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Tifferz | 81 comments Hi -

I am looking for new authors to read. Any suggestions?


Linda Boulanger (Linda_Boulanger) | 17 comments Oh dear, are probably going to get a lot of comments on this one. There are some really great authors in this group. If you like Regency Romance, I have to suggest Jaimey Grant, my personal favorite. Joyce Dipastena, I believe, writes more medieval and is very good as well. I just released a contemporary novella that is also getting great reviews, and there are so many more... and I'm sure you will be getting lots of great suggestions :-)

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Tifferz | 81 comments Thanks Linda. I have read everything Jaimey has written. I love her! I have read one of Joyce Dipastena and loved it. I will have to check out your contemportary novella. Could you tell me the name of it? Thanks again.


Linda Boulanger (Linda_Boulanger) | 17 comments It is Arms of an Angel, Tiffany. And Jaimey designed the cover!

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Rachel | 58 comments Sarah M. Eden's The Kiss of a Stranger is the only one in print by her, but all of her books are great!. Donna Hatch has three out: The Stranger She Married,The Guise of a Gentleman,Queen in Exile. Marcia Lynn McClure is great for light romances. I have two novels available at the moment but many more in the works. One (The Crown of Anavrea) is only available through my website. The Guardian Star's True Mark by Charissa Taylor is a great adventure pirate tale.

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Tifferz | 81 comments Rachel-

Thank you!!! Could you post your website?


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Tami | 3 comments Does anyone use I am looking for clean reads from this site but a lot of the authors that have been suggested here are not available it seems.

Krista Jensen (KristaLJensen) | 5 comments "Sarah M. Eden's The Kiss of a Stranger is the only one in print by her, but all of her books are great!"

Sarah also has "Courting Miss Lancaster" out in print. Highly recommend!

Tifferz | 81 comments Thanks Krista!

Jennifer Shirk (jennifershirk) | 51 comments Hi, Tiffany!
I have a few sweet/clean romances listed in the bookshelfThe Role of a Lifetime and Georgie On His Mind, but Gina Ardito writes some great clean romances too. :)

Katherine | 20 comments Someone I work out with just published a clean book. It is "Witch Song" by Amber Argyle. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but she says it is a clean YA fantasy with a bit of romance.

Ashley Ludwig (ashleyludwig) | 2 comments I've just posted a review on "Holy Guacamole!" A foodie fiction romance set in SoCal, which is a fun, sweet read.

Take a look!

Tifferz | 81 comments thanks Ashley!!

Englishrose | 32 comments Katherine wrote: "Someone I work out with just published a clean book. It is "Witch Song" by Amber Argyle. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but she says it is a clean YA fantasy with a bit of romance."

If she wants someone to publish a review, feel free to send her my way.

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Katherine | 20 comments Anyone who is willing to publish a review of "Witch Song" by Amber Argyle,
listen up! She has a contest going on at her blog right now, and if you are willing to read and review the book, you can fill out a form on her blog. As she says on the blog, "It's not your last chance to get an ARC, but it's probably your best one. Also, [the publishers have] indicated their willingness to send out lots and lots of eBooks, so I've included an option for 'prefer a hardcopy but will accept an eBook.'"

Here is your chance to get a copy! Also, sign up to win it in Firstreads here on Goodreads!

Tifferz | 81 comments Thank you Katherine!!!

Farida Mestek | 23 comments Tiffany, I was wondering if you'd be interested in reading my fantasy novella "Almendra: A Fairy-Tale" ?

Here is the blurb:

Almendra, the High Lady of The Upper Kingdom, is doomed. Many years ago, in a fit of rage and broken heart, her mother banished all the men from the country and plunged it into unhappiness, loneliness and gloom. For many years Almendra’s only companions were her old Nanny and her faithful friend Woo, the wolf. Now Almendra faces a daunting task of going to The Land of Men and getting rid of the curse. But she doesn’t know the way and she has never seen a man in her life.

In comes Joannah Nibbler-Pincher, a girl with a tambourine, a bag of sad songs and a thick black choker that hides the mystery of her painful past. She and Almendra become best friends and Joannah takes it upon herself to take the High Lady and her unconventional family to The Land of Men, where Almendra intends to find love that, according to a fate line left by her mother, will have the power to restore The Upper Kingdom to all its former glory. But it’s a long way to The Land of Men and the outcome of the journey will change Almendra forever.

Tifferz | 81 comments Hi Farida-

Your book sounds great! So different from your last book I read. Will you please post a link to where to get it?


Farida Mestek | 23 comments Thank you very much:) I hope you'll like it. It's a kind of a fairy-tale with a twist. You can get it at:

Ankita Chadha (ankitac) | 4 comments Hi. I am Ankita chadha from Indore, India. I have authored a book 'Anything else but love'.

Here's the Kindle link:

Facebook link:

And the Book page: Anything Else But Love by Ankita Chadha

Tifferz | 81 comments Thanks Ankita!!!

