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NightlyReading  (Heatherhy01) What did you think of the wedding???

message 2: by Xia (new)

Xia (XiaT) The wedding was very sweet. Though it was agonizing to have to wait every couple of days for a new chapter to be released. lol

NightlyReading  (Heatherhy01) I read it after the whole thing was out.

message 4: by Xia (new)

Xia (XiaT) I should have done that, too. lol Did you print the story out? Beth Fantaskey put up a printer friendly version up, and my sister did. So now I don't have to go on her site all the time to read it. :)

NightlyReading  (Heatherhy01) I never even thought of printing it out. I just read it all online.

message 6: by Xia (new)

Xia (XiaT) I heard there was going to be a third book? Did you hear anything about it?

NightlyReading  (Heatherhy01) no, I only knew of 2!!!

message 8: by Xia (new)

Xia (XiaT) Well, I'm not sure if it's true. I only heard it from one girl and thought that perhaps you might have heard something, too.

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