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Andrea Only 3 more weeks!

readinghearts (Lyn M) (lsmeadows) I am only one week behind, as I have just started number 15.

Loretta (LorettaLucia) | 1024 comments Yay! I finished this week's assignment today. Only 130 more pages after this!

My spoiler-filled thoughts below:

- The first chapter of this chunk made me so sad. It turns out Flagg does have the ability to see who is coming, and he sends a couple guys out after the Judge. I was so hoping that the Judge might have been able to kill Flagg while he was in crow form (he almost had him!) but it didn't work out. And the Judge never even had the chance to get to Las Vegas. I was sad to see him go.

- The Dayna chapter was also really upsetting. Dayna worked so hard to spy, and was apparently really good at it, sleeping with Lloyd, who we know is close to the Dark Man (though, ewww, poor Dayna--she must have been disgusted). And then when the Dark Man called her into his office, I knew she was doomed, but I was SO proud of her for being able to see through his charm, resist him, and kill herself rather than reveal Tom's identity. Go Dayna. I'm sad we didn't spend more time with her.

- There are more kids over in Las Vegas than in the Zone. I wonder why. Little Dinny seemed cute, and as Dayna said, most of them don't seem that bad. I guess the analogy she used was right--Germany in 1938.

- Lloyd gave Dayna up with no regret. Ugh, I knew I hated him right away for a reason.

- I knew we'd see Julie Lawry again. I'm glad her nastiness didn't harm anyone this time.

- Surprisingly, I found myself sad at Harold's death. I guess there was just a lot of wasted potential there. At least, before he died, he came to some self-realizations, and regretted his actions.

- Nadine's romance with the Dark Man is finally consummated, and of course it drives her insane. The fool, she could have gotten away from hi at so many points in the past.

- Even Nadine's suicide feels selfish. She doesn't kill herself the way Dayna does, to save others and to keep information out of the Dark Man's hands. She does it to free herself, and her triumph over him is only personal. I'm really glad to see her go.

- I finally understand why Tom spells everything M-O-O-N: Flagg looks at the moon at one point and calls it the "idiotic face of the moon," and there have been several references to Tom's moon face. Clever little play on words. Plus, Tom travels by moon, and sleeps during the day.

- Trashcan man acted as a bit of a power for good this time, blowing up the helicopters. That's the interesting thing about him--he's a destructive force, but it's not really good or evil. We usually think of destruction as evil, but it can be good--i.e. demolishing a faulty building, removing a tumor from someone's body. So it depends on how the destruction is directed. Here, he helped our friend Tom out. Plus, I like seeing Flagg get frustrated.

- The cracks in Flagg's foundation are really beginning to show. We're almost there!

Trisha Hey everyone, I am being very careful to NOT read the spoilers as I type this, but I wanted to say that I have fallen behind a couple chapters because....Baby Noah was born! Whoo-hoo!! He decided to come 2 weeks early, so we were caught a little unprepared, but he was born on Dec 5th and weighed 7 lbs 4 oz, nice and healthy. I am hoping to catch up on the chapters while he naps because I am so excited about being this close to the ending and I can't wait to see what is going to happen! I will post some comments soon :-)

Loretta (LorettaLucia) | 1024 comments Yay, congratulations! :)

readinghearts (Lyn M) (lsmeadows) Not reading the above as I am only halfway through Chapter 62, but wanted to say--this book is really getting interesting. The whole part with the Judge and the crows, and his being ambushed and killed. Then Flagg killing the person who messed up. REALLY CREEPY.

And I was surprised that Dayna actually made it to Las Vegas. After King said that she rode off toward Colorado Springs and no one ever saw her again, I thought he meant on either side. Now LLoyd and all have come to take her to Flagg. Interesting...I'm sure she won't survive. But she saw Tom Cullen. I have a feeling ole Nick had it right all along. Maybe Flagg can't get to Tom because he is not all there?

I also thought it was really interesting how King used Dayna to point out that not all is bad on the "bad" side. Her thoughts about how clean everyone lives and about how nice Jenny seems were really great comments on human nature and society.

going back to reading so I can finish.

Trisha All caught up and loving it! Did anyone else notice that King has started to kill off characters left and right?! And I mean main characters, people that I thought would make it to the end and then *snap* the character is gone in less than a chapter - the judge, Dayna, Harold, Nadine, the people in the explosion, - one minute you think that they are a solid character, and in the next instant they are gone. It really keeps you on your toes because you just don't know what King is going to do with a character. Certainly not predictable. And I just have to say... Go Tom Go!!

Loretta (LorettaLucia) | 1024 comments Tom truly turned into a great character, didn't he?

Andrea Congrats Trisha! I can't wait to see Noah's first Goodreads picture! I am sure he is cute as a button!

This section of the book was just amazing, so much happened and so many people were killed or died my head was spinning. My dear friend Loretta did an A+ job summing up the events so I won't post all my similar notes.

I do think so much more needs to happed in so few pages. I'm dting to see how everything wraps up....

