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Ash E. My name is Ash Johnson, and I've read or plan to read all the books so far introduced in this group. Feel free to visit the Suggest A Book discussion topic if you have a book/series that isn't already on here, or go ahead and make a new discussion topic for that book/series! I'm pretty sure I made the settings so non-moderators can add events, books, discussion topics, etc. but if I didn't please let me know!

Tracy Tufo | 2 comments Hi, Im Tracy, wife to a Zombie author

Caitlin (CatsBooksandCritters) | 71 comments Mod
Hi, my name is Caitlin and I like reading these types of books.

Daniel Reyes (Dadrocant) | 9 comments Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm a researcher into science fiction and political thought, hence my interest in this group. You can find more on Speculative Fiction & Political Thought

Ash E. Alright to introduce ourselves more here's some questions, I answered them too.
Country you were born in: U.S.
Languages you speak: English, some Russian
Favorite book/series: The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Hobbies: reading (obviously), writing fantasy/poetry, singing (but only in my room when no one is listening), acting (a little), graphic designing (still learning), and making movies on iMovie
Something interesting about you: severely ADD

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Caitlin (CatsBooksandCritters) | 71 comments Mod
Country you were born in: U.S.
Languages you speak: English, a tiny bit of French
Favorite book/series: Depends on the day and my mood
Hobbies: reading, my animals (16 chickens, 7 cats, 3 turtles, guppies, and a dog),and gardening
Something interesting about you: I belong to a site called Backyardchickens.com

Julianna (juliloosle) | 20 comments Hi, I'm Julianna. I really love these kinds of books and am looking for new suggestions!

Country I was born in: US
Languages I speak: English
Favorite book/series: Thats a tough choice.. It changes too much.. Currently though it would probably be the Uglies Series.
Hobbies: reading, playing guitar (slowly learning how to) and photography.
Something interesting about me: I have only lived in states that start with a vowel.

Ash E. Ooh, you like Uglies? For a while that was my favorite series too! I need to go back and reread them, though.

Julianna (juliloosle) | 20 comments Yup! It's been a while since I read them and I was thinking that I need to go back and reread that series too.

Ash E. The first is my favorite, and I really like the third one (Specials) a lot more than most other people do - most people liked the first and second best.

Julianna (juliloosle) | 20 comments The first would probably be my favorite and I really liked Extras too that one would probably be my second favorite. But I I really liked them all, its hard to pick a favorite in the whole thing.

Ash E. I love when dystopian writers - or any kind of writers, really - either come up with something completely unique or take something somewhat cliche and make it their own. Like Carrie Ryan did with zombies in The Forest of Hands and Teeth - anyone else read that one?

Daniel Reyes (Dadrocant) | 9 comments Country you were born in: Colombia
Languages you speak: English, Spanish, a tiny bit of German
Favorite book/series: There's too many to list, but one of them is definitely the Dune series.
Hobbies: reading, learning to play the violin (a little late in life but what the heck), AD&D 2nd edition.
Something interesting about you: Have never lived in the US but for some reason have a Bostonian accent.

Charles Sheehan-Miles (CSheehanMiles) | 3 comments Hello! Introducing myself. I'm Charles, from Atlanta, Georgia.
Languages I speak: English, JavaScript, C, Coldfusion
Favorite book/series: Too many to list here, but I lean toward alt-history, dystopias, end of the world stuff
Hobbies: Writing
something interesting about me: I'm on my third career, have been in the military, information technology, nonprofit management, now I run a restaurant. I write novels for fun, and hoping to make that my final career stop in a few years.

Nice to meet you all!

Nick Cole (NickCole) | 2 comments Hi I'm Nick and I just finished Earth Abides and Day by Day Armageddon. Both great but Armageddon had me thinking more. I have a post apoocalyptic novel due out on Kindle next motnh and I wanted to start getting involved in more books along the same theme.

Ash E. I prefer post-apocalyptic novels that get me thinking also - rather than just experiencing an entertaining story, I like to also feel like I'm getting intellectually involved in the story.

Charles Sheehan-Miles (CSheehanMiles) | 3 comments A.S. Halsey wrote: "I prefer post-apocalyptic novels that get me thinking also - rather than just experiencing an entertaining story, I like to also feel like I'm getting intellectually involved in the story."

I agree. BUT... a good entertaining story is also essential.

Ash E. Very true. If it's intellectually written but completely dull then I'll never make it past the first few chapters.

Charles Sheehan-Miles (CSheehanMiles) | 3 comments Nick wrote: "Hi I'm Nick and I just finished Earth Abides and Day by Day Armageddon. Both great but Armageddon had me thinking more. I have a post apoocalyptic novel due out on Kindle next motnh and I wanted ..."

Nice to meet you Nick

Nicole (Nicole_Sheree) My name is Nicole, live in Washington State, and I am a currently unemployed/student/single mom.

Country you were born in: U.S.

Languages you speak: English

Favorite book/series: To far and many to name by title, but I will read anything strong enough to hold my attention past the first three chapters, and genres from Post apoocalyptic to Paranormal/para-romance to classics such as Pride & Prejudice or Anne of G.G.

Hobbies: my son, reading, writing poetry/some blogging, some out doorsy stuff and painting/drawing.

Something interesting about you: oh geez, not sure there is anything interesting about me.

Ash E. Hey Nicole! I've always loved Washington state. I think it's really pretty there. I just like the northwest and northeast in general. My 2 favorite areas in the U.S.

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Hi Im Ivy Patience and I love dystopia books!!! But I read everyting, as long as it keeps me entertained.

Country you were born in: U.S.

