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The first half of the best book ever has come!!! Dislikes, favorite parts, book refrences, and any comments?

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I didn't think it was amazing. Well I mean, I'm not really a fan of Harry Potter anyway. But I am kind of excited for the second half to come out.

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Cool ;p

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Nobody has posted in this since last year :( .... Geddit?

Oh, and by the way, I think I posted earlier that Griphook wasn't in the last scene.... maybe that was in the Harry Potter group, but well he was! I checked with my Harry Potter group and they said that they just didn't draw much attention to him.... Phew! Thank God! The whole second half would have been ruined if he wasn't in it! How wound they have gotten into Gringotts???!!!

Did anyone else see him? I personally didn't... I think I was too busy watching Ron's expressions when Hermione screamed.... :)

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Who is Griphook? O_o

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A goblin. The one who (In the first movie/ book) lead Harry and Hagrid to Harry's vault.

I found some new pictures and I will be posting some pictures after this message.... In the new "Part 2" discussion. :)

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Which is no longer available.

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