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Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments Hey there,
Could anyone give me some good ideas for books for a six-year-old boy who loves the Max and Ruby series and the David/Pirate series? I'm thinking about getting him Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem (based on what I read in this form) but I thought I'd see if anyone had additional ideas.

Thank you!

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 962 comments I can definitely recommend the Billy Twitters book. But, I'm not familiar with those series he likes, so I'll leave this to other members who know those series or have good suggestions for 6 year old boys. I know a boy who will turn 7 in a few days, and I can check with him/that family, who unfortunately are not big readers.

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments Thanks, Lisa!

We are very big readers at our house! A lot of our books, though, have been/are geared toward his older sister, so I'm trying to even the collection a bit for his birthday.

Sweet on Books (sweetonbooks) | 2 comments Have you tried Houndsley and Catina, Mercy Watson, or Henry and Mudge? Let me know if those are the right reading level - if not, I can recommend some others. Good luck!

Brenda | 191 comments My son at that age really loved the Magic Tree House series and Henry and Mudge.

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments He loves Mercy, not so much Henry and Mudge. I'll look up Houndsley and Catina. He's not really interested in The Magic Tree House series unless his sister is reading the books to him. This is getting old for her. :)

Thanks, Brenda and Sweet!

Sweet on Books (sweetonbooks) | 2 comments You're welcome. I was going to suggest Pup and Hound but if he didn't like Henry and Mudge then that might be going in the wrong direction. How about the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems? They're hilarious! Another idea is the Poppleton series. Hopefully he can enjoy them on his own and give his sister a break!

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments You sold me at Mo Williems -- will check them out asap!

Wilhelmina | 231 comments I absolutely love the Elephant and Piggie books! My grandson and I used to read them with one of us as Elephant and the other as Piggie. We would both fall over laughing!

message 10: by Gundula (last edited Jan 12, 2011 08:23AM) (new)

Gundula | 1711 comments For reading to your son (he would probably not be able to read these on his own, yet), I think that Astrid Lindgren's "Emil" books about a mischievous Swedish boy are wonderful and really, really fun: Emil in the Soup Tureen, Emil Gets into Mischief, Emil's Clever Pig, That Emil, Emil's Little Sister, Emil's Sticky Problem (there may still be more). Now, I don't know how popular these are where you live, if they are still in print, or available from your local library, but I loved these (read them in German translation when I was a child), and even my brother, who did not like books that much, liked them quite a lot.

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments Thank you, Wilhelminia and Gundula. I ordered the whale book and the first Mo Williems book. I like Astrid Lindgren a lot so I will see if I can find these at the library.

Gundula | 1711 comments Liz wrote: "Thank you, Wilhelminia and Gundula. I ordered the whale book and the first Mo Williems book. I like Astrid Lindgren a lot so I will see if I can find these at the library."

I hope you can find at least some of these. But, you know, even Pippi Longstocking, which would probably be more readily available, would work very well as a read aloud to a six year old boy.

Brenda | 191 comments One last series that we really loved as well is The World According to Humphrey. You may just take a peek and see what you think

Emily | 70 comments Some picture books that are popular in our household (two boys currently six and seven) are Monkey with a Tool Belt and its sequel (which I like a lot better) Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem, Archie and the Pirates, The Scrambled States of America, and the Martha books by Susan Meddaugh.

message 15: by Kathryn, The Princess of Picture-Books (new)

Kathryn | 2949 comments Mod
Mo Willems is fabulous and I think all his books would be appealing to boys.

Another winner is Shark vs. Train!

Does he like animals? Steve Jenkins has some great books out there on animals such as Actual Size.

I also really love Peter Brown: The Curious Garden and Flight of the Dodo.

Does he like building? Iggy Peck, Architect is stellar.

What about dinosaurs?
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?, etc. by Jane Yolen. (There is actually a whole list of dinosaur books over in our Children's Book Club--we did a month discussion on dinosaur-themed picture books

Hope this helps. Happy reading! :-)

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments Thanks so much for all the suggestions! We do love the dinosaur books, but most of the others are new to me. I've added them to my library list!

Gundula | 1711 comments Another great family book by Astrid Lindgren, featuring both girls and boys is The Children of Noisy Village and its sequels, Happy Times in Noisy Village, Springtime in Noisy Village, and the picture book Christmas in Noisy Village.

