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Wendy F (blessedwannab) I want to read it too. I actually added it to my to read. Now I just got to get myself a copy.

Jenny (Jyl22075) | 14 comments I've actually got Hot Head on my kindle now I just need to actually read it. So many books, so little time.

Dee (austhokie) I woukd offer to loan it to you but I already did to someone else

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Thanks anyway. My husbands unemployment was approved (FINALLY!) so money won't be soooooo tight anymore... just moderately tight, lol.

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Wendy I didn't know you were in that situation. I am so sorry. But I am very relieved it was approved, that delay is so tough.

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Yeah, he had some medical problems JUST after he got a new job. What we thought would be a good move turned out to bite us in the butt becuase they wouldn't hold his job.

We'll get through it though.

Leea I'm sorry Wendy, glad the unemployment came through.

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments I am sorry about the medical problems, I hope it works out. The timing must have been even more scary to add the job issue to the medical problem. I am glad it came through.

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Thanks! We're doing okay now, so things will be good.

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Anyone up for a group/buddy read of the psycops series? I have been when to go back to #1 for awhile, before I move on in the series.

Wendy are you still interested in doing a buddy read of Special Forces? I understand if you have too much on your plate. Just thought I would ask. :)

Leea Yeah, I'll do a buddy read :)

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Yay! I am excited -- for psycops or special forces? How do we do this, I have never done one before?!

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Yeah, I definitely want to do a buddy read of Special Forces. I'm strugging with finding as much time to read right now because of the holidays.. Though I think I may break down and kick something off just so I can buddy read Psycops or Special Forces with you guys!!! One of my favorites!

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments I am happy to do either. :) I am guessing if we do Psycops now, we can do Special Forces later? But I have no preference for order.

Wendy F (blessedwannab) I'd like to do that. Psycop would be easier for me to squeeze in this month.

Dee (austhokie) i like the 2 psycops ones I'd read, its def. a series that improves with books - I liked the second better than the first

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Dee I can't remember much between the first two books, except for the initial hook up scene. I definitely agree that the books get better and better.

So where should we organize the buddy read?

Leea We can make a thread here in this group...

Mtsnow13 | 5 comments I've never read the Psycops series, and I REALLY enjoyed Special Forces, so I'm up for a buddy read =)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Yeah, I was going to say you could make a thread under the group read section and just put Buddy read in the title. I think that's okay.

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Okay, I started the thread here. I just am not sure when we should start? But please join us if you want to read it and even if you already read it!

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Since I live PsyCops so much I just bought these by the same author:

Body Art  A Thriller by Jordan Castillo Price Zero Hour by Jordan Castillo Price

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Among the Living (PsyCop, #1) by Jordan Castillo Price is free directly from the author's website. A great way to try out the series!

It is only free until midnight through New Year's

Dee (austhokie) Wrestling with Love is free on Amazon today

Wan "The Snake Charmer" (WanWaddell) | 143 comments Confession time. I'm such a wimp. Still have not gather up my nerves to read the M/M. Not even LJG Series. Which one is a good one to break me in?

Dee (austhokie) hmmm, my first ever m/m was More Than Make-Believe - i didn't know it was until after I bought it, I got it solely for the author...but the m/m group does have a listopia of recs to new readers of the genre that I can find, if you want

Wendy F (blessedwannab) I've only really read the PsyCop series at this point, but I'd say it's a good one to start with.

Dee (austhokie) there are two anthologies that have been released in the last year for free that were done as a writing challenge in the m/m group that I think is a good intro because you can see different genres, writers etc

Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty was a Christmas one and Don't Read in the Closet: Volume One was one that was done over the summer (this is the link to the first volume, but there were 4 in total)

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Wan "The Snake Charmer" (WanWaddell) | 143 comments I should have been more specific. Which one that would make me feel like it's a love story less sex?

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments PsyCop has sex, but it is definitely a developing love story -- set in an urban fantasy world.

Dee (austhokie) there are lots, personally, I like the GFY trope (gay for you) I always recommend to new readers is Faith & Fidelity - there is actually no sex in this book, but some serious making out...but for some people, (view spoiler)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) I have that trilogy, I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

Dee (austhokie) the 1st and 3rd are about the same guys, the 2nd is a different couple, who then appears in the 3rd

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Wan -- in post #41 of this thread I list the books in the Troubleshooters series. There is a m/m romance that is fade to black sometimes and when it does have sex scenes they are not graphic -- it is definitely love based and really well written.

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Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Jordan Castillo Price just posted that she is offering bundle deals of her books on her site: (including PsyCop) but they are all m/m

Wan "The Snake Charmer" (WanWaddell) | 143 comments Thanks guys. I put Faith & Fidelity on my TBR. The Troubleshooters is already in my TBR.

I'm reading the BDB right now. Remember reading somewhere that has some M/M, which one is it?

Dee (austhokie) there is an underlying relationship between Qhuinn and Blay - 2 of the younger guys in the later books...they are apparently going to get their own Novella sometime

Wendy F (blessedwannab) I love Blay and Qhuinn!

Dee (austhokie) that for a lot of ppl, when you ask in the m/m group is what got them started...or Jules/Robin from troubleshooters

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments That is true. I guess both of those were my first m/m and then I moved on to PsyCop. Good observation.

Wendy F (blessedwannab) I really need to start Troubleshooters... I've heard so much about it. I'll have to get my hands on the first one.

Wan "The Snake Charmer" (WanWaddell) | 143 comments Added PsyCop in my TBR for future reads. :-)

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Wendy F wrote: "I really need to start Troubleshooters... I've heard so much about it. I'll have to get my hands on the first one."

I hate to beat a dead horse, lol, but please check out the thread I started on Troubleshooters and beware that 1 and 2 are pretty weak. She wrote them a long time ago and was only able to get access to navy bases (or so I heard) until after #2. Anyway, #3 is where they get really good. I have this strong passionate love affair with the series, so I feel the need to emphasize that 3++ are strong books, but 1 and 2 she was just getting started. I also think it is okay to start at #3. If DG sees this she will laugh at me or roll her eyes, as I keep saying this to her. :)

Dee (austhokie) i totally agree with you...lots of stuff for 1 and 2 were based on what she read in magazines and books, from 3 on, she actually had a seal advising her on stuff...IIRC

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Okay, I'm going to get the first one and check it out. I've heard really great things about it.

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments Dee I may have learned that from you posting about it. I know I learned that here on GR. There is only some relationships introduced in 1 and 2. You can pick it up in 3 and then go back if you want to.

Dee (austhokie) maybe...I know its a series I need to finish up...i'm going to use it for a series catch up challenge in another group...I have the last 2 big books, plus the novella that came out (When Adam Met Tony) and apparently there is an anthology coming out this year featuring characters from it

Regina (ReginaR) | 3280 comments I loved When Adam Met Tony, it made me actually like Adam! Which is crazy! I have had that anthology pre-ordered, I cannot wait. She has a PNR book coming out in a month Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann I have pre-ordered it, but I am nervous. I just love seal team 16 so much.

Leea Wendy, I have most of the Troubleshooters books. Okay, 2012 is the year for this series!! I've wanted to read them for a few years.

M/m, psycops is my first, but in the rough riders series there is some scenes in the first book.

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Marcia Carrington | 1 comments I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this, and please move it if it isn't, but I found the short story CRAZY STUPID to be a well-written example of a MM romance. It was interesting for me as it concentrated upon the characters' emotions and state of mind, and was a vivid piece of writing overall. Here's the link:
I haven't read many many of this book genre to be honest, but this story has stood out the most thus far for me.

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