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Daniel - | 7 comments The Wall of Love - Letters to Paris

message 3938: by Dougie (new)

Dougie Brimson (dougiebrimson) | 13 comments Here is is. The most useful book I’ve ever read on the process of writing.

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Flabnbone | 3 comments Visit me at "The-Car-The-Camera-and-The-World"
https://flabnbonephotography.wordpres... -> for my road-trips around Melbourne. In a nutshell, this is a blog dedicated to the place were I call home and is a photography-lifestyle-travel blog : D

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message 3935: by KatieBookQueen (new)

KatieBookQueen (QueenOfTeenFiction) | 16 comments Hello all! Here's my YA book blog, with reviews, interviews, and guest posts.

message 3934: by Rory (last edited Nov 21, 2015 04:35PM) (new)

Rory (jok3d) | 4 comments my blog newbie dev
update everyday

message 3933: by Ako (new)

Ako Nic | 3 comments Hi everybody, see my new blog form my worldwild holiday here

message 3932: by LEWIS (new)

LEWIS | 1 comments I have just started my blog and is it following the situation with Isis, as it happens. I would love some people to tell me what they think, thank you.

message 3931: by Justin (new)

Justin | 9 comments Come read my blog about the realities of real life and how we really feel them.

message 3930: by Amy-May (new)

Amy-May Hunt (PurelyAmy) | 3 comments Hi, I'm Amy.
I write a Food & health blog ( mostly making positive food swaps for weight loss but it's also great for digestive aids and finding active hobbies you can introduce at any age.

I hope you stop by, I really love my work and I hope you will too.
If you don't want to mooch on the blog I post the updates to my facebook page
Amy, Purely Amy.

message 3929: by Drewski (new)

Drewski | 1 comments Hello!

My blog features content based on the lore of a world I have built singlehandedly, and the heroes/legends within it. I post/try to post new content every Friday, so enjoy!

message 3928: by Matt (new)

Matt Mitchell | 2 comments I write about everything pop culture related on

It is just getting started, but there is a good(?) article on there about young adult book-to-film series.

Daniel - | 7 comments Hello everyone! I'm a spanish guy who lives in Paris. I've just started a blog where I write about this great city!

Check it out:

message 3926: by James (new)

James (homeslicereads) | 1 comments Electric Holy Road is my exploration into mind, spirituality, creativity and positivity on my student exchange to Germany. It will hopefully give you an insight into how travel - how a drastic change of scenery - can help improve your life. Challenges, adventures and wonders abound!

message 3924: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Goodwin | 2 comments http://theblogwithaporpoise.blogspot....

Generalised Anxiety Disorder, University, and how I'm coping

message 3923: by Saitheja (new)

Saitheja Guntuka (saithejaguntuka) | 9 comments Hello everyone.
Check out my New blog :

message 3922: by Jena (new)

Jena Van Marel | 15 comments Beautiful words and wonderful wisdom. At some point in our lives, we have all been that girl on the staircase. You might just need to hear this today.

message 3921: by Jena (new)

Jena Van Marel | 15 comments Beautiful words and wonderful wisdom. At some point in our lives, we have all been that girl on the staircase. You might just need to hear this today.

message 3920: by Julia (new)

Julia (julia_c) | 6 comments Here's my blog link:

I'm a mostly YA blog!

message 3919: by Ben (new)

Ben Haight (TheScarletShepard) | 2 comments my first blog. A General Mix-up of video game related analyses/reviews. Written Reports/Papers. Youtube related comment chains that I started or worked to help defend people from bullies and just general unfair treatment. Also A working book in progress that I would very much appreciate any kind of feedback to continue and make it better

Scarlet Shepard Blogs http://thescarletshepardblogs.blogspo...

message 3918: by MEL (new)

MEL | 1 comments Hi all! It has been wonderful checking out all your blogs. Here is a link to mine:

It's new -- a bits and pieces work in progress. I don't have a readership yet but I'm hoping to connect!

message 3917: by Miss (new)

Miss Morbius | 1 comments For bands and musicians. My blog shares information about online marketing for musicians.

Please take some time to check it out!

message 3916: by Allen (new)

Allen | 2 comments My blog, Controlling the Embarrassing Effects of Incontinence
A sad reality of the aging process is the breakdown of basic bodily functions, but if you are caring for a loved one suffering from the deleterious effects of incontinence....

message 3915: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Kearns (brendakearns) | 10 comments Alyssa wrote: "here's my blog link:

I have book reviews on it and giveaways almost every month!"

