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Emily | 1 comments Has anyone read any books that are similar to those in the Mortal Instruments series? If so, please let me know, I ADORE that series! If you havent read them, you definitly need to! I'll link the first book, City of Bones. City of Bones

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me too, i'd like to read more books like MI/ID series!!!!

Cheryl in CC NV (cherylllr) I don't know for sure, but I've heard people who like MI also talking about the series that start with:
The Hunger Games
The Summoning
Orphans of Chaos

Victoria Howson (Vic92) | 5 comments Well even though I know they are very different I suggest A Tale of Two Cities if you haven't already read it. When I finish a book I really love and can't find a book like it I read the books mentioned in that book=]
And besides ATOTC is awesome.

Ashley | 7 comments Obviously Twilight, but you've probably already read that. You might also like Evermore. I haven't read it, but my stepdaughter loved it, and she is also a big fan of the MI series. Same with Marked and the whole House of Night series.

Nick | 1 comments I've read both infernal devices and mortal instruments and loved them both!!! Can't wait for the new ones to come out and the MI film!!!! Before I read these I read the hunger games trilogy and once I read them I googled what was like them to read and MI came up and they are just as good if not better!!!!!!!! Well I was asking around and apparently if you love MI and ID you will also love gone which has 5 books outs already so that is my next lot I'm going to be buying and ready.

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Janice (JaMaSc) | 10919 comments Hi Nick and welcome to You'll Love This One.

I personally haven't read Infernal Devices or Mortal Engines

Maybe someone else in the group can help you.

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