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The ongoing droning sound of Aurelia's alarm clock went off at 6:30 am. Her hand slapped out and hit the the button shaped like a space bar on a computer, and it silenced, and only the groaning noises escaping from her lips and the buzzing of the New York City hustle and bustle already off to a start below her tiny apartment.

Relia flipped on to her back, pulling her navy blue comforter up and over above her face, perfectly at peace with the warmth of her bed and the position which she was in--except for the fact her ribs pounded against her bronze skin like six heartbeats put together. Her fingers grazed her stomach, tenderly pressing on her ribs and hoping the pain wouldn't be that excruciating. It was. Aurelia grimaced, kicking off the covers gently as she heard tiny footsteps pattering down the hallway, stopping outside her door.

Aurelia rubbed her finger tips against her eyes, erasing any sign of fatigue and sand away from the crevices, then blinked them open. Her body was suddenly overwhelmed with the usual soreness of every bit of her after a night's collection. Ninety perfect of the time, there would be police, betrayers, or people who just shouldn't plain be there. Men usually went for Relia first--what they didn't expect was for her to fight back. And in the end, even she got scratched up pretty bad. Aurelia sighed, her knees creaking as she stood, more pain flaring through her rib cage as she took a step forward, her bedroom door opening slightly as a head popped in.

"LiaLia?" Vanessa peered in, with her wide, deep set chocolate brown eyes. She was only five, but she was probably the cutest thing Aurelia had ever set sights on--and she wasn't just saying that because she wasn't her little sister.

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((Aw that sucks!))
Elizabeth signed out of the computer with a sigh. Finally. She was finally done making sure all of her patients at the hospital had gotten their medicine and were being properly treated.
She went into the locker room and grabbed her stuff, not in the mood to change out of her maroon scrubs.
She darted toward the elevators, not wanting to get held up by someone.
The elevators doors slowly slide open to reveal Lucky Spencer, clutching his hand, which, from what Elizabeth could see, was bloodly.
"Hey, Liz." Lucky greeted her breathlessly, ziping around her. "It's my blood, I promise." Lucky said flatly, seeing Elizabeth's suspicious stares.
"Okay, I believe you. But what happened?" Abandoning the waiting elvator, Elizabeth threw her bag on one of the waiting chairs and got of some latex gloves to examine his hand.
"Someone slammed my hand in a door." Elizabeth knew he was lying. She culd tell from the way his mouth twitched down after he spoke. Lucky had never liked lying.
"I'll page Dr. Weber. Let him know you need help."
Lucky nodded thanks to her and didn't verbally reply.
And here comes the awkward, Elizabeth grimaced.

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Jenn{FoO fIgHtErS lUvA!!} wrote: "((NOOO!! You started it right as Im leaving for the night!!))"

((SORRY!!!!! :())

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Daisy Saline was sitting in bed when her alarm clock went off. She sat up in the abyss of darkness and reached for the light of her phone. She turned it off and got up, weaving around the mess that was her room. She turned on the light and got dressed. She didn't have work until later that evening so she went to go find someone to talk to. She didn't like to be alone, not in the sense that she couldn't remain single, but in the sense that she didn't like to be alone in rooms, sometimes for seconds, sometimes there was a level of silence she couldn't handle. Sometimes the mere thought killed her.

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RedPath As people bussled through the sidewalks of New York City, no one noticed a tall, looming figure in the corner of their eyes. That's how Bosco liked it.

The cold air didn't bother him. Winter here was child's play to him. Nothing like the cold nights in Moscow. He felt that his coat might have been too much.

He put his hands in his pockets, even though his hands were gloved. His fingers brush against something in his pocket. He knew what it was; her marriage band. Their marriage bands.

There was only the slightest change in his air. A sagging of the shoulders, a soft sigh only marked by the puffs of visible breath. He was on the wrong path and he knew it. But he couldn't stop. The Mob was his life.

He returned to normal, removing his hands and moving forward, on his way to his destination once more. But he never lost her feelings of disapproval.

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Daisy Saline found her bike locked by the coffee shop and jumped on, she rode around town feeling the wind in her hair. She was well settled in the town, she could kill her neighbor and no one would suspect her. Which was basically the reason why they liked her. well that and the fact that she was the daughter of a major mob boss.

