message 3836: by BlueMonday (last edited Sep 08, 2015 08:05PM) (new)

BlueMonday | 3 comments How to travel the world Tips To Travel Around The World on a low budget, yes, is posible!

message 3835: by Susana (new)

Susana | 5 comments hello everyone !
Here is my art blog and pages .Please check it out and share, hope you like it!`

message 3834: by DrinkMicro (new)

DrinkMicro | 11 comments Hello Everyone! Check out our awesome blogs, which are updated daily for your viewing pleasure here:

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook here:

and our Twitter here:

Plus our Instagram here:

Hope you all enjoy! :)

message 3833: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Summers | 1 comments Here's my blog, Please check it out.

message 3832: by Delwyn (new)

Delwyn | 1 comments I love to write poetry and flash fiction, which I regularly post on my blog. A while ago I made myself the promise that I would blog everyday, and so far it has worked! :)

Please check out:

message 3831: by Beatriz (new)

Beatriz Marques | 1 comments My blog is called Bia's and I've just started blogging! The blog is going to have book reviews mostly but I'm thinking of doing something a little different too!

Tell me what you think!

message 3829: by Robbie19185 (new)

Robbie19185 | 2 comments Hello,

I always follow your blog regularly and it is so amazing. Generally my genre is health and beauty but it is not mentioned here. For more visit

message 3828: by Saad (new)

Saad Bhatty | 3 comments What the newly dated Quranic manuscripts mean for Islam and the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

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