Kirei | 346 comments I know my son really liked The Adventures of Captain Underpants series. However, I would want the approval of his mom before giving them because a lot of people don't like them. They are irreverant but funny. (At six, he may not be able to read them yet but they have a drawing on every page.)

Other Dav Pilkey books are good. Like the Dragon series. A Friend For Dragon which I actually thought was funny and deep.

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments My daughter thought the Captain Underpants series quite funny. I haven't heard of the Dragon Series, but will check into it -- thank you!

Wilhelmina | 231 comments Jean Craighead George, who is better known for books for older children like My Side of the Mountain, also has a number of great picture books for younger children, especially those who are interested in nature. Frightful's Daughter and Frightful's Daughter Meets the Baron Weasel are based on the MSOTM books. Cliff Hanger, Fire Storm, and Snowboard Twist are the adventures of a boy named Axel and his dog, Grits. I thought of these books because I have read them to my grandson and his classmates since kindergarten. I read one yesterday and they are 3rd graders now, but they were still caught up in the exciting story. (The class is all boys.)

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments I loved My Side of the Mountain as a child, but I am unfamiliar with the other books you mentioned. Thank you for sharing them -- I will check them out!

Gundula | 1711 comments Liz wrote: "I loved My Side of the Mountain as a child, but I am unfamiliar with the other books you mentioned. Thank you for sharing them -- I will check them out!"

I also loved Hook a Fish, Catch a Mountain by the same author, but it is probably still a bit too advanced for your son (I think I read it when I was about ten or eleven, in German translation, but I read the English original a few years ago, and loved it as well).

Anne Nydam | 86 comments If you want read-aloud chapter books, check out my bookshelf of them. (Not sure how to do a link, but I assume you can navigate through to my profile and my bookshelf category of first read-aloud chapter books.) If that doesn't work I can pull out a few suggestions, but I've got ratings and reviews of about a dozen books on there.

Gundula | 1711 comments Liz, I think that Roy Makes a Car would just about be a perfect picture book to share with your son, especially if he likes cars. There is quite a lot of text, so you would likely be reading the story to him, but this tall tale of an African American mechanic, who can make any kind of car and who, in the end, even makes a car for God and his angels, is interesting, well-told, humorous and vividly illustrated. Give it a try.

Shannon (sianin) | 129 comments Bruce Colville's Moongobble and Me series will probably tickle his fancy. My son loved those books. They are quite funny but with a mnoral in each bookThe Dragon of Doom

Tales from the House of Bunnicula Books 1-4 by James Howe is a possibility.

And a definnite must if Roddy Doyle's Rover Adventures: The Giggler Treatment, Rover Saves Christmas, The Meanwhile Adventures This is a great book for a boy. My son and all his friends laughed until they, well, they laughed out loud.

Captain Underpants seems to also be popular. My son never got into it but lots of the boys in the neighborhood did. Good luck

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments I've reserved most of these books at my library, and the Billy Twitters book came today. I love Little Critter so I'll look for the other titles you mentioned, Chandra. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions!

Emily | 70 comments Liz, if you're not overwhelmed by all the suggestions, I can't resist adding one more: Traction Man Is Here! by Mini Grey, currently the new favorite picture book in this house. It's about a boy playing with an action figure. His imagination comes alive in the illustrations, with household objects turning into menacing figures or victims needing to be rescued. And it's laugh out loud funny.

Wilhelmina | 231 comments I love Traction Man! That's another book that my older grandson and I read many, many times.

Amy Broadmoore (DelightfulChildrensBooks) | 32 comments I have a 6-year-old boy who loves to read. His favorite books by far are the Magic Tree House series (e.g. Lions at Lunchtime) by Mary Pope Osborne. In each book, a brother/sister team head to a different place or time in history. My son loves the adventures in these stories, and they have gotten him very excited about learning about a variety of subjects.

Jack still reads many picture books, but the chapter books he seems to have liked best:
Friendship According to Humphrey & others in this series
Half Magic
Charlotte's Web
The Little House Books (e.g. Little House in the Big Woods) (Even thought you're buying this for a boy, I don't like Farmer Boy for a six-year-old b/c of the violence between some rough kids and a teacher near the beginning.)

