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Totally cliche, but. . .

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Chloe This book changed my life. It changed the way that I look at things, how I understand things and experience them. I read another book Into the Wild and absolutely LOVED IT! Chris McCandless was such an interesting person. Then I read about Everett and became extremely drawn to his story. So I asked my mom to buy the book for me for my birthday, and she did! I was so excited when I got it. I think my favorite part of this book was actually just some of his writing. A lot of it was just beautiful, in his letters especially. And for someone as young as he was, it's just.....incredible. He was committed in being out where he wanted to be and being true to himself, and that was out with nature. I can't really explain exactly who he was. But this book does a fantastic job of it, so GET THIS BOOK!!!! It will change you. More than most books.

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