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LethalLovely~Maybe I've Always Been More Comfortable in Chaos (LethalLovely) | 1361 comments Daughters of Arianne by Joey W. Hill
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Book #1 Synopsis:

The angelic Jonah has been battling the Dark Ones for centuries. But his noble spirit has begun to tire with the weight of war—allowing a Dark One to strike a blow that severs his wings and knocks him into the sea.

Anna is a Daughter of Arianne—a direct descendant of the mermaid of legend. Anna’s longing for love compels her to risk her very life to protect and hide the fallen Jonah. And the longer Jonah delays his return to the heavens, the more Anna’s secret passions are tempted.

But as she falls more in love with him, Anna wonders if she’s destined to lose her heart and her dreams to save Jonah’s soul…

A Mermaid's Kiss (Daughters of Arianne, #1) by Joey W. Hill A Witch's Beauty (Daughters of Arianne, #2) by Joey W. Hill A Mermaid's Ransom (Daughters of Arianne, #3) by Joey W. Hill

Book #1: A Mermaid's Kiss
Book #2: A Witch's Beauty
Book #3: A Mermaid's Ransom

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