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Jane Holland Storm's HeartRachel Lyndhurst

I'm so proud of this, even though I'm only the midwife. Rachel Lyndhurst's debut romance, STORM'S HEART, is due out on February 14th but is available for pre-order on Kindle now. Print edition also coming soon via Amazon.

This is just a marvellous romance, a real feel-good book, with old-style romance sweeping up against a twenty-first century backdrop.

Both hero and heroine have secrets they'd rather leave in the dark, but the bright scorch of sun over the Aegean won't allow that.

The result? A major love-clash, with oodles of skin-prickling sensuality and dark moments galore.

As its editor, I'm so pleased with this book. Our first ever romance from Embrace, and it's a beauty. I sincerely hope you all love it too!

Here's a thought for a romance discussion though. Are these dark, brooding heroes of old being gradually swept aside for the New Man, or do we all secretly still yearn for a bad boy with a past?

Jane x

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