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Phoebe (PhoebeandJ) Zita opened her eyes and swore heartily at the thought of the day ahead of her. She quickly decided as she stared that the clock that she would spend this Sunday lazily, avoid the business that she was sure she would have to handle. Most likely she'd have to go with Frank -she refused to call him Dad- to deal with some guy who didn't deliver whatever needed to be delivered, and they'd have to rough him up a bit. Fuck that she thought with glee, the bastard can go alone

As she dragged herself from her comfy bed into the not so comfy world, Zita stumbled over Dumbass, her Rottweiler who very much fit his name. He grunted and rolled onto his back, asking for a rub. Since Dumbass was the only thing she loved, Zita scratched his stomach until his leg kicked frantically in the air.

Zita heard his footsteps before he knocked on her door and opened it, whats the point of knocking if you are going to come in anyway?

"Baby, we got a job today, c'mon, get dressed or do whatever you gotta do." Frank smiled, dimples flashing on his cheeks. Zita hated him, especially since he didn't get the fact that she hated him. He called her things a father would call his daughter -even though she knew he wanted a son- and acted as if it was a normal thing for a father-daughter outing to beat the shit out of some sucker who got sucked into the game.

Feeling like she did want to beat the shit out of someone, she rose from her position next to Dumbass and changed her mind, "Sure," She smiled -to her own surprise- and continued "Just let me get ready, first."

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Cavan watched the sights of New York pass lazily out of the cab's backseat window, his mind alight with the possibilities today would bring. He'd been working with Thomas Allen, the CEO of one of New York's most prominent Fortune 500 companies. He'd wined and dined Allen, talked up the business, schmoozed and mingled. Now it was time to make the deal, sign the contract, and move on to his next assignment.

If only it could really be that easy.

It had been Cavan's experience, in the three years since he started this position, for people to back out of an agreement after all the wooing had taken place. It was always a disappointment, to say the least, and a hell of a lot of paperwork on Cavan's part. Then, of course, there was the boss, who wouldn't be happy to learn Cavan had lost another investor.

Sighing, he straightened his tie as the cab pulled to a stop in front of a large, opposing skyscraper.

Let's get this over with, Cavan thought, paying the cabbie and stepping out into the morning sun.


Lily stepped out of the coffee shop, cappuccino in hand and stared up at the morning sky, her bag slung over her shoulder.

Cabs whizzed by, people meandered around on cell phones . . . Lily ignored them all, her mind focused on her History paper, the first one she had been assigned this semester.

Lily had no classes this morning, but grabbed a taxi to NYU anyway. She planned to get some research done in the library. It was the only place quiet enough to allow for serious studying.

She couldn't afford any distractions.

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Daisy Saline rode through the city.

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((Hi :). I edited my post to include Lily. Should I have posted her separately?))

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Daisy ((I don't know...just don't do it too often.))

((I have nothing to say))

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((Sorry, I just thought I'd be RPing her. That's why I added her to my post. I didn't see that you had posted anything until after I refreshed the page when I finished my edit.))

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Daisy ((that's alright...I just don't want to post a bunch of one liners.))

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New York seemed darker that night, more sinister. Cat held tightly to the straps of her backpack, knowing that should she let go, she would be dead. That's how it works in The Mob. You do something wrong, you get shot. Cat had already seen that happen too many times for a sixteen year old girl.

Sixteen year old girl... what a thing to be. What was a regular sixteen year old girl? Cat didn't really know. She'd never experienced normality. Ever since she'd moved from Russia eleven years ago, her family had become dark and secret. She never known otherwise.

Being sixteen, she was used for lots of little missions. She'd never been trusted to have an important one. But as her face didn't even meet her years, she was a real asset in some of the smaller things. A fourteen year old girl generally went unnoticed in New York, and that was how she appeared.

She reached the subway finally, taking a quick glance behind her to check no one was looking. They wouldn't recognise her anyway - her scarf was pulled over her nose and her hat down to her eyebrows. But still, it was better to be safe than sorry. She hurried down the steps and through the ticket barriers and was on the platform, waiting for a train to arrive. The mission was well planned. She would get onto a train headed towards Manhatten at 19:32 with her backpack. She would get off at 19:37, regardless of the stop. She would operate alone. Simple enough.

