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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Down a dark cold alley, a black cat roams around. But you keep walknig and hear shouts and a single flickering light. Could it be who you think it is? Whtch your step down here, this is Gang centeral.

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((there's an "A" in Watch... :D))
((kk, don't exactly kno what it looks like, but I'm thinking old fashioned NY or New Orleans... :D))

Talon had gone under the highway, it had been blocked off with walls and chain link fences, but he had climbed over it all easily. It was dark under there, but Talon didn't mind too much. He walked with his hands in his pockets, found a clear spot, and sat down. There was a stack of pieces of wood, and Talon pulled a lighter out of his jacket and lit a few pieces, then tossed the computer chip into the flames, and watched it.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((shweet, He won't be alone for long.))

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((Uh, oky day :D))

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⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Talon leaned his head back against the wall, closing his eyes halfway and staring at the cement wall across from him, about thirty or forty feet away. The whirring of cars above him echoed softly, and Talon was starting to feel really hungry. He wondered what his next move was. He had a plan, or a goal at least. He just needed the plan to reach it.

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments ((HI GUYS!!!!))
Falcon looked around, then felt someone watching him. He looked around but there was no one there. He shrugged it off and felt a chill run down his spine before feeling something cut into his leg. He gasped and looked around. Something had attacked him, he was now positive that someone was around. He closed his eyes, listening for any noise. Before the person could strike, Falcon had kicked them in the side of the head, then quickly moved away just as he felt a sharp pain in his arm. He cried out in pain and clenched his jaw, throwing a knife and watching as the person quickly dodged it, then Falcon was quickly behind, putting the person in a headlock and then snapped their neck, limping slightly away. He sat down somewhere else and took the bandana off his head, tightly tying it around the wound on his leg and ripping a piece of cloth from his shirt and wrapped it around his arm. He laid down and closed his eyes, slowly dozing off.

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((am I right in assuming he is near/or under the highway as well?))

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments ((*shrugs* eh sure. I don't mind.))

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((haha, okay then...))

Talon lifted his head as he heard something. Vague and dull, but still he heard something. He stood and walked slowly through the maze of fences and walls, then turned one corner and saw Falcon. He walked over to him, standing a few feet away, looking down at him. "Hey, kid. You awake?" He said, deeply and in a nonchalant way, but his eyes quickly looked Falcon over, noting the substitute bandages on his leg and arm.

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Falcon opened his eyes at the sound of a voice, his vision blurred slightly,"What?" he sat up and gasped at the pain in his arm, putting his hand to the wound. He closed his eyes painfully and moaned, his head starting to throb again. He opened his eyes slightly as everything started going black and blurring more. His head burst with pain and he screamed, putting his head in his hands,"MAKE IT STOP!"

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Talon knelt down beside him. "You're tensed. Relax your mind and body, don't fight it, it will only make it worse. Calm your mind." He spoke slowly, carefully. He studied Falcon with narrowed eyes.

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Falcon's breathing had quickened. He tried as hard as he could, but the pain was always there, no matter what he had done. Everything suddenly went black and he passed out.

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((sry, gtg... :D))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Shack managed to avoid traffic and she swung down under the highway and onto the gravel. She happened to land where a fire was burning and she saw shoe tracks, man's shoe tracks. She followed them silently staying close to the ground, creeping low. It took a few minutes but hse rounded a corner. "What the heck." she stood and walked right over to Falcon, waltzing right past Talon calmly. she kneeled next to Falcon and cussed, "You told him to relax, didn't you? Naw, shift." she sat down on the gravel and pulled one of her black combat boots off.

Right then and there you would most likely relize that her foot was wat to small for the boot, or so it seemed. She pulled a multi-tool out of her hoodie and shined it in her boot. She had knives, needles,bandages, and a vial full of green goo. She selected a needle that had brownish, clear stuff, and in big green letters was printed, "ADRENALINE".

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Talon's eyes shifted to look at her. "Either that or I would have had to pinch a nerve or hit him. While he's unconscious he won't have to suffer through whatever is hurting him." He stood and backed away to a distance, then stopped, letting Shack care for the boy, but stayed nearby. He didn't want to be sleeping with some people like this close by. Then again, if he was going to be picky, then why would he have chosen this spot in the first place? He closed his eyes, stood straight, and just listened to everything around him.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments She stuck Falcon carefuly with the needle in one of his vital veins in his wrist then chucked the needle somewhere in the distance. Then placed her gloved hands, plam down, fingers extended on Falcon's chest and rubbed in little circles, " So who are you Shadow?"

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Falcon woke up a few hours later, opening his eyes slightly. He moaned and curled up, clenching his jaw at the pain in his arm and leg from earlier.

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((Who's shadow?))

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments ((by shadow she means Talon))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((If you go through and read her profile (yes just kip the long Kung Fu part for all I care!) it'll make sense.))

Shack tapped his side with her boot, "Hey, I'm here."

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Falcon cried out in pain,"OW!" he moaned,"I got beat up, so be careful, everything still hurts."

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Shack raised an eyebrow, "Someone..." she lowered her head and closed her eyes, "I think they're still here." she tapped her fingers on her leg. Listening carfuly for any sound around them, it had been part of her training in martial arts, she head someone shift in the rocks and she jumped up and face that direction, ready to move.

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Talon opened his eyes and looked at the girl and boy. Shadow? He didn't answer, now that she was distracted with the boy. He needed to get out of there before she asked him another question. He heard something, a sound either a small animal would make, or someone light on their feet. He glanced around calmly, turning his head only slightly.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Shack stood still then kicked the air in front of her ladning a hard kick to whatever was in the shadows, "Yeah, not so tough now, are ya?" she said and reached into the shadows and picked whatever is was by the collar and pulled them out of the shadows.