Lisa Kumar (Lisa_Kumar) | 8 comments Have you heard of Astraea Press (, a new sweet epublisher? They have a fair amount of ebooks out (I'm pubbed with them) in a variety of romantic genres.

Tifferz | 81 comments I have never heard of them Lisa. Thank you for sharing! I will check them out!

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Lisa Kumar (Lisa_Kumar) | 8 comments No problem! I joined with them a few months ago, and I think their doors have only been open since Dec. But Astraea has signed many new authors and is booking up their schedule fast. Hopefully a sign of continued good things to come:)

Kay Springsteen (KaySpringsteen) | 44 comments My name is Kay Springsteen. My debut novel Heartsight (03/01/2011) is a clean read that has earned high reviews. My second book, Lifeline Echoes (04/05/2011), is also earning high reviews. It is a tiny bit edgier in terms of some violence (it's a suspense) and a slightly higher degree of sensual tension, but no graphic language or sex.

Lisa Kumar (Lisa_Kumar) | 8 comments Kay's books have gotten very good reviews! Hi, Kay:)

Kay Springsteen (KaySpringsteen) | 44 comments Hi, Lisa - anyone into paranormal with a touch of mystery and wonderful twists should read LISA'S Through the Rabbit Hole.

Lisa Kumar (Lisa_Kumar) | 8 comments :) Thanks for the sweet words, Kay.

Kay Springsteen (KaySpringsteen) | 44 comments Can't help it. Fell in love with the story and even bought a copy for my daughter.

Lisa Kumar (Lisa_Kumar) | 8 comments Ah, thanks! I need to buy Lifeline Echoes (I loved your Six Sentence Sunday posts from it). I just haven't been reading much lately, but I need to change that.

Felicia Rogers (feliciarogers) | 19 comments Hey guys! Here I am, another Astraea Press author. Nice to see so many familiar faces.

I've written a contemporary romance called, The Perfect Rose, through Astraea Press.

I also have another contempoary romance novella called, The Holiday Truce, and a novel, The Key. The Key is a YA paranormal romance novel that just received a 4.5 rating from Bitten Books and was rated as 'clean'. You should be able to find the review here on goodreads to see if it is something you would interested in.

Whatever you pick, Tiffany, I hope you find enjoyment! Have a wonderful day.

Tifferz | 81 comments Thanks Felicia!

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Cheri | 24 comments Just published: Fateful a clean paranormal romance.

Soon to follow, the sequel to Fateful and Fair Maiden, which is a clean historical fantasy romance.

Tifferz | 81 comments Cheri-
I loved Fateful and I look forward to reading Fair Maiden! Please keep your stories coming I LOVE your work!


Linda Boulanger (Linda_Boulanger) | 17 comments Tiffany, I'm trying to remember if you won a copy of S.B. Niccum's Veiled? If not, and you want to read it, please let me know.

Veiled by S.B. Niccum

Sherry Gammon (SherryGammon) | 11 comments I hope this is the right place to post this! If not, please let me know. I have written a clean YA romantic thriller titled UNLOVABLE.
It is only .99 cents right now for the ebook. I wanted to write a romance novel that both me and my daughters could enjoy. It has sold well, in fact, I am releasing it in paperback in about three weeks.
Thanks for this great group! I am excited to find more clean novels to read.

Tifferz | 81 comments Thanks Sherry! I will check it out and yes it was the right place to post!!!

Elaine Cantrell (elainecantrell) | 35 comments I think I've already sent you A New Dream to review, right? It's a clean romance from Astraea Press. Reviews are good too. 4.5 from Romance Junkies.

Gunnar (JGunnarGrey) Another sweet paranormal through Astraea is Matching Wits with Venus, Matching Wits with Venus.

Tifferz | 81 comments Elaine-

A New Dream is what I will be reading next! I am super excited!


Tifferz | 81 comments J-

Thanks! I just read Matching Wits with Venus and Loved it!


Lisa Greer | 11 comments My gothic romance novel, Magnolian, is available. It's a sweet romance with ghosts, an old Southern estate, a love affair from the past, an unsolved murder, and two men vying for the heroine's heart. :)

Elaine Cantrell (elainecantrell) | 35 comments Checking it out right now! it has everything I love in it.

Lisa Greer | 11 comments Thanks, Elaine. :) I hope you enjoy it. It has 5 star reviews on Amazon. I have another release (gothic romance) coming out in about a week from Astraea Press. You might also enjoy my blog that reviews gothic romance novels:


Nell (Nell829) | 21 comments I have two clean reads with Astraea Press too. Making Waves and Dangerous to Know.

Tifferz | 81 comments Thanks Lisa I will check it out!

Nell thanks could you post a link to your books?


Nell (Nell829) | 21 comments My pleasure, here's one to Making Waves
and here's one to Dangerous to Know
You can read the unedited first chapters on my website at

Elaine Cantrell (elainecantrell) | 35 comments Thank you so much, Tiffany. I can't wait to hear what you have to say.

Tifferz | 81 comments Thank you Nell!

Elaine you are welcome!


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