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Tesni (ohmarcello) "Hey!"
LaVaughn looked up from behind the lens of her battered camera. She was bent down on her knees by the side of the road, leaning out slightly as the cars and taxis and scooters rushed past her,
"What the hell are you doing?!"
It was true, from her position she risked being hit by a passing car as they rushed past. But that was the thrill, that was why she loved taking pictures of the cars rushing past from that angle. They looked as if they were almost on top of her.
LaVaughn threw her head backwards out of the way of the taxi that pulled up right in front of her.
"Can I help you?" she asked.
The window rolled down and the driver leaned out of the window. "You trying to kill yourself?"
"Not yet." No, not yet. But maybe one day if I can't get my act together. God knows how many bills I've got unpaid.
"What do you think you're playing at, then?"
"Taking pictures. It's my job."
"Why like that?"
"Because they sell."
It wasn't quite the truth, and not a lie either- She liked the feeling of being on the edge, of dying but not quite. Flowers and trees meant little to her, not if she was meant to be portraying New York City, although nobody knew about the cluster of wilting houseplants that filled up her not-quite-clean, not-quite-cluttered apartment. As well as the big things, the urgency and clamour and rush of the city, she valued the small. The unseen.
The driver shrugged as he rolled up the window. "What kids do for money nowadays."
if only you knew, she thought, but didn't say anything. if only you knew how far I could go.

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Cavan sat in the waiting area patiently. He didn't flip through magazines, he didn't try to make conversation with the others in the room. He shouldn't be in the waiting area. He should have already been called back now. If he hadn't been, it was usually a sign that today had taken a turn for the worst.


Melanie, the corporate secretary, sauntered into the room and crooked her finger at Cavan. No words were exchanged. He rose and followed her down the familiar hallway, stopping just short of the last door. She pressed a button and spoke into it with a low voice.

"Cavan Mulqueen to see you."

"Send him in," came the reply.

Melanie nodded and pulled the door open, and shrugged at him as if to say Well, go on, then.

Cavan didn't give her another glance as he strode into the room, already forming the arguments in his mind of why Allen shouldn't pull back his offer.


Lily walked the campus at NYU casually, not in a hurry for once. It seemed her whole life was speeding by, and she's missed it if she so much as blinked.

She hitched her bag higher on her shoulder and entered the library, glad to find it fairly empty. There were a few students here and there, but they were clustered into small groups, and they kept their voices low.

Lily would be able to concentrate for once.

Smiling, she took the stairs to the second floor, hoping to find a cozy, secluded spot to start her research. Just as her eyes landed on the perfect desk, a hand covered her mouth and her entire world was cast in shadow.

Lily couldn't even scream from the shock of it all.

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RedPath Bosco kept his head down as he walked on. He was close to his house now. His current house, anyway.

It had been a long night. Too long. The Mob had gotten big. People hadn't done their jobs, been suspected of letting the group's secrets slip, and Bosco had been left to do the dirty work. He was always cleaning up after the Mob, but at this point it was just another thing. He just had to remember not to leave any evidence.

He reached his flat. It was nearly empty, as always. He didn't own what couldn't fit in his car. He sat down in a small chair and turned on his TV. He wasn't in the least surprised hear about a double homicide on the other side of town. The victims were no more innocent than their murderer.

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Daisy Saline liked to stay out of suspicious places. in a way it was her job, to be inconspicuous. If she was drawing bad attention to herself her and the mob had a problem. She's what made a big mob leader and about 3 organizations in the town look more innocent than you could imagine.

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RedPath ((Anyone want to talk to Bosco?))

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((I'd like to, but my character is at the library right now. If he goes that way, I can start talking to him . . . but he might not like my character :P.))

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"Don't scream," the voice said in Lily's ear. She turned around and smacked Cam hard on his arm. He was her study partner, and loved terrorizing the hell out of her.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked, her annoyance clear in her tone.

"Just wanted to see you," he said easily.

Lily rolled her eyes. She didn't want to be around Cam any more than was necessary. She thought she'd found the perfect place to study, but changed her mind. She turned on her heels and headed back to the door, needing another cappuccino.

It was going to be a long day.

((BTW, since Cam is only mentioned in passing here, do I need to create a character for him?))

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RedPath ((Okay! And that's fine. He doesn't like anyone XD))

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((Haha, okay :P.))

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Phoebe (PhoebeandJ) Zita choked back the giggle that rose into her throat when Daddy Dearest broke a finger or two of Vince Malan, the poor shithead who didn't do his job right.

In her sweetest voice, Zita asked, "Vinnie, where did you hide the extra 10 grand, sweetheart?" A giggle escaped as he screamed and begged for his life, blahblahblah.

It was always the same, always "I'm sorry! Please don't kill me! I'll make it up to the Boss!" She was sick of it, and these dipshits needed to realize you don't defy the Boss.

