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message 217: by Sneha (last edited Dec 09, 2010 06:04AM) (new)

Sneha | 2 comments My Love...

Had a person in my mind,
Had a frame set,
You came in my life,
Making it fully set.

Never thought any guy could be so like you,
Never thought I would meet anyone like you,
So sweet so caring so daring
My Love.. I truly love u...

message 216: by David (new)

David Muirhead Kilindini Beach

Alone in the lounge of the harbour's best hotel,
His suitcase shot to hell,
What can the ambassador find to say?
He lost his sense of humour

And the ships at anchor out their on the bay
Try to look harmless but are really
Armed to the teeth.
They can take out the town in a single song
And never make mistakes and so
Are never wrong.

Up in the mountains, his chances gone,
The hero is as useless as his horses
And never will be dangerous
Like his gun.
Mistrusted now by wives and daughters
He sleeps alone,
Who once disturbed ambition like
The telephone.

Yet we remain who cannot stand or speak
Here in this let down place where the dogs are dead
We teach a lesson taught by strong to weak:
What makes the children cry
Is better left unsaid.

message 215: by Maureen (new)

Maureen (maureenaus) | 5 comments Ruth wrote: "If you want a critique of your poem, post it under I APPRECIATE POETRY CRITIQUE.

If you want to enter your poem for the January Newsletter Contest, wait until you see a note from Amy opening the c..."

Thanks Ruth - I am so new to this I had no idea where or when to put the poem. Thanks for your help. Maureen

message 214: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 5014 comments If you want a critique of your poem, post it under I APPRECIATE POETRY CRITIQUE.

If you want to enter your poem for the January Newsletter Contest, wait until you see a note from Amy opening the contest.

message 213: by Leonard (new)

Leonard Dabydeen (leonard_dabydeenhotmailcom) | 58 comments So....why is the poem "Life" by Maureen Arthur Olsen posted here ? This is new. If we should continue to make posts without any worry of the December Contest passed...kindly let me know.

message 212: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 5014 comments It closed as soon as the nominations were posted for voting.

message 211: by Leonard (new)

Leonard Dabydeen (leonard_dabydeenhotmailcom) | 58 comments Amy wrote: "Want your words to reach two and a half million people?

Goodreads and the ¡Poetry! group have partnered to create a contest in order to select a new poem each month for our newsletter.

1. P..."

My understanding is that the December Contest is CLOSED....should we still continue to post comments ( new poems )here? Or am I missing something?
Please advise. Thanks.

message 210: by Maureen (new)

Maureen (maureenaus) | 5 comments Life
By, Maureen Arthur Olsen

The fire rages within
The pain, the hurt, the turmoil.
Life feels devoid of that very thing – life
Where did the living go?

What manner of woman aught I to be?
One who bows to everyone’s whims?
One who says, yes sir no ma’am?
Or one who is strong
One who can say no I cannot do that.
One who says, I have a life too.

But what is my life?
Is my life this?
Is my life being berated by my children?
Is my life this same mundane
Circle day after day?

Or is my life something else?
Is it where I can soar and be who I want to be?
Is it being able to say no and mean it?
Is it being able to be free of my kids’ rebuking?
Is that the freedom of life I seek?

Ah freedom of life!
What is that?
I have never really known
The freedom of life.
Maybe here and there
Little hints perhaps
But mostly at the beck and call of others.

As a child, what was my life?
Did my childhood offer life and freedom?
I recall the warm red sand hills
Where I would play for hours
Only to hear the sound of the
Drunken voice of my father
Booming throughout the desert landscape.

Freedom of life
What a musical sound that has
I want to play that act
In this performance of life,
With me as the lead actor
Directing and producing my life
In the way I would for once
Feel the solace of Freedom!

message 209: by Leonard (last edited Nov 28, 2010 05:52PM) (new)

Leonard Dabydeen (leonard_dabydeenhotmailcom) | 58 comments PLEASE CLOSE THIS BOX. IT IS MISLEADING !!

message 208: by Leonard (new)

Leonard Dabydeen (leonard_dabydeenhotmailcom) | 58 comments Check this out, my friend: all the other options to enter a contest were closed. You could not open any of the comment boxes, except this one. So it was a pretty damn good indication that the contest was "opened". Let us say someone has erred. End of issue. Keep up the good work.

message 207: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 5014 comments Certainly you noticed the invitation to vote on the finalists for December. That's a pretty good indication that the contest is over.

