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message 201: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (breakofdawn) | 463 comments You know, one side of me wants to be skeptical... But the other side of me kind of believes it. Hell, maybe I'll be let down... But I'm going to let myself trust it and be damned if I end up disappointed! :)

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 542 comments I'm not actually one of the people who has been waiting ... but part of me wonders if this isn't tempting fate. Let's hope not!

message 203: by [deleted user] (new)

I'll believe it when I have the actual book in my hands.

message 204: by [deleted user] (new)

And probably not even then...

message 205: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K | 531 comments I am with Ala...I will beleive it when there are books in the store

message 206: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 26 comments same as ala, I will believe it when I see it - but I am sort of hopeful. I do not plan to watch the tv series, but gosh I think there will be a lot of pressure to take advantage of that momentum to sell the new hardcover and the rest of the series. I just hope the book is good.

and taking advantage of the post, books I am very eagerly waiting for in 2011:

- ADWD. Maybe
- the new Frances Hardinge novel, which I read yesterday and was just as awesome (more maybe!) than I hoped.
- the new Ysabeau Wilce
- the obligatory yearly new Pratchett, Snuff in this case.
- final book of NK Jemisin´s trilogy

and read the first book some weeks ago, and now eagerly waiting number 2, Red Glove by Holly Black.

I heard rumors of a new Neal Stephenson novel this year, but nothing seems forthcoming. And Iain Banks published one sf novel last year, so probably no more sf this year.

and plan to do a small dent at the very old bottom of my TBR (my TBR seems to be last in - first out)

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 542 comments README by Neal Stephenson (possibly actually titled REAMDE?) is coming out in September, so I'll be all over that.

Allegedly it's a thriller rather than being any sort of spec fic. So I may not immediately buy it, but I will definitely read it.

message 208: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 26 comments Yeah, I went checking and amazon title says README, I thought it was supposed to be REAMDE (no typo, though the no typo part not actually part of title). Hmm. If a thriller I am not sure I will read it, at least this year, I might wait for a pb edition (though with Stephenson that can backfire, paperback spines not being up to the task and hardcovers getting divided). I wll be very curious to hear what you think of it, when you do read it, Nikki.

message 209: by Ron (new)

Ron | 80 comments The Wise Man's Fear, of course.

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 542 comments Well, bummer. Flora's Fury has apparently been moved to next year. Has anyone else had a book they were looking forward to for this year moved?

message 211: by [deleted user] (new)

A Dance with Dragons... you just know it's going to.

message 212: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 26 comments Ala, you are voicing my own inner paranoia. at least hoping it is paranoia... MS not finished yet and 4 months for publication date..

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 542 comments Ala and Hirondelle - I have to admit I wonder if that one will be moved. I would expect it to be moved to later this year rather than next year, if it happens ... but who knows.

message 214: by [deleted user] (new)

I expect it to be moved until later this decade.

message 215: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 26 comments *bashes head against wall*

my secret fear, voiced by others, is harder to dismiss!

Of course my other secret fear is that publishers/tv executives will hire the mafia to make him deliver the manuscript within, dunno, 1 month of publication and I start reading it and the last two chapters are a total cop-out and just do not make sense.

and the other secret fear, even if it´s good, guys, this is only #5/7. or #5/8.

message 216: by Chris (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 882 comments Well, this blog post from earlier today isn't encouraging:

message 217: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 26 comments Thanks Chris. and OMG I knew it on the most pessimistic paranoid recesses of my brain.

message 218: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K | 531 comments see...I knew better than to beleive it...this has just happened WAY too many times.

message 219: by Anne (new)

Anne (dragonbane) | 8 comments Looking forward to
The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie but haven't bought it yet
Heirs to the Blade which is the next Shadow of the Apt book by Adrian Tchaikovsky which is out in August. The author lives in my home town so gives me special interest in the seris

message 220: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne (addiebelle) | 12 comments I'm excited for Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2, because I recently found it out that the Black Company novella in it is narrated by Croaker. Now to wait until it's released in April. And then more waiting until it arrives in the mail.

I'm also waiting for The Wise Man's Fear. I like to have all my books in a series match, so I'm want to buy the trade paperback version. I'll read it when a) I'm next in the queue at the library, b) my mom sends the ARC to me, or c) my friend lends it to me. Whichever happens first!

message 221: by Weenie (new)

Weenie | 99 comments Ala wrote"A Dance with Dragons... you just know it's going to."

I think I'm going to have time to reread the first 3 and finally read the 4th before this comes out - yay!

message 222: by Benjamin (last edited Mar 16, 2011 07:42PM) (new)

Benjamin (beniowa79) | 350 comments Regarding ADWD, Bantam apparently will be able to have an extremely short turnover on production, like say three months, so I think it's possible we can get it if GRRM turns the book in by April. Though given past experience I was very surprised that they decided to put a release date before he finished. We'll have to see what happens.

I recently looked at Locus Magazine's upcoming release list and Ben Aaronovitch has a third Peter Grant book, Whispers Under Ground, coming out in November. I wonder how many of these he had written before getting a publisher. This one is on my list now.