I also like the Beverly Cleary books a lot, but my son has not been as excited about them. I am looking for recommendations for my son too, so I'll check back again to see what others recommend!

Amy Broadmoore (DelightfulChildrensBooks) | 32 comments Also, if you're interested, my 6-year-old son posts book reviews of chapter books he reads here:

Amy Broadmoore (DelightfulChildrensBooks) | 32 comments Wilhelmina wrote: "Jean Craighead George, who is better known for books for older children like My Side of the Mountain, also has a number of great picture books for younger children, espe..."
Thanks for this tip, Wilhelmina! I love My Side of the Mountain and haven't heard of these other books by the same author.

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments We LOVED Billy Twitters -- thank you! We will check out the other titles too -- particularly Tractor Man -- sounds right up his alley!

(My own adult novel debuted this week so my time for reading aloud has been reduced a bit. I'm sure things will go back to normal next week and I'll be back here looking for more suggestions!)

Liz Michalski (lizmichalski) | 17 comments Also, thought I'd put this here in case it helps anyone else: We ALWAYS have an audio book going in the car, even for 15 minute trips to school. My six-year-old has been okay with all of them but he absolutely loves the one we are listening to now -- Peter and the StarCatchers by Ridley Pearson and David Barry. (His extremely active best friend, the kid who won't sit still for anything, is also enthralled, to the point he asked to stay in the car when we pulled up to the house!)

Amy Broadmoore (DelightfulChildrensBooks) | 32 comments Hi, Wilhelmina! I just wanted to stop back to let you know that I read a couple of Jean Craighead George's picture books, and the kids both enjoyed them -- Arctic Son and, I think, Snow Bear. I have one more on reserve at the library. They contain the same sense of outdoor adventure that is in My Side of the Mountain.

Leslie (Onthemove) | 130 comments I have not had time to read all of the comments but I would also add
Lulu and the Brontosaurus

I know this looks like a kids book but it is really wonderful!! The book has chapters but they are short and it has a number of endings.
Let us know if you like it.

Leslie (Onthemove) | 130 comments Sorry one more the Mercy Watson series:

Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig

They are so much fun!

Good luck

Wilhelmina | 231 comments Amy wrote: "Hi, Wilhelmina! I just wanted to stop back to let you know that I read a couple of Jean Craighead George's picture books, and the kids both enjoyed them -- Arctic Son and, I think, Snow Bear. I hav..."

I just saw this, Amy! I'm so glad that the children enjoyed them!

Dayna (Smizler) I have a 6 year old daughter and here are some of the chapter books I have read to her that I think boys and girls will both like:

Pippi Longstocking
Cricket in Times Square
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mercy Watson Series
The Enormous Egg
The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Skylar Burris (skylarburris) | 25 comments My son, just recently turned six, loved the David and Pirate series as well. Now, admitedly, he wants me to read pretty much nothing but nonfiction books about sharks, and as for what he can read himself - Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish, Two Fish by Seuss. I have started reading him Grimm's Fairy Tales, though, and he seems to like those. He also loves books by Jon Scieszka - Smash Crash, etc. (cars/trucks). He's less into chapter books than my daughter was at this age, honestly. Don't know if that's a boy thing...

Chrislin | 8 comments Both my sons who are 10 years apart in age loved dinosaurs. non-fiction. Berenstain bears also has a good book. My Andrew loved Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann about a steam shovel. They liked any Rock/Mineral book. Abel loved this book by BRIAN FROUD He carried it back and forth to kindergarden and first grade in his backpack. He is now 16 and it is still on his book shelf. Abel also liked a book of Animals from the starwars movies, it shows the creatures and the lands. The book was expensive but he had hours of entertainment and joy.

Brenda | 191 comments Early books for us included the series Magic Tree House #1-4 and the The Spiderwick Chronicles Box Set.

Shannon (sianin) | 129 comments My son really enjoyed Pippi Longstocking as well. He read every Magic Tree House book, loved the Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery and every other Cam Jansen book.

I see I already mentioned the Moongobble and Me Series. We still joke about the rusty knight from those books 5 years later!

And I can't recommend enough Roddy Doyle's Rover Saves Christmas; The Giggler TreatmentThe Meanwhile Adventures. My son found them to be hilarious.

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