There is no list for January's poem as yet. Amy will put up a notice when that contest is open.

message 206: by Leonard (new)

Leonard Dabydeen (leonard_dabydeenhotmailcom) | 58 comments So...what's the point of following Goodreads for any i poetry contest ? You probably have a list for January - December 2011 as well ( and that's not being stupid ). Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate all the hard work.

message 205: by Rose (new)

Rose Boehm (rosemaryboehm) | 2657 comments I thought it was a bit odd to have an invitation for December ... but there it was. Didn't think too much about it. What happened? (Apart from me being stupid, I know we just voted for the December issue).

message 204: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 5014 comments There's no point in adding poems here, Rose and Leonard. The winner has already been voted on.

message 203: by Leonard (new)

Leonard Dabydeen (leonard_dabydeenhotmailcom) | 58 comments Court-room Whisperers

Silence is like a bamboo leaf
broken at the mid–rib
I sat there in the pew
waiting with blue paper-mate pen
and a wire-ribbed Hillroy note pad
listening for the sound of evidence
and watching prosecutor and defendant
lawyers robed like carrion crows
almost ready
to peck at the victim’s flesh
or massage the evidence
like a masseuse at therapy
then a voice fills the courtroom:
“All rise.”
and I follow
like monkey see monkey do
and watch the black-robed judge
come burrowing to his desk
then voices
begin to filter in the air
West Indian voices
Italian voices
Romanian voices
Polish voices
Canadian voices
and voices from Kolkata
and Gujarat
and Portugal and Russia
and Sri-Lanka
and I listen intently
like a court-room inter-com
mens rea and actus reus
still trying to decipher
the melting-pot of languages
and eyes rivet on the judge
as if he is now the pot-salt
validating the brew
in crime and punishment
court-room whisperers.

message 202: by Kat (new)

Kat (Skat101) THE ROAD

There was a road and not taking it was not an option;
it was there for the taking at the time.
Neither one of us wanted to be on it; we bickered,daily,
not knowing at the time, that it was the road all along and not us.
Some days, I wished I were Batman cruising in the Batmobile,
so I could push that ejector-seat button. Out you’d go and I’d spin
around and shoot off down another road. No such luck.
We were stuck on that road going to the place
we didn’t want to be, but had to be—watching the stranger
in the bed (with the smiling eyes) come to the end of the road.

Kat Mortensen©2010

(Not sure if the formatting is going to come out right, but we'll see.)

message 201: by Jimeriddles (new)

Jimeriddles | 3 comments As John Lennon would have been 70 this year please find an Ode to his memory

Viva Fashion!
Ode to Lennon

Fashion is a passion we tried on with you
Boys uncomfortable, we only ever wore blue,

Styles were mimicked, to copy came cool
But I looked ridiculous, I looked the fool,

Early stage performance, you a suited hell raiser
Inspired me and mates to cut collar from school blazer,

White suit, white piano, for you they matched fine
I sported white pants but had pee patch on mine!

My eyes are weak and for the teashades did long
Wearing to serve in dark shop? Clearly was wrong,

T-shirts like granddad’s, your chest was a tube
I was called girlie, due to my plump man-boob,

Your hair was fantastic, obeying each request called
My fringe was combed and parted, till I became bald!

Displayed hair talent further, cultivated huge beard
Mine grew in patches, boy I looked weird!

Your Rolls Royce got sprayed Paisley, I could mimic that too
Prepared paint- but unlike me, dad’s Viva stayed blue!

By JimEriddles

message 200: by Ian Drew (new)

Ian Drew Forsyth The Sky is Falling
after Yoshihiro Tatsumi

The Tibetans of the Bön religion still
practice sky burials.

They climb the jagged peaks
of their ancestral home,
the endless Himalayas,
with the corpses heaved to their backs.

Laid across a flat crop of rock
innards are removed
with flashes of steel
and thrown aside like pigeon food.

They signal the graveyard birds of the sky
with their flutes
carved from human bone.

And they walk slowly from
the scattered feast
and blood-dipped beaks.

They walk
with silent prayer

to the torn body
that will become
in the stomach acid
of those feathered caskets
part of the spirit

that in time

will devour
even the sky.

message 199: by Angela (last edited Nov 23, 2010 07:08PM) (new)

Angela | 15 comments Unthinkable

Blink once,
Step once,
Look up once,
Think twice.

Too much to think about,
Have too much doubt,
Think about the next day,
Or maybe when it will finally rain,
Only to think about what the future,
We'll find out tomorrow,

This fate is all about life,
It leaves things in doubt,
It makes animals run,
It leans in your ear and says,"You'll never match up to me",
It leads people to do unthinkable things.