Languages you speak:English & French(are my best) German, Finnish, Italian, Greek(are moderate) Russian and Dutch (im learning now)

Favorite book/series: There are a few, The Hunger Games, Matched Series, The Forest of Hands and Feet. And the books XVI, The Water Wars, and Anthem.

Hobbies:READING!!! I write (everything), I compose music on the piano and gutiar, baking and creating new desserts,finding new books, family and the outdoors.

Something interesting about you:Im used to be a Military Brat, lived all over the world. (Hence all the Languages). I also want to open my own bakery/tea and coffee shop, where I support young authors (or old)!!!!

Ash E. Hey! That's so cool that you know so many languages. I could never keep track of them all! I'm not bad with accents though.

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Well when you moved to a country and you have no idea what ther saying you learn fast. I do enjoying knowing them all though. It gives my writing an edge.

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Charles D Hartik (Chalex) | 4 comments I'm Charles D Hartik, live in north central Washington state. Author of newly published dystopian science fiction novel, "Strander", available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.Strander

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I will definately look for it!!!

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Charles D Hartik (Chalex) | 4 comments As far as languages go, I speak a little Finnish, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

My favorite book is, "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind", by Julian Jaynes.

I was born in Minnesota, lived in So. Cal. then moved to Washington state.

Writing consumes me as a life and hobby, and I'm more than interested in the cascade of worse case scenarios taking place within Earth's environment.

I traveled the world for a year on a tramp freighter ship as a seaman. I served in Vietnam in the US Army as a military policeman.

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Rae Medina (Raerae007) | 10 comments Ello, im Rae
I live in the U.S
I speak English and some Spanish (parents are Cuban)
So far my favorite series is the Hunger games, but i like almost all dystopian books :)
Other than reading i like learning about different religions and cultures, interior design, fishing/ boating, im learning archery.
Interesting about me, hmmm... i travel alot, usually to south/central America but a few years ago i got to go to Europe and i hope to again this year or next.

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Welcome Rae!!!!

I know archery!!!! I loved learning!!!! How do you like it? And Europe is alot of fun!!!! I enjoyed living there.

Rae Medina (Raerae007) | 10 comments It was difficult to find a bow (im not very strong and most of them had like like 70 pound draws.... i think its called 'draws') but i finally found one and now all im waiting to get is the arrows =)

What part of Europe did you live in?

Phelan Archuleta (phe_the_chiclosa) | 3 comments Hi, my name is Phelan and i absolutely love dystopian series.

Ash E. Hey! Which are your favorites?

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Rebekah I know how that is it took me a long time to find the right bow, and then to find the right arrows. But it will all work out in time.

And I lived in France, just outside of Paris. Then Italy, just outside of Athens. Then the UK in London. And then in Finland, right off the western boarder.

Rae Medina (Raerae007) | 10 comments Wow, that's impressive =) I visited Paris, and i plan to visit Italy this year... i would love to go to Egypt, Israel, Greece and India, something a bit more adventurous =)

(There's an Athens in Italy? Or did u mean Greece?)

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No theres a small athens in Italy I think its a slang word for the city. We were only there for two weeks. Or I think it was Athens or something with an A..

Rae Medina (Raerae007) | 10 comments Ah k, still cool tho =)

Megan (silverwood) Hi I'm Megan. I live in the Nothern United States. I loved The Hunger Games trilogy! My English class started reading the first one and by the time we got through half of the first book, I had read the whole trilogy. I speak English, but I can speak a little Polish, Russian, Japanese, and French (very little, like one or two phrases each)

Ash E. Hey there! Nice to have another member to join our discussion of the Hunger Games trilogy! They really are an amazing series.

Aparajitabasu | 5 comments hi guys this is Aparajita.....i love to read all genres of books

Ash E. Hey! Glad you joined. What are some of your favorite books?

Aparajitabasu | 5 comments A.S. Halsey wrote: "Hey! Glad you joined. What are some of your favorite books?"

Harry Potter(cause i only became interested in books after it.....and cause it is the best)




THE INHERITANCE CYCLE of Christopher Paolini













and etc.....etc......etc...........

Ash E. You have good taste. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are on my top five books/series, no question.

Aparajitabasu | 5 comments A.S. Halsey wrote: "You have good taste. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are on my top five books/series, no question."

i know what u mean

Bella Street (bellastreet) | 13 comments I'm an apocalypse enthusiast (sounds kinda twisted) that started with zombie films like Shaun of the Dead. I also write and am working on my own apocalypse series. I'm curious why dystopia is such a popular theme--I'm disturbed by it and attracted to it at the same time. LOL

Country you were born in: U.S.
Languages you speak: English, some Spanish and French
Favorite book/series: Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures series, Chaos Walking, How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse and Day By Day Armageddon

Ash E. I feel the same way about dystopia - both disturbed and attracted. Well-written dystopia always ends up producing a real pageturner!

Bella Street (bellastreet) | 13 comments I ask myself the psychology of it--is it because my life is relatively cushy that I must seek out artificial doomsday scenarios? Or am I being responsible in preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse? Only time will tell. LOL

Ash E. For me, I enjoy the feeling that someone out there, fictional or otherwise, is having a worse time than I am. I mean, I live a fairly privileged life, but when you're going through tough times it always feels like no one else could possibly be as miserable as you, do you know what I mean? In the moment, it feels like the worst thing that could happen.

Bella Street (bellastreet) | 13 comments Yeah, I get that. And an apocalypse could also give us a chance to show off our mad survival skillz :)

Ash E. Yeah, in every dystopian novel there's always that underlying, somewhat hidden theme of humankind's ability to survive, persevere through anything. Also shows up in a lot of science fiction, I've noticed.

Bella Street (bellastreet) | 13 comments Stubborn little buggers, aren't we? LOL

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