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What does the White House symbolize for you?

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In his new and unprecedented work, "The Black History of the WHite House,' Clarence Lusane presents a comprehensive history of the White House from an African American perspective, illuminating the central role it has played in advancing, thwarting or simply ignoring efforts to achieve equal rights for all. Juxtaposing significant events in White House History with the ongoing struggle for civil rights, Lusane makes plain that the White House has always been a prism through which to view the social struggles and progress of black Americans.

We want to know your thoughts on this untold history! Here are some discussion questions to consider and respond to as you read the book...

"The Black History of the White House" tells the remarkable story of the nation’s most important edifice. It begins with the stories of the slaves that helped to build the house that holds the office Presidency, and ends with an account of the first African American family to become it’s residents. How has this powerful symbolic reversal changed the way we view the White House and the modern office of the Presidency?

Additionally, Clarence Lusane warns us that the election of an African American president does not signify the end of racism in America. In some ways, he argues, the election of Barack Obama has led to a greater polarization of the American people and new forms of racial tension. Do you agree? What are the strengths of Lusane’s argument?

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