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Flesh and Blood ending *Spoilers*

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Bill Flesh And Blood

I am just starting The Murder Book, and it references that Alex and Robin split because of what happened in the previous case. I have read Flesh and Blood, but it's been awhile and I no longer have it, and I was hoping someone could give me a quick synopsis of the end of the book. Thanks!

Bonnie Lynn Hi Bill. In Flesh and Blood, Alex feels guilty when he hears that a young woman, a patient he'd treated as a troubled teen, with whom he'd lost contact, was murdered. When her body is discovered and Milo is called to the scene, Alex is compelled to find out what happened to her. Robin says that he becomes so immersed in cases/people/patients that he has little regard for his personal life and his own safety. (However, this must be an ongoing grievance since Alex assures her there will be no recurrence of a past incident (unspecified). With his own murder theory, Alex ignores Milo's repeated warnings not to do surveillance on his own. Then, After speaking with and feeling some sympathy for the young ex-wife and the small children of a wealthy suspect, he agrees to meet her, unaware that she believed their 'coincidental' meetings were staged. He was confronted by rage - and her partner - while on a coastal cliff and he was nearly killed, giving credence to Robin's opinion; yet, in the last few pages of the book, Alex and Robin agree, via phone conversation, to meet and talk. Robin says she'll make hotel reservations for them in San Diego, after telling Alex she misses him and still loves him. Prior to leaving for San Diego to meet Robin, Alex buys two plane tickets to Paris.

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