I just finished God's War by Kameron Hurley and enjoyed it a lot so I was happy to that a sequel, Infidel, will be out in December.

message 223: by [deleted user] (new)

There's another peter grant coming already? geeze. I just got the second one, haven't had a chance to read it yet, though.

message 224: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin (beniowa79) | 350 comments Ala, I know! I still have to read the second one myself.

message 225: by Brad (new)

Brad (judekyle) | 1639 comments Embassytown, baby!

message 226: by [deleted user] (new)

About ADWD...

Take a look at the manuscript:

That seems huge to me...and that's still not finished? What the hell?

message 227: by Kim, The Wanderer (new)

Kim | 1312 comments Mod
Brad wrote: "Embassytown, baby!"

After reading The City & The City I can't wait to read more China Miéville

message 228: by Blesha (new)

Blesha | 5 comments Namaah's Blessing by Jacqueline Carey. It'll be released in June 2011.

message 229: by Julia (new)

Julia | 796 comments The new Bordertown: Where Magic Meets Rock & Roll book called... Welcome to Bordertown by Ellen Kushner out on May 24, 20011!

message 230: by Robert (new)

Robert (Dimndbangr) | 3 comments Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan. Even though he has now been signed to Orbit, they are still working out the details of being able to release this one for the fans.

message 231: by Jed (new)

Jed (specklebang) | 109 comments This is my "not yet released" list on Amazon wish list:
Machine Man ( by Max Barry
Legend by Marie Lu
Ashes of the Earth: A Mystery of Post-Apocalypti​c America by Eliot Pattison
Goliath (Leviathan) by Scott Westerfeld (Author)
Embassytown by China Mieville
The Death Cure (Maze Runner Trilogy) by James Dashner (Author)
The Noise Revealed by Ian Whates
Scrivener's Moon. Philip Reeve (Mortal Engines) by Philip Reeve
City of Hope & Despair: Ian Whates (Author)
Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy) by Lauren DeStefano
The Republic of Thieves (Gollancz) by Scott Lynch
Memento Nora by Angie Smibert
Plague: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant
The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi
Enclave by Ann Aguirre

message 232: by Kim, The Wanderer (new)

Kim | 1312 comments Mod
Jed wrote: "Goliath (Leviathan) by Scott Westerfeld"

I really have to find the time to read Behemoth. I didn't know the third was due out this year.

message 233: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey | 202 comments Another good site for lists of upcoming books is

Its also helpful if you are trying to figure out a book you read and you know the author.

message 234: by Andi (new)

Andi Wellington (AndiWellington) The 3rd book of the Intwine series is coming out this year which I'm excited about. Intwine

message 235: by [deleted user] (new)

World War Z was excellent.
Regolith by Brent Reilly

message 236: by Andre (last edited Apr 07, 2011 08:06PM) (new)

Andre (telyni) | 79 comments Seconding The Omen Machine: A Richard and Kahlan Novel by Terry Goodkind. I certainly hope it's a lot better than The Law of Nines though. That was a terrible disappointment after the fantastic wrap-up to the last Sword of Truth trilogy.

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 542 comments For the people eagerly awaiting A Dance with Dragons ... it's been reported that the manuscript is done.

message 238: by [deleted user] (new)

Lies. Lies and quarter truths!

message 239: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 26 comments *spins around with glee*

(though I think maybe I have heard it before...)

message 240: by Chris (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 882 comments Publisher's confirmation:

message 241: by Evilynn (new)

Evilynn | 332 comments w00t! I just finished re-reading AGoT and continued with ACoK, so I should have the whole series fresh in memory when ADwD is out. Of course, I sort of feel like Ala on the matter and won't really, truly believe it until I hold a copy in my hands.

message 242: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K | 531 comments well, just remember there are (supposedly) two more books to go in the series...

message 243: by Evilynn (new)

Evilynn | 332 comments Maggie wrote: "well, just remember there are (supposedly) two more books to go in the series..."

lol! Party pooper. ;) It's a re-read for me, so I'm afraid I'm doomed anyway (between Jordan and Martin I now refuse to start reading unfinished series).

message 244: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K | 531 comments well Evilynn-at least with Jordan the series is getting finished! only one more left!

message 245: by Evilynn (new)

Evilynn | 332 comments Maggie wrote: "well Evilynn-at least with Jordan the series is getting finished! only one more left!"

I kind of feel like it's cheating when it's a different author though, but I will read the last three. Once all three are published that is! ;) I'm sort of hoping that ASOFAI #6 and #7 won't take 6 years each to write if Martin managed to solve the "Oh wait, I'm not going to let 5 years pass between book #3 and #4 after all!"-problems with AFfC and ADoD. I admit I might be an eternal optimist in this specific case, however.

message 246: by [deleted user] (new)

Here's some that I want that are coming out this year, or already out now:

Theories of Flight and Degrees of Freedom by Simon Morden
Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi
The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi
Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

message 247: by Harry (new)

Harry Hawkins (harryhhawkins3) | 4 comments I cannot wait to get my hands on CS Friedman's third book in her Magister's trilogy. I just found out that it is is out! I normally try to wait until a series is finished so that I don't have to wait to finish the series once I get started.

message 248: by Colin (new)

Colin Taber Just A Dance with Dragons.

I'm not overly keen, just curious. I think, in some ways, I've given up on the series. There's so much to it (information) and such large gaps (years) between books that I know I can't remember all the detail.

I'll still read future instalments, but suspect I'll be missing out on many of the clever moments and undercurrents as I don't make the connections I should.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to making some great discoveries in regards to new titles I've not known about!

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