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Knitting Patterns on a Nook

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Celia | 3 comments My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I have requested a Nook. Crossing fingers that I will get it.

Does anyone read knitting patterns off of a Nook? I have some PDF files, and I can create more PDF files with a scanner. Have you bought any pattern books on a Nook? If so, what did you think?

Kristi (KristiColeman) I hadn't thought to put my PDF knitting patterns on my nook...but really that's a pretty awesome idea!!

Kimberly (SeekUp) | 7 comments I read knitting patterns on my Kindle. It's nice to take with me as opposed to a book or random scraps of paper that I've had to print.

Mibelle Church I have a nook, and use it for knitting patterns a lot. It works beautifully. :)

Lauren I use my Kindle for a lot of knitting patterns. The portability is excellent.

Tania (taniaho) I also use my Kindle for storing the knitting patterns that I'm currently using (before I used to print everything !)

Celia | 3 comments That's great! I also am used to printing out all the patterns I want to work on or currently working on. Then the paper paper pattern gets used and abused. I usually don't go with the same pattern twice, so then, that's a waste of paper.

Bridgette ILoveCupcakes (LittleRedKnitter) | 9 comments I never thought of reading knitting patterns off of a Kindle/Nook. The whole idea of electronics replacing the good ol' paperbacks is a little disturbing to me.

The thought of having all my knitting patterns at my fingertips? Awesome.

Dana * (QueenofEgypt) | 15 comments I just received a Kindle. Do you just email the pdf knitting patterns to your Kindle email address inorder to readthem on kindle?

Megan Yes or just transfer directly from your computer via USB cord.

Leslie | 1 comments Wow you girls are all so smart! I had never thought of putting my knitting patterns on my Kobo.(Canadian) that's an excellent idea. Less stuff to carry around when I go to knit night!!!!

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