Young die in the new,
Old die in the past,
Both lived in the moment,
Both lived in the shadow of life,

These days are coming to end,
Ending shorting,
Beggining faster,
Blooming beautifully,
Dying gracefully,

Life leads up to do the unthinkable,
Fate leads up to do the forgettable,
Love leads up to a heartbreak,
Everything is the unthinkable.

--Alexys M. Jenkins

message 198: by Poppy (new)

Poppy | 1319 comments Karina - I hate to be a nit-picker, but your title should be:

Greater Than She.

You cannot imagine how much it bothers us former English teachers to learn that all our teaching was in vain!

message 197: by Karina (new)

Karina Urias (Kayprose) | 17 comments Greater Than Her

Does she
Fit you like a glove?
Does she never change?
For you
Does she remain the same?
Does she take a back seat
To your Destiny?
Does she walk behind you
So you may lead?
Is your shadow
Her sanctuary?
Does your light
Guide her way?
Because she is too afraid?
Does she step aside
If she moves far ahead?
Does she wait for you
Or come back instead?
Are you the priority
And her decoration?
Is her silence needed
For your concentration?
Does she beam
At your credited success?
Does she lose herself
Or purposely digress?
Is she content
With her place in your world?
Is she happy
Doing as she is told?
Being the woman
Behind the great man
Does she pretend
Or does she understand?
If the answer is 'yes'
Then my thoughts
Bare in them truth
I could never
Just be that
I was not for you.

by: Karina Urias Copyright 2010

message 196: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Davies | 1 comments Playground: (inspired by Edger Allen Poe's "Bells")

First day of the new year, brings kids all around
To the school yard near the church and its hollow ground
One simple sighting and laughs with no end
One simple meeting and already best friends
Times are so simple
Many memories shared
Wide smiles and dimples
Swinging with the wind in their hair
With new friends nearby and flowers in hand
She looks across her new fairytale land
Children laughing
Children playing
Sounds of joy never fading
Never knowing what will acome
When their happy lives come undone

New first day begins right down the road
All the children’s scenes are in a different mode
The boys from the girls, all awkward and shy
That look he gave her when she walked by
The butterflies fluttered deep from inside her
Beaming and blushing when he walked then with her
Holding her hand to the old yard after school
Neither saying too much, for trying to act cool
On the swing he pushes her high
Little heartfelt laughter fills the sky
Then walks her home with a kiss on the cheek
The next day a note on little pink sheet
She reads it so anxious seeing him write
“I like you a lot; you’ll be my girl right?”
Thoughts jumping and bouncing and screaming with joy
She holds it all in, in front of the boy
She takes out a pen and casually she writes
“Sure sounds great, swings tonight?”
So easy, so simple, so innocent and pure
Together and strong, years they endure
They walk back down the road full of happy sounds
Walking near their old memories on the playground
Children laughing
Children playing
Sounds of joy never fading
Never knowing what will acome
When their happy lives come undone

Another first day even farther down the road
Never knowing what will unload
Those people you’ve known since you were a kid
Pull out all your secrets and open the lid
Nothings the same when the day ends
So much for forever, you thought ya’ll were friends
Safety and comfort once sealed with a latch
Meet hurt and destruction, making an uneven match
That sweet little girl that lives down the road
Is kissing your prince turning him back to a toad
Tears that swell and fill her eyes
Full of wonder and heartbreak and unknowing whys
Rejected and out casted with only a few
Left to share the same pain as you
The rejection was not what seemed to matter
But the deceit and pain from falling off her comfort ladder
For the first time in years, she walks home alone
Walking in silence, with emotion like a stone
Stopping only to glance at the steeple above
Praying for the answer to the pain of the reality shove
Only then distracted faint sounds of cheer
Coming from across from the land once so dear
Observing and watching all their little ways
Thinking, remembering change made over these days
Children laughing
Children playing
Sounds of joy never fading
Never knowing what will acome
When their happy lives come undone