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) Yeah, I could see how Nadine's death is pretty selfish, but whether it was part of her thinking or not.....she had lost her mind by then.....she not only killed herself but also the baby inside her. That really hurt Flagg and was a definitely step towards his fall. I don't think she planned that or thought that far, but you have to give her credit for that.

Loretta (LorettaLucia) | 1024 comments Well, Kathy, I do agree that Nadine's death did a great deal to weaken the Dark Man. And I'm sure a part of her, however small, probably felt a slight bit of triumph by taking him down a peg. I guess I just can't feel too much sympathy for a character who seemed to have the potential to be a good, constructive member of society (she was very good with Joe/Leo), but chose to take her pre-destined path instead.

It almost seems like a small life-lesson/allegory from King--most people have a path that they're expected to walk, with those expectations set by parents, family, friends, society, etc, etc, and we can choose to follow them or we can choose to make our own way. If nadine had done that, she would have been far happier (though I suppose she at least chose how she was going to die, which is more than most can say).

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I agree, Loretta. She made her the analogy goes.

readinghearts (Lyn M) (lsmeadows) I finished this section a few days ago, but things have been so hectic that I didn't get to post my thoughts. I am also about 5 or so books behind on my reviews, lol. 'tis the season.

As I said above, I was very sad to see the judge get killed. I have to admit, I will never look at crows the same way again, lol. CREEPY.

I'm was wondering whether there were really more kids in Vegas than the Free Zone, or whether King just mentioned them so that he could make the statement about how children follow adults.

Both Lloyd and Jennie gave Dayna up with out blinking an eye (Pun intended). That shows you what control the Dark Man and his forces have.

I agree about Nadine. I was happy that she was able to thwart Flagg, but I also thought she was taking the easy way out, as she seemed to do throughout the book. She seemed like a very weak person. Part of me says it is easy to pass judgement, since she is just a character and I am not in her position, but I have a real thing about people who do not try to get away from their "destiny".

I have to say, I was cheering Trashcan Man. He has become one of my favorite characters because, as was said above, he is a great example of how a destructive force can be both good and evil.

It is really good to know that Flagg can't see what is going on with either Trash or Tom because they are "mentally defective" to use a non-PC term. It gives me hope for the Free Zone as a whole.

readinghearts (Lyn M) (lsmeadows) Trisha wrote: "Hey everyone, I am being very careful to NOT read the spoilers as I type this, but I wanted to say that I have fallen behind a couple chapters because....Baby Noah was born! Whoo-hoo!! He decided..."

Congrats on your son, Trisha. Hope you are getting a chance to read. Hope to see pics at some point, too.

My boys are both in college now, so I have to live vicariously, lol.

Nath (Natjen29) Trisha wrote: "Hey everyone, I am being very careful to NOT read the spoilers as I type this, but I wanted to say that I have fallen behind a couple chapters because....Baby Noah was born! Whoo-hoo!! He decided..."

Congratulations!! :)
I hope you're both doing fine and are enjoying the holidays!

Nath (Natjen29) I don't know what I can add more.
Indeed Nadine was the weakest link, but I'm still glad there won't be any offspring we need to worry about. I do wonder what she mated with, since Flagg doesn't seem to know himself what happened. He seems to be human and demon and even shows signs of regretting the loss of his human nature (his memory of before Captain Trips fading for instance)

I also was intrigued by his mention of other continents, though briefly. He wonders if there are others like him in China, Russia or Europe and that he plans to take care of that once he demolishes the Free Zone. He really is after world domination and for what greater good? He himself doesn't seem to know.
I though of him of being the true evil, but recent developments have shown him to be nothing but a mere puppet, a terrifying puppet but still on strings and who would be mastering his every move?

My thoughts about the three spies. I regret the fates of Dayna and the judge although I was pleased that Flagg couldn't use either of them to his wicked schemes.
Tom is one of kind. As I said before, one of my favourite characters. I loved his explanation of not being seen by Flagg. And it seems that his dreams are preparing him for the fact that Nick isn't amongst the living anymore. I feel sad for Tom and oh so proud.

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) Tom has definitely "grown up" with this experience!

Nath (Natjen29) He definitely has.

Alana (alanasbooks) | 179 comments The entire scene with Nadine and the Dark Man consummating their relationship was disturbing and disgusting on so many levels. But I couldn't help but think, didn't she know this was coming? What else did she expect? Stupid girl. And I almost don't blame Harold for trying to shoot her. I felt a little bad for Harold in the end, too, although he certainly had plenty of chances himself.

And I love Tom! I agree, he has "grown up" in great ways and I have a feeling he'll have more parts to play by the end.

I hadn't thought about Trash Can Man being just a force of destruction, but that's well put. He's neither evil nor good... he's more like an indiscriminate force of nature. HOWEVER, his destructive nature came out more significantly after he remembered the taunts of his youth, so it's still a matter of retribution, much like Harold and his hurt feelings, so still more on the side of evil there?

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