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What is ESP?

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Baker I liked the reference to ESP in the Book. Was an interesting read particularly the stories and research of others. Just feels like there's more than meets the eye. The word "Power" springs to mind. Every good thing comes from God. Therefore acknowledging God and receiving inspiration, discerning what to do, where to go or is this the right decision requires power from above. The power actually comes from exercising faith in God and believing that God will answer.
This can happen instantly especially if you are in tune with God all things work together for your Good. Herein is Wisdom. This is the element that was missing from the book. Although the word "holistic" was mentioned in the text. There must be some research in this field. I would find that very interesting.
I appreciate the conscious and unconscious mind. Very similar to NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). With elements of reading body language. The Autism example is interesting in that I have a feeling that someone is gonna help people with Autism as a result of this book.

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