The last first day for the rest of her high school life
What felt like to her a day stabbed deep with a knife
Still same numbing of being out casted
The hope for any new dream, was just blasted
Goodbye to all good or as it would seem
Goodbye to her smile that once did beam
Goodbye to her laugh that would lighten up the world
She walks staring down her fist tight and curled
Hating and hating
Life she was debating
Her day was something she wished not to attend
Wonder of if it was worth in the end
Her grades slipped, struggles at home grew, and emotion numb
She new there was no chance of any hope to come
The happy life she once knew
Was gone with the strong chilled wind that blew
The darling girl that she once use to be
Was drowned, and light no were she could see
When she believed there was no reason to go on
She wrote four notes to those from a time once upon
To her mother, her father now separated as well
Just more reason for her upcoming spell
And to her old friends and ex-love and if only they knew
What their old actions are about to make her do
She left the letters under the old tree
And above hung a rope she thought would soon make her free
And on the night of the senior prom
Her life was ended like a bomb
All quite, all around, and so very fast
Only sound was the last death-filled gasp
Shortly after it was too late
That boy came running away from his date
Calling for help but nothing could be done
Though no longer part of her life, he grieved a ton
Those who had once been so dear
Came to the church- not one eye with out a tear
After the prayer was said and the flowers laid
Across from where the swings swayed
Children laughing
Children playing
Sounds of joy never fading
Never knowing what will acome
When their happy lives come undone

by: Jordan A Davies

message 195: by Colleen (new)

Colleen (cmarieme) | 6 comments MECHANIC'S WAIT ROOM

i don't know anyone
here. i don't know
what would happen
if i took the time
to take a song and
put it on, if folks
would sing to me
a chorus flowing and
full. i do know, oh,
my toe, how it would
tap. how i would dip
hips round and down,
delicate, like dance.
and all i want now
is to ask the lone
lady to my left or
the man talking to
himself, writing a
letter of lies in lead,
if either of them
would know how and
what to sing after
"don't stop." hear
me when i tell you
how for everything
within us, i must
hope she would sing
heaving, "believing"
in time, tick, and
tune. like me. and
maybe he might too
follow my cue with
"thinkin' about to
morrow" 'cause all
i see in this tomb
of time and talent
are the driven and
disguised and on a
much simpler level
those of you, like
me, with muttering
motors or jiggling
engines we haven't
learned to hear or
heal. no, i will not
yet hear us sing
or see our feet bop
brightly in boots,
tripping and tipping
each other over notes
forever together or
pointed, patterned.
even when hope-filled
hymns hum-flood our
hearts we hold only
to ourselves, we do
not share it and we
do not sing because
because we are human
and this is what we do,
smile and go no further.

message 194: by Darren (new)

Darren Doyle (DMathew) White Blood War
What is it that people love about war?
I see them, their eyes bulging like heaped saucers,
Their whole frames leaning precariously on the edge,
Thirsting for a shared taste of the blood spilled
This they call entertainment.
I wonder if it were their blood...
But, what is it that people love about war?
Is it the tanks, the bombs the guns?
Maybe the tanks,
They pose, leaning on destruction itself,
The dust of powdered buildings blowing into their faces,
Smiling cheerily
Or maybe the bombs are what they like so,
They do so look like fireworks when they explode,
Spitting light and fire
Like those guns,
That come in all different shapes, sizes, types, colours.
Like assorted candy.
But of course there are better reasons to love wars,
One branch of evil growing from the root;
Whole nations are built on its vibrant industry,
All clamouring for the next false turn, the next wrong move,
And I sit, and watch, and ask,
Why is it that I love war?
D.M. Doyle

message 193: by Gail (new)

Gail | 12 comments Hayden (Ode to my beloved black lab)

Good bye my friend
No more wags, no more barks
Good bye my friend

You were love, without condition
You were love, without requite

You were joy, without reward
You were joy, without strings

No more walks, no more greetings
Only silence, only peace

Good bye my friend
We will meet, someday, somewhere
Good bye my friend

message 192: by Rebekah (new)

Rebekah kjos (Kjosr) | 1 comments Winter's Snowing

At first it floats,
And it looks pretty.
And then it covers
The towns, the cities.
It comes from North,
Heralds the coming
Of nature's fourth,
It's Winter's Snowing.

We look outside,
We see it coming
And in our minds
We're out there running.
For us it's fun,
Us kids we're going
To play and run
In Winter's Snowing.

Then at long last
It begins to leave.
It melts so fast,
We won't be deceived.
We let it die,
We know it's going.
We say good-bye
To Winter's Snowing.

message 191: by Diane (new)

Diane | 301 comments You are welcome, Jason.
I am looking forward to reading more of your ironic style. It's refreshing!

message 190: by [deleted user] (new)

Diane wrote: "Jason wrote: "Along the Way by Jason Parsley

When I woke up this morning
And I turned on my bedside lamp,
The switch did not malfunction and electrocute me.