Hello Alyssa - your site looks great. I really enjoyed your review of "Reasons my kid is crying." Sounds like a fun book :-)

message 3914: by Iven (new)

Iven | 13 comments Hello Everyone,
Some you might have seen links to my blog in "Latest Blog Updates" topic.
A short summary - Madame In Japan blog is about my new life in Japan with a slightly Parisian perspective, discovering similarities and differences of two places on different sides of the globe!

message 3913: by Chris (new)

Chris Perry | 49 comments The Facebook Cult of Personality

message 3912: by Jen (new)

Jen | 2 comments Please check out my blog and if you comment on a post saying you have I will be sure to return the favour!

message 3911: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 1 comments Hey guys make sure to check out my new lifestyle blog! Is adopting a dog in college a good idea?

message 3910: by Dxfoe (new)

Dxfoe Blogs (dxfoeblogs) | 3 comments Here is the link to my blog -

Its 100% anonymous cause I'm a highschool freshman, and its not really about books specifically, its just something that one of the leaders at the church inspired me to start. So kind of a share my life blog. :)

message 3909: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 2 comments - A Personal Growth website I run where I cover all of the things I've learned through my practice of reading 100 books a year, meditating, and practicing everything I've learned. GoodReads members will love it.

message 3908: by Oda (new)

Oda | 2 comments Read my blog about how to move to Sweden!

message 3907: by Fashionfemina (new)

Fashionfemina | 23 comments Hi, here is my blog link,

message 3906: by Waad (new)

Waad Kocht | 3 comments
Here's my blog, it's about music, photography, drawing.. I post inspiring texts and thoughts that will make you smile. Hope you enjoy it.

message 3905: by Beautybymissl (new)

Beautybymissl | 2 comments Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

message 3904: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahsbookishblog) | 14 comments NEW book blogger, mostly Ya and Teen fiction: first post: make sure to comment if you check it out so I know to check out your blog too!

message 3902: by Upasana (new)

Upasana Bhattacharjee (seekupasana) | 6 comments Hi all!

I blog at
Now She Wrote about my writing journey. It is also a platform to share with other bloggers and writers different tips, information and more. Would love to connect with fellow bloggers and writers. You can find me at

NowSheWrote FB Page


NowSheWrote Tumblr

NowSheWrote Google+


message 3901: by Saitheja (new)

Saitheja Guntuka (saithejaguntuka) | 9 comments Keep visiting my blog for LIFE tips, Finance tips

message 3900: by M (new)

M | 24 comments My blog as a single mom, dating, college, friends, and everything in between.

message 3898: by Chloe (new)

Chloe Jonas | 1 comments My blog is about eating healthy in college when you're on a tight budget. It has meal prep ideas, seasonal ideas and is updated weekly with new recipes!

Check it out :) Contact us page has a way to contact me with recipe ideas. I'd love to hear some! Thanks!

message 3897: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Kearns (brendakearns) | 10 comments It's a pleasure to be part of this group - I've spent the last hour scrolling through and clicking on lots of your links - instead of working.... My blog ( is primarily humor - an upbeat take on life and the horrors of raising seven kids. I hope you enjoy :-)

message 3896: by Lalitha (new)

Lalitha Chowdary | 1 comments I have read so many books on health related topics and I found them so interesting. Interestingly I found about a product named lifecell anti aging cream widely promoted in the United States.

message 3894: by Krystian (last edited Oct 18, 2015 07:40AM) (new)

Krystian | 4 comments Hello! Here is my blog about traveling. You can find there very beatuful photos from Europe (mostly nature like mountains, lakes etc.)

Someting about our trips: We are a couple of students from Poland which are traveling for very low cost. We love to travel by hitch-hiking and sleep in tent/couchsurfing.
It will be pleasure if you visit my blog!:) If you have any questions, drop a comment in post which you like! I will request for sure!:)

message 3893: by Laura (new)

Laura | 1 comments A blog of a lonely bookworm. Posts about struggle with anxiety and pretty much ever comes to mind.
I would really appreciate if you'd take a look.

message 3892: by Mariana (new)

Mariana Pereira | 6 comments Please check out my blog! I've had it for a month and a half now and I'd love to get more people to read it :)

message 3891: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 7 comments Hello everyone, this is my jewelry blog. I'd love to hear what you think.

message 3890: by Luis (new)

Luis Zena | 1 comments My blog is called Retro Gaming Life and can be reached here I hope all of you like. It's about classic gaming but there is some new gaming in it as well as an e-zine I release every month! Enjoy!

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