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message 1: by Clementine (new)

Clementine (silentreverie) | 10 comments Mod
Dear Miles,

It's nice to have met you. We've been friends for God-knows-how-long, and you're always there for me. Thank you so much for the love and care. I may not be the best 'best friend', but you will always be the best personal body guard for me(hehe). If ever you feel sad, remember that I am here.

Even if we live a thousand lives, I will always pick you as my beloved best friend.

And I'm sorry I always burn the hell out of the eggs that I cook for you, but I'm sure you're too kind to even tell me to stop trying before I burn down the house.

And I'm sorry I copy your Math assignment all the time. I mean, I suck at Math and I need to because I'm too lazy to do my Math hw. I mean, I let you copy my English work, so...I guess it's fair?

Anyway, it's fun being with you. Hope you never change. And yes, sorry for calling you names.

Faithfully yours,

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (Sarahhh009) | 7 comments Dear Ami
I will never let you down. I will always be there for you an i know you will always be there for me. We've have wroked through some pretty hard times together at school will all the horrible people who gets us down.
When I cry, you are always there to lend me a shoulder. I will do the same. When i laugh, Its almost all the time because of you. you are my MRBFF! ;)

Sincerely you mrbff,
Kate Wonder

message 3: by Vivian (new)

Vivian | 1 comments Dear Harveen,

Although we have not talked as much as we used to back in Secondary school, I still am missing you so very much. You know how they always say, best friends are hard to come by, indeed, friends like you are the reason why I am still able to carry on living like there's no tomorrow.
I must admit sometimes when you try to start a conversation with me, I get all grumpy and moody, but that is only because you're so good at picking the wrong time that I have to force myself to smile and happily talk to you even when I don't feel that way at all.
Best friend, don't ever change, stay awesome, pretty, caring and amazing, and you know what, when you smile, I'll smile with you; when you cry, I'll say: "oh purlease, there are plenty of fish in the sea, shut it!"

BBF that you adore so much,

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 1 comments Dear Secret Best-Friend,

I love you so much. Lyke i have told you a million times you are my world and i would die without you literally. I have issues telling people things about me but with you it's like second nature. When anything happens i instantly think oh i can't wait to tell you about this. You are in my mind 24/7 every hour of the day. I have gone like so many days right now without talking to you and it is killing me. if i could back and re-do everything that i have ever done wrong to you i would. there is only one thing in this world i have really not told you about and it is that without you i feel like no one, like i should not exist on this world. i have a kinda horrible life at my house and you always make me feel better. it's been a while since the two of us talked, who would have thought it would end up like this, where everything we talked about is gone, and the only chance we have of moving on, was trying to take it back before it all went wrong, before the worst, before we met, before to late , before too long, lets try to take it back before it all went wrong, there was a time that we'd stay up all night best-friends talking til the daylight , took the joys alongside the pain. that is us baby. that describes most of the things about us. every single word has a piece of us in it and writing this is kind of helping me. You say i have changed and we need to take a break and that kills me. i enjoy talking to you everyday and telling you about me, but lately it seems you have not been caring and now you do this. i have survived because i have an amazing friend to be there by me, 2 actually and one if them are your friends. i love him and he is so nice i have made him my new best friend and you will just be my friend if you ever let me talk to you again. i think we need to have a serious talk soon about us and how we are gonna make it work. we may have to take breaks, and we might have our issues, you may think it needs to end and never restart, we can fall apart but gravity brings us back... WHY ? we are best-friends , big bro and lil sis. your my nerd and you will be in my heart FOREVER <3 i love you.

-jennifer <3

message 5: by November (last edited Apr 09, 2012 08:28AM) (new)

November Rain (NovemberRain29) | 2 comments Dear bro-who-is-not-rlly-my-bro-but-still-feels-like-it,

i guess i should start with you're amazing! we've known each other since 2nd grade and you don't believe how much you've changed. you're way taller than me and your voice got seriously low. you have a newfound respect for yourself and you understand me more than anyone could ever have. you helped me understand that i don't have to act that everything is ok even when my world is just falling apart. you were there 7 moths ago when my brother got cancer, you were there when my dad died, and you were there when i thought i didn't know who i was anymore. you were there to cheer me up and defend me from people that didn't understand. i don't know if i love you because that is a pretty strong word for someone my age, but i know that i will definitely do anything for you. because no matter how different we are, we're still friends. please know that i will always be there for you and the memories we have together will always be with me. i remember how i tutored you after school all the time because i was surprisingly good at math, ss, and everything else. i remember how you caught me when i fell in basketball because i am a total klutz. i remember how you stayed in my house till 2:00am eating cookie and drinking milk on a school night for some project. i remember the countless times when i begged and begged and begged you for forgiveness when i made mistakes. i remember how people said we were perfect together. you being popular because you played drums and were a total techno freak gamer who naturally attracted people and me being the pretty smart and artistic class president who used to be very mean to boys until you. you changed me and you refuse to believe it. i used to call you weird and you said i was weird too. then i said we were both weird and you said we were just technically educated ;) i care about you with all my heart and there is nothing NOTHING that can keep us apart!

-your ziz (because your S on your laptop broke ^^)

message 6: by Jojo (last edited May 25, 2012 03:25PM) (new)

Jojo (jmaks) | 1 comments Dear Reya;

You know that you are my best friend, missed you.


message 7: by Karl (new)

Karl O reilly | 1 comments Dear Elan

alright man? What's the craic?? so yeah writing a letter to you here, one best mate to another, oh yeah I'm sure some people would consider themselves "lucky" to have you, I'm not one of them however, you've always been like a pet monkey to me, except I don't think a monkey would flash their ass at strangers or friends that much!! CHRIST YOUR ASS IS HAIRY

Remember that one time you were convinced you got ghoneria off a Taiwanese stripper and I had to spend a week trying to explain to you that you've never seen a Taiwanese person? because I don't....

I'm sorry I punch you so much elan, but my god noone is as fitting to punch as you are!

I still laugh about the time I paid you 20 quid to whisper my name loud enough for your partner to hear mid coitus!! Best twenty I've ever spent!!
awhh we used to have such good times hustling pool and making fun of your tiny circumcised penis

Elan, you're my best friend, and here's hoping they'll allow gay marriage in Ireland, some day elan, KEEP FIGHTING FOR THAT RAINBOW!!

message 8: by Tina (new)

Tina | 2 comments dear bff olivia
i miss you alot how are you

hope to here form you soon
yours turley,
tina bffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

message 9: by Tina (new)

Tina | 2 comments tara rogers

how are you i will see you tommorwer


message 10: by Ceisel (last edited Nov 28, 2016 04:59PM) (new)

Ceisel | 1 comments Dear Erin,
I don't know how else to put this~ you are so special. You're the anchor that pulls me up from the bottom of the ocean on a rough day, and the one who tries to do extra nice things for me when I'm turned the other way. The way you look at me with complete panic when you see your long time crush makes me laugh so hard, not to mention the secret code name we made up for him. I absolutely love being your advisory buddy, and I can't imagine life without you. I hope to be right next to you on your wedding day, and alongside you as we grow old together.
Love always,
A forever friend

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