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message 101: by Rose (new)

Rose (Rose_B) | 330 comments Really? I never got that.

message 102: by Kate (new)

Kate | 8205 comments They explain it towards the end.

message 103: by Rose (new)

Rose (Rose_B) | 330 comments O.o
I missed something.

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) | 1115 comments I finally finished I Am Number Four! (A little late I might add.) But better late then never!

I thought this book was very well written. It was perfectly balnced between the Romance, Action, and Humor. My favorite character would probably be Bernie Faso because he saves John(Four) in the end. And I think that the movie messed up Henri's death big time. In the book it was so much more heroic and deep than in the movie. It was an AWESOME book and I hope to re-read it a lot!

message 105: by [deleted user] (new)

YESS!!! you finally got it and finished it!!!!
yeah...i agree it was AWESOME! except for a few things which i mentioned earlier. BERNIE KOSAR FTW!

message 106: by Brittney (new)

Brittney | 1 comments Love the book can't wait until the 'Power of six' comes out!!!
The end was odd:s

Aria (Blue Lily and Blue) (bluelilyandblue) I loved the book. The movie was very close to the book so I was happy with the movie too. ^__________^ There is this site that they gave a preview of The power of six.

message 108: by Ðɑηηɑ (new)

Ðɑηηɑ It is actually pretty good. I only understand the potential within it was totally ruined because is has too much realism and no fantasy/magic/scifi!

message 109: by (new)

★  | 4410 comments Mod
Im sure more of that will emerge in later books.

message 110: by Ðɑηηɑ (new)

Ðɑηηɑ I do not think I would keep reading Lorien's Legacies, as much as the writing was beautiful and the names sounds really good. But I would absolutely not read the sequels.

message 111: by ~Haelee~ (new)

~Haelee~ | 56 comments is the book or the movie better?? i saw the movie and though it was really good but i havent read the book.

message 112: by Frank (new)

Frank Most people who read the book, and then saw the movie, didn't like it too much. From what I've heard at least, because I refuse to watch the movie.

message 113: by ~Haelee~ (new)

~Haelee~ | 56 comments oh thanks

message 114: by Todd (new)

Todd Tystad (ToddRTystad) I just watched the movie last night and all through it I kept thinking I'd rather read the book. I'm hopeful that movie #2 will have more of the book and less CGI.

message 115: by Kate (new)

Kate | 8205 comments Yeah, the movie was very different from the book. There were some changes that I liked, which is a rare thing in an adaptation, but for the most part they made less sense. Overall, the movie was enjoyable, but not as good as the book and not one to rewatch, although I would watch the next one.

message 116: by Shubhangi (new)

Shubhangi | 6 comments I loved the book.!! The movie was well, a letdown, a big letdown. The Power of Six was a little fast too, though!!

message 117: by ~Haelee~ (new)

~Haelee~ | 56 comments i thought that bth the movie and the book were very good but i saw the movie before i read the book.

message 118: by ET (new)

ET | 81 comments haven't got to read the book but really want too!

message 119: by Alice (new)

Alice Massacre | 58 comments i'm so totally obsessed with the books.

message 120: by Zohal (new)

Zohal | 18 comments AWESOME i finished it in one day

message 121: by ET (new)

ET | 81 comments Awesome! Alot of action and smooching though :I-

message 122: by Dale (new)

Dale Ibitz (goodreadscomdale_ibitz) I saw the movie first, and I just finished the book this a.m. Loved it! I wasn't impressed with the movie, and now after reading the book I'm even less impressed with the movie. I didn't think the movie did the book justice at all; so much more was explained in the book.

Definitely want to read The Power of Six.

message 123: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina The Power of Six is sitting on my shelf waiting for meeeeee :D

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