I made it the entire week wi..."

Thank you, Diane. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

message 189: by Margarida (last edited Nov 22, 2010 09:00AM) (new)

Margarida (Tropic_of_Cancer) | 3 comments Of life and color.

Our touch, our thoughts, our words.
Our eyes are caresses and whispers
upon each other's souls.
A smell of the explosion of our colors.
We swear we can hear it. "I love you".

Your skin is an ocean of love and life. And life.
And truth.
Lies won't dance with your flesh.

The sound of a deeply pink feather touches the scar on my chin.
Intimately. It smiles.
It feels mine and yours. Ours. I have no doubts.
Lips, tasting my rainbows and storms. I have no doubts.

And then the orange and yellows and everything outside, embrace us
As the sun smiles our favorite smile and gives us warmth.

We are alive and the world is a dream
painted with shades our eyes can't (always) see.
We feel. We cry.

I'd say I want that world to stop moving,
so we can paint us in this moment forever.
I don't. We can only feel and live as the world cries and laughs. Changes and moves.

And we are breathing. It's precious and so small.
I see tears in my eyes through yours. Our lashes meet and they are wet with our knowledge.
We smile.

message 188: by Aleas (new)

Aleas | 4 comments Beautiful Nightmare

You felt his touch; you felt his kiss,
His warmth and love was like total bliss.
He’s got a chance and he would not miss,
Locking my surprised eyes with his.
He said everything I want to hear.
How he won’t let go, how much he dears.
“I don’t love her, it’s you I do.”
I laughed my heart out, I wished that’s true.
He said nothing was right or as it seemed.
The reality then dissolved to dream.
“I was pretending, I was lying.
In truth, I love you and I was crying.”
I smiled at the moment, the moment of life.
Forgot all bitter truth that stabbed like knives.
Then an alarm, the sound from hell.
Woke me up and from heaven I fell.
The sky broke and the rain poured.
My heart gone crying as agony roared.
“That was real and this is not!”
I kept on shouting till my voice was lost.
That felt good, put me back to sleep.
Let me dream you, please, dream you deep.

message 187: by David (new)

David | 3 comments a frosty breath
in morning sun
with smells so closely linked,
makes me think
that I remember you again
and I, we were there
in a frozen stare,
perhaps in another world


message 186: by Sara (new)

Sara | 1 comments Façade

Wearing the façade—safety, security—confinement—
-put on the, “the face”,

(smile people are looking)

The right Answer is…
-say, do what they want/expect
me to do…
me to be…

-your smile is fading— (SMILE people are looking)

Expectations don’t match Realities.
Where is the REAL? (FOR REAL)

Am I real??
Who am I behind the mask?
I Think I am real…

Wearing the façade=safety, security?
I think NOT…

Find the balance the safety from within…
Find the real the love the hope the peace from within…
Find the Unity that keeps us SANE.

(Smile people are looking)…OR DON’T


message 185: by Jack (new)

Jack Bowman (jackgbowman) | 67 comments Promise

Downpour of false hope
rains on the parade of marchers
who demonstrate for peace, freedom, justice
the streets washed of those who question
these methods of the few:
faces submerge, voices silence, eyes are obscured
by what we were meant to believe
a way forward through marshes of mediocrity
direction drains from the path
signs bend, twist, bridges are damaged beyond recognition
electric cars in a landfill
pieces of health care reform float by;
public option, limits on control of profiteering
down the storm drain
where they mix with sewage
and vanish.

message 184: by Diane (new)

Diane | 301 comments Jason wrote: "Along the Way by Jason Parsley

When I woke up this morning
And I turned on my bedside lamp,
The switch did not malfunction and electrocute me.

I made it the entire week without
Contracting in..."

I got a kick out of this. You kept me entertained and wondering through out your ordeal, "Where is this guy?" Great ending.

message 183: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Barrett (booksandartPamela_Barrett) Raise the Anointing Oil

I am telling you before I tell my own son;
There are cells inside me,

No one wants to talk about me dying,
But I feel myself

With her words alive before me
I unbind the blessed oil,

On that day I ask for a miracle.
God’s divine touch,

We spend our next visit talking of family and heaven;
Her life journey

I raise the anointing oil to touch her forehead,
Tears and oil

message 182: by Tara (new)

Tara | 22 comments Sunlight shines
through those cold glass windows.
Lighting up a patch
of the wooden floor
heating it up
perfect for the cat.
As the day goes on
and the sun heats the glass
your heart ligthens up.
The sun that's coming through the glass
is landing on you.

message 181: by Edmond J. (Skip) (new)

Edmond J. (Skip) O'Neill (redhand) Resurrection

Lives well-lived measured
In men’s years,
Or, May fly moments ?
Sunset surrender souls !

message 180: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 20, 2010 07:31PM) (new)

Along the Way by Jason Parsley

When I woke up this morning
And I turned on my bedside lamp,
The switch did not malfunction and electrocute me.