It was a big man with several knives around his belt. His eyes were closed and his nose was broken, "Mmm, hmm" she said and slammed him against the wall next to her and pushed him up so his feet weren't touching the ground

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⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Talon raised a brow as he watched her. Not too shabby, but she could have just thrown a knife his way and landed it in his leg to subdue him instead. She wasn't that subtle, indeed, she was reckless. Talon straightened a little more, and listened for any more.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments "Hello, dufus." she said and used her free hand to slap him, no response, nothing. She shrugged, whatever. then took him off the wall and chucked him in a random direction.

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Hmph. Reckless, and had no respect for the enemy. Talon strode over to the man and crouched down beside him, a hand holding a knife against the man's neck in warning, as he checked to see what was damaged. The man was unconscious. He glanced up at Shack and stood, walking past her to leave.

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Falcon stood up slowly and winced, then heard something. He moved out of the way just as a gun shot at him. His eyes widened at the sight of the gun and he froze in horror. After that incident with Jenessa, he was terrified of guns. He shook it off and quickly dodged the bullets before he was behind the person and pinned the pressure point on their neck, seeing them fall to their knees and kicked them in the side of the head, then snapped their neck. He pulled a black metal feather out of his pocket and threw it, smirking in satisfaction as it pierced the man's chest.

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Talon looked at the body, then grimaced and returned his knife - one of his minor weapons - to his jacket. These people were neither subtle, humble, or relentless. They just hurt and killed as they pleased. Like.. Talon turned and stalked over to a chainlink fence and scaled over to the other side quickly, then with his hands in his pockets he went out of from under the highway.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments "Come on Falcon, before Lucifer has a spazum, let's get back."

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((well...... That B thing was random... Is she even apart of this group? I'm pretty sure that's spamming..... I should kno :D :D haha.....))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((XD))

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((who is she? What books does she write?))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((No idea, just go with it.))

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Falcon looked at the gun that the man he killed had, his face turning a ghostly pale and he backed away, suddenly frightened at the sight of it. He hated guns, and I mean HATED them. He turned and ran down an alley, coming to a small abandoned shack(lol like Shack) and walking inside, closing his eyes. He fell asleep and had a nightmare.

Falcon ran, hearing gunshots behind him and tripped, being pulled up from the ground and there was a gun to his head. The next thing he saw was terrifying. He saw Shack and Lucifer, both laying there. They had been shot and killed. He then started to hear the trigger being pulled and then a gunshot-

Falcon woke up screaming, then looked around, sweat trickling down his head. He felt like he couldn't breathe and his heart was racing. It was just a nightmare, but it all seemed so real.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments "Whoa, buddy" she said and hugged him around his shoulders, "It's okay, I'm here"

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη Zoe, Longshot's Lamister wrote: "((No idea, just go with it.))"

((Haha!!!!!!! So u really didn't kno her??? I read your post in it, and I was like... Huh? U into politics? Cuz I think that's what her books were about.... And she was old.. So... That forfeits me from her list of readers.... :D unless they're good ppl........))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((I was just playing along))

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((got that..... Usually I wouldve been so surprised that I wouldve whacked them with Orlando (my pet stuffed killer whale HuGe whale)..... Unless I knew them..... Shannon Hale: Goose Girl author etc.... Lives near me :D just a few... Hmm ten fifteen minutes away))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((XD wow))

⋀≀⋏␢⋏∾⊥εя ↁ⋏wη ((I named him thus because I got him when we went to Disney World, Orlando FL. :D ))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((okaaaaaaay))

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Shack stroked Falcon's sweaty hair and kissed his ear, shielding him from the dust and trash that was being blown up in the harsh wind.

Falcon wasn't HER brother, but she did remember now, having an older brother, and another sibling, a sister...

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments ((Izzy. Izzy. Izzy. Izzy. Izzy. Izzy.))

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Falcon buried his face in Shack's shoulder and sobbed, then heard footsteps, curling up in Shack's arms as he looked around.

"You guys left me behind," someone said, then there was a familiar chuckle, and an all too familiar grin.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Shack looked over and flipped her bangs out of her face, but due to the fading light, and the consant flickering of street lights she couldn't see all to well, but nodded to the voice, knowing the owner.

She remembered Falcon was still crying, and while she still hugged him close, she wiped away his tears with the sleeve of her jacket.

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments Lucifer, or at least someone who looked so similar to him, walked out of the shadows, but this guy had red eyes and black hair, unlike the real Lucifer's appearance, with dusty blonde hair and dark chocolate eyes.

Falcon sniffed and looked at the stranger, then moved closer to Shack, "That's not Lucifer..."

The stranger raised a brow, "What are you talking about? Of course I'm Lucifer."

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Shack narrowed her eyes at this Lucifer, "It's a bear, not a fish...right?" she asked. It was a question she'd set between the two of them a while ago.

Although, she felt she'd seen this person before. He did look like Lucifer, but at the same time he was completely different.

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 456 comments "Of course it's a bear, why wouldn't I know that?" he grinned, but his eyes were filled with darkness and evil.

Falcon whimpered softly, hanging onto Shack's shirt sleeve.

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Simply (NinjaoftheKeyboard) | 904 comments Shack clenched her jaw, now she knew what was going on...

... and that was the wrong answer.

Shack held back and laugh and shook her head smiling, "Listen, if you're going to possess someone-" her smiled faded and she flung a knife at him, pinning him to the wall, "-Do it right!"

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