"Frank, we aren't going to get anything out of him, maybe he needs to lose something in order to remember?" Zita pulled the pliers out of her back pocket, and had the sick joy of watching Vince's eyes widen and hear the muffled scream as her father placed a piece of cloth in his mouth.

Zita crouched beside the pitiful man, and as she lowered the pliers to his index finger, the man screamed something that sounded like "I'll tell!"

A satisfied grin made it's way to her face, and she patted his cheek almost lovingly as she removed the dirty washcloth, "Alright, sweetheart, where is it?"

Vince spilled the deets, and she almost regretted what she had to do next. Then she remembered that she needed to not care in order to get through this hell of a life. She looked to Frank and plastered a smile on her face as he winked and said, "your shot."

Sighing, Zita took the .25 out of her boot and held it to Vince's head, but before she pulled the trigger she bent down to his level again. She smiled sweetly and placed her lips at the corner of his mouth, leaving a red lipstick stain. Before she could think about it, she said, "Bye Vinnie" and pulled the trigger.

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RedPath Bosco turned off the News and left his flat once again. He needed to meet someone at the NYU library. Mob business.

Back on the street, people avoided him once more, not daring to glance at him. This was good.

He didn't look twice at the taped off alley as he passed. the police were there, telling people to move along. Detectives tried to found fingerprints or hair of from the crime scene. They wouldn't, Bosco knew, because he had done his job well.

Eventually, he got to the campus.

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Lily hurried down to the exit, balancing her books and her bag. She'd already lost a lot of time making this trip to the library and she had so much left to do.

She pushed through the doors and stopped at a nearby bench to sit, using that time to look through her bag to make sure she had everything she needed.

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Tesni (ohmarcello) LaVaughn looked at her watch. She had thirty minutes until her next class, one of the few that she was still attending. She vowed that she would do whatever it took to keep going to at least one. God forbid she would become like all the others in her family who had dropped out of college.

LaVaughn sighed, standing up from the side of the road, and putting the cap back over the lens of her camera. She had better get on her way.

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Phoebe (PhoebeandJ) ((Just a heads up, I have no idea how I'm going to meet up with any of your characters! If anyone has an idea, lemmeh know :D))

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((Well, one of my characters is about to leave an office building if you want to meet him there?))

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Phoebe (PhoebeandJ) ((Cool, I'm sure that can work :] and Cavan (his name correct?) can be like, friends with Frank (Zita's dad) Or something... mwahaha ))

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((Yeah, his name is Cavan. He can be friends with Frank, sure :P.))

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Cavan sat in the chair, mild disinterest on his face. Allen was doing it; he was pulling back. Cavan tried to talk him out of it; tried to convince him to change his mind.

Nothing worked.

He was fucked. And there wasn't much he could do about it.

After being 'politely' escorted out by the security guards, Cavan stood on the sidewalk, trying to determine what his next step could be.

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Phoebe (PhoebeandJ) ((alrighty!))

Zita looked down at the blood lightly splattered on her clothes and swore, mentally cursing her father for being her father.

"Nice shot, kid." Frank said almost lovingly, and Zita felt like gagging.

"You get the cleanup, I'll wait outside." She said monotonically, ignoring the sick feeling in her stomach as she glanced at the very dead and very bloody Vince Malan.

Ten minutes later, Zita and Frank walked down a rather dirty street in New York companionably when she spotted a familiar face, "Frank, isn't that Calvin something or otha?" She asked, eying the man walking out of an office building.

"Cavan, darling." Frank corrected and raised a hand at the man coming towards them, getting the younger man's attention.

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Shit, Cavan thought. This was the last person he needed to see right now. He fixed a smile on his face and nodded to Frank. "Morning," he said, a fake smile on his face. He glanced at the girl, though he couldn't remember her name. He gave her a small smile as well. "What brings you two out, Frank?"

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RedPath Bosco saw who he was looking for. A girl, one of the Mob. His pace didn't change though, and he eventually reached the bench where she sat. He loomed over her, his presence enough to make him known.

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((Lily isn't in the mob...but her father was killed by the mob...just so you know :). I'm assuming they know each other, though?))

A shadow cast over Lily's papers and she looked up into the very intimidating face of Bosco. She pushed her hair behind her ears and went back to her papers. "Can I help you?" she asked, only slightly impatient.

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Phoebe (PhoebeandJ) "Business" Her father answered with a wink, and Zita wanted to punch him in the face. Telling people, who clearly don't want you around, that you just offed someone is what gets you killed.

