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message 1: by Meenakshi (last edited Jan 18, 2011 08:47AM) (new)

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments Hello people,
Hope everyone is fine and hope everyone is enjoying.
I'll have to beg your pardon for leaving in such an abrupt manner.

The journey had just begin and now I have to go
For the stream of life is no more going slow
Tis' is certainly not goodbye
trust me- time is like a will fly
I'll be back again and we'll have gala time
and have happiness which is nothing but sublime
the friends that I kept in stack
The joyous nights will be back
the blissful mornings will soon return
till then farewell coz I have no time to burn

Well...I don't want to get sentimental and don't want others to cry.Its just that I have my exams coming up and I need to take a break from goodreads.I'll be back soon.
Till then it'll be a STUdy VACation (STUVAC) for me as I have my exams soon(2-3 months).I'll miss all you dear members.I'll miss Akanksha. Smitha, Prerak, Hazel, Adz(Aditya), Divya, Dely, Cincinnatusc, Anand, Cite, Tushar, Ash, Sagar, Rengaraj....well the list will never end.I'll see you all soon.

Till then......goodbye everyone.

message 2: by PSmith, Col. (new)

PSmith (SmithaPrabhu) | 19922 comments Mod
Hi Meenakshi,
All the very very best for your exams.
Hope your STUVAC will be fruitful
(you really scared me with the first few lines....)

Akanksha  Singh (Akankshasingh92) | 1362 comments Bye....and all the best. Do well in ur xams:-)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

All the best honey!!! eat pray love.....err... change that to eat pray SLEEP!! :)

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

oh yeah n study :)

Sunny All the Best! study with your awesome speed. we will be waiting for u.

dely | 2790 comments Good luck and come back soon (but after studying).
Very nice poetry!

message 8: by Aditya, the garbage man (new)

Aditya (adic) | 4418 comments Mod
Reminds me of our first studay vacation of 1 month for the 10th boards. That's the first time i read Alistair McLean, and was so addicted that i continued with a bunch of other novels. And not surprisingly, English turned out to be the only subject where i crossed 90s and topped the class, or was it 2nd? Whatever!

Well, so dnt leave if u want to top or score cent in English :-P And make sure u find ur way back here and have fun, no matter how u do at the exams!

Anbu (Anbutheone) | 4466 comments All the very best for your exams meenakshi.. :-)

message 10: by Meenakshi (last edited Jan 20, 2011 06:27AM) (new)

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments Thanks everyone.You guys are great support.
I just took a 15 minutes break from studying and guess where I am??
Goodreads of course!!
@Adz well..lets not even talk about novels(you'll remind me of some unfinished ones and I won't be able to resist myself from picking them up.)
My exams are in March.
@Smitha I could see that coming
@Hazel Eat Pray Study Sleep Goodreads
Is'nt that a long title for any book or movie?
but it is'nt for my life
@Dely thanks I am a poet after all!!
@Everyone else...Thank you so much!!

message 11: by Sherin, arm chair sleuth (new)

Sherin Punnilath (Shery_7) | 6754 comments Mod
All the best for your exams!

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments @Sherin thanks....

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments I just had my Olympiad today.It was good, I enjoyed it (I know its kind of weird to say that I enjoyed an exam!!)

Akanksha  Singh (Akankshasingh92) | 1362 comments Im taking a break frm goodreads too. Maybe for a month or so:-(

dely | 2790 comments Akanksha wrote: "Im taking a break frm goodreads too. Maybe for a month or so:-("

You too for exams? We will waiting your return!

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Darn, you kids study too much these days. I remember spending a good portion of the week before my boards reading the Pickwick Papers.

Anyway, good luck with your exams, Meenakshi. Reading isn't always fun, as you probably have already realized :)

message 17: by PSmith, Col. (new)

PSmith (SmithaPrabhu) | 19922 comments Mod
Good to know that you enjoyed exams, Meenakshi. That's the spirit.
Good luck, Akanksha (for your exams, I mean)

Akanksha  Singh (Akankshasingh92) | 1362 comments @Dely yeah iv got exams too so net is off limits:-(
Thanks Smitha:-)

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments Hey thanks everyone
@Akansha Good luck girl.I know you'll perform well.
@Cincinnatusc hehehe indeed we do study a lot.Well I too spent a lot of time reading a book called I too had a love story last week and oh yes! no matter what, reading is always fun (Geography is an exception though)

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments @Everyone Guess who is back??
Yeah its me.Exams over.

dely | 2790 comments Good, so now you can join us again.
They went well? What will you do now? You change school? You will look for a work?

message 22: by PSmith, Col. (new)

PSmith (SmithaPrabhu) | 19922 comments Mod
Hi Meenakshi, glad to have you back. How many days vacation?

Anbu (Anbutheone) | 4466 comments Hi Meenakshi.. Welcome back.. :-)

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments Anbu wrote: "Hi Meenakshi.. Welcome back.. :-)"

Smitha wrote: "Hi Meenakshi, glad to have you back. How many days vacation?"
I'm glad to be here again too.I have it till the 20th of April so do the maths.

dely wrote: "Good, so now you can join us again.
They went well? What will you do now? You change school? You will look for a work?"

work! no!
In India you at least have to be a graduate to get a job.I need to study for two years in the school then apply for graduation and only then can I work.

message 25: by Aditya, the garbage man (new)

Aditya (adic) | 4418 comments Mod
work/job has diff connotations in diff places. In India we are interested in making a career out of every or any job dat we can get our hands on. Outside, ppl get into a job any time, even fresh out of school and work as long as it interests them or as long as it pays for the pocket money, they dnt worry abt a long term career as early in their life as we do!

At least dats wat i observed over at the States, maybe its diff in Italy. Diff perspectives work in diff places!

message 26: by dely (last edited Mar 29, 2011 12:32AM) (new)

dely | 2790 comments Unfortunately in Italy also with the graduation there is no job. Young graduates must go a long way before finding a good job and often they must make stages without be payed or receiving only a low pay.
After the secondary school of second degree somebody begins to work but they are occasional jobs and it is not easy to find a place fixed by contract.
It is not an easy moment for who searches a job.

In order to understand better how school works here:
5 years primary school
3 years secondary school of first degree
5 years secondary school of second degree
5 years university

Meenakshi (Mcoolshi) | 1542 comments hmm..So Italy and India are quite similar if we take the education scenario

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