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90. Boy Meets GirlbyMeg Cabot8-22-11
I really like the format that MC used writing this book. It had a great girlie friendship, interoffice humor and a sexy love interest.

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91. Heart of the MatterbyEmily Giffin8-24-11
After 7 yrs of marriage a husband has an affair. It's a book about taking a look at how each partner contributes to the problem, forgiveness and new beginnings.

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92. California!byDana Fuller Ross8-29-11
Settlers living a hard life in Californias Gold rush times.

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96.Peony in LovebyLisa See9-11-11
Falling in love with a stranger from a distance leads a young woman to heartbreak and death. Her ghost wanders through the years and interacts with the living and the dead. A sad tale.

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97.Some Girls: My Life in a HarembyJillian Lauren9-15-11
Somewhat dissapointed with this book. Bad choices lead to more bad choices. Pathetic story.

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98. The Concrete BlondebyMichael Connelly9-18-11
Murder mystery about a serial killer. A body of a blonde woman has been found buried beneath a slab in a old building. The clues of her murder appear to be that of a serial killer that has been dead for years. Whodunit? Good story.

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99.A Game of ThronesbyGeorge R.R. Martin9-28-11
Wow, what a story. My son gave this book to me after he had read it. Science fiction, kingdoms battling for power, swords with names, mysterious creatures beyond the Wall, dragons, magic, deceit and betrayal, love and loyalty. This book has it all.

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100. Shock WavebyJohn Sandford10-20-11
A Virgil Flowers story. I like all JS books.

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101. At Gettysburg, or what a girl saw and heard of the battle by Mrs. Tillie Pierce Alleman 10-23-11
Just what the title suggests. This book was written from a first hand account about 20 yrs. after the battle occured. Some of the families that lived in Gettysburg were present during the three day battle and provided whatever help they could. Very sad account.

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102. Paul McCartney: A LifebyPeter Ames Carlin10-25-11

An account of Paul's life starting in childhood before the Beatles, the beginnings of the band, the struggles with the different personalities within the group and the breakup of the band. His life with Linda and Wings. Overall The most interesting thing that I learned about him was that he had a very strong personality. He and John butted heads a lot. Paul's a type A personality

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103. Murder on the Orient ExpressbyAgatha Christie10-29-11
Classic whodunit!

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104. The Call of the WildbyJack London10-29-11
Buck is taken from his home in California and sold into service in Alsaka. As a sled dog he learns to fear man and fight for his place among the dogs.

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106.A Clash of Kings book 2 A Song of Ice and FirebyGeorge R.R. Martin11-14-11

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108.The Red QueenbyPhilippa Gregory12-3-11
Didn't like this book because of the authors repetition in telling us how Margaret was guided by God, that Elizabeth Woodville was a tramp and her mother a witch. Of course this could have all be told over and over again to show that Margaret was crazy. Anyway, I thought the White Queen was better.

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109. A Storm of Swords by George R.R.Martin 12-8-11
110.The Time of My LifebyPatrick Swayze12-10-11

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I received a notice that I didn't finish this challenge, that I was short but I can't see that I'm short on the books.

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