Zita sighed and rolled her eyes, picturing all the ways she could kill her father. Instead she settled with admiring the man in front of her while her father talked business. Nice shoulders, buddy-boy, She thought as she gave him a once-over.

"I hear you were meeting with Allen today?" Frank asked tentatively, raising an eyebrow to the slightly agitated Cavan.

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Fuck, fuck, fuck,, Cavan thought. What the hell do I say?

"The meeting has been postponed until tomorrow," Cavan said quickly, not quite ready to admit his failure yet. They wouldn't know about Allen pulling out until Cavan filed the paperwork anyway. "I was actually on my way to get a cup of coffee." He wasn't sure why he said that; maybe as an out, maybe as a way to fill the silence. Either way, it was out now, and he couldn't take it back.

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RedPath Candace (Amare Infinitum) wrote: "((Lily isn't in the mob...but her father was killed by the mob...just so you know :). I'm assuming they know each other, though?))

A shadow cast over Lily's papers and she looked up into the very..."

((Erm, they could...? Your choice :D))

Bosco nearly slapped himsel. This wasn't who he was looking for. Still, he spoke, his light Russian accent dripping off of his words. "Do you know where the Administration Office is?"

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((Well, her father was sort of involved with the mob, so maybe she's seen him before, but never really talked to him. Is that okay?))

Lily looked back up at the guy blocking the sun from her. She wouldn't have given him a second glance, but that accent . . . She tried to ignore the shiver it sent down her spine.

She shoved her papers in her bag and stood up. "I'll show you," she said, slinging her bag over her shoulder and turning toward the north end of the campus.

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RedPath ((Sounds good to me!))

"Thank you," he responded, nodding once and following her. She seemed familiar, but Bosco couldn't place her. It didn't matter though. As long as she wasn't an enemy to the Mob, he didn't need to know her.

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"Is there any particular reason you need the Administration Office?" Lily asked, walking beside him. "I don't mean to pry, but it's Sunday; so there probably won't be many people there."

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RedPath He looked straight ahead, not in the least worried about her prying. "I am meeting someone there," he answered curtly, "I am not sure why she asked me to come today. Perhaps she is busy otherwise." That last part was a lie. He knew exactly why he was going to the Admin Office on a Sunday. Because he was the one who invited her there.

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"Oh," Lily said quickly. She fell quiet as she led him across the campus. She approached the Administration Office and reached for the door . . . but it was locked. She tugged on the handle, but it wouldn't budge. She looked back at the guy walking with her. "Are you sure she said she'd meet you here?"

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RedPath He nodded. "I will meet her outside then." He briefly wondered if the she was inside, but immediately knew that she wasn't. "Thank you, sudarynya," he said, offereing a tiny smile, bit still sounding cold and detached.

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"You're welcome," Lily said, silently wondering what sudarynya meant; and hoping it wasn't a blanketed insult. "Well . . . I was on my way to get a coffee, if you . . ."

She trailed off an shook her head. He wouldn't be interested.

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RedPath Something whispered in the back of his mind. Coffee would be a nice break, _____. It was his pre-Mob self, suddenly awakened by this stranger's kindness. What did it call him? God, it's been so long since he heard that name, he nearly forgot. The sudden gentleness made his current self sick and he squashed it down before it could affect him physically.

But looking down at the girl, who was a few years younger than he was, he hesitated. The Mob comes first, he reminded himself. "Maybe later. I need to take care of some business."

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"Oh, okay," Lily said, smiling self-consciously. "Well, I'll leave you to it, then." She slowly turned and started to walk away, shaking her head at herself. She shouldn't have said anything.

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RedPath He waved a little, regaining his cold, intimidating stature. He only waited a few moments before the person he was expecting came up. Bosco briefly wondered how he got Lily and her mixed up, for they looked nothing alike. But it didn't matter. This was Mob business,

The lady puffed a little, as if she had been hurrying to meet him. He didn't greet her, only saying, "Well?" He looked expectant and the girl knew what he wanted. She handed him a drawstring bag. Bosco quickly peered inside. "Just enough, devushka." The bag had money in it. Money that she owed to the Mob. He recognized her as a new member and all new members pay a fee for the first few months. she was one of the few smart enough to pay it.

He pocketed the bag. "Good bye," he said curtly, turning and walking away. Just as he left the campus, he breathed a weary sigh. He was getting soft.

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