I made it the entire week without
Contracting influenza, the common cold,
Or bronchitis.

The burrito I ate for dinner last night
Did not give me food poisoning.
I did not slip in the shower and sprain my wrist.

Neither did I break my neck.
I did not choke on my cheerios.
I got dressed without incident.

But my luck ran out when I stepped outside my door.
As soon as I turned the key in the lock
All manner of hell broke out.

A plane fell from the sky and crashed
Into my next-door-neighbor’s house.
Debris flew all around me

And flames from the explosion licked my clothes,
But I stopped, dropped, and rolled
And I was ok but my clothes were not.

I got in my car in nothing but rags,
But first I had to disarm the dirty bomb
attached to the starter.

As I drove down the road,
My right front tire blew out
And I almost crashed into a lake,

But I managed to regain control.
I drove on. I did not run out of gas,
But pedestrians walked out in front of me

And I had to swerve to and fro to miss them
Lest I be arrested and charged
with manslaughter in the third degree.

As I drove, the stress
of the carnage and the chaos almost got to me.
I prevented myself from having an aneurysm

By holding open the blood vessels in my brain
With positive self-talk.
I used fear and self-doubt and insecurity

To dissolve the blood clot threatening
To give me a stroke. All were annihilated.
My heart would have gone into cardiac arrest,

But it is immune to that sort of thing.
This heart of mine which has survived
Tremendous heartbreak from which I thought

I’d never recover repaired itself
And made me new because hearts are indestructible,
nurtured as they are by the spirit

Which lives and lives.
And I survived maladies of the spirit as well.
My spirit dwelt in the abyss where no light is.

It perched atop Olympus Mons,
Which is a mountain not even of this world,
And glittered in the red dawn.

I strove and strove
And medicine brought me back to earth.
For the spirit is indestructible too,

Nurtured as it is by the heart and some timeless,
underlying reality.

I arrived here at this sushi restaurant
My car nearly destroyed,
My clothes in tatters,
My spirit harried.
But now all is made right,
And all is well.

My clothes, my car, and my spirit
Are fine and ready for this evening.

And you. What did you go through to get to me?

message 179: by Poppy (new)

Poppy | 1319 comments Peggy wrote: "WITHIN WHAT IS LOCKED

Fearful and unafraid as hummingbird
wings, suspended, cautioned by thorns.

I lie under a crumbling bridge,
once traveled, neither east nor west.

My feet feel this..."

So poignant, Peggy. Thanks.

message 178: by Poppy (new)

Poppy | 1319 comments Very nicely done, Tom!

message 177: by Tom (new)

Tom Mallouk | 18 comments Instructions for the Disposal of My Remains upon My Demise: A Sonnet

Do not embalm me for I wish
to make easy the work of worms.
Anoint my body with fragrant oils and lay
on my eyes cool and dark symmetrical stones.

It would be welcome to set my body adrift
on a fragile craft designed to capsize and sink
on the first gust of wind that hits
it broadside as it clears the bay.

Let the creatures of the sea celebrate. I want
to reciprocate the sumptuous feast that has been my life.
Do not entomb me in a metal casket built to last.
When the world has had enough of me, send me back

from where I came. I will not want to stay.
Let the worms and crabs have their way.
Tom Mallouk

message 176: by Trish (new)

Trish Lindsey (Trish_Lindsey_Jaggers) | 158 comments Roseann wrote: "self-elegy

in case you wonder
where I am
here’s a diddy
to clue you in
I heard it break
but it wasn’t anything
deafening or dramatic
it broke like morning
it broke easily, like a rule

Very nice, Roseann!

message 175: by Mirko-Daniel (new)

Mirko-Daniel Varjosaari (Namey) | 29 comments "Atmospheric Beasts"

women and children silent
to the sound
of a blade being
dulled hard

our men in the caves appearing
to propel themselves forward
with a curious hip-swaying
steering with their arms

statues and busts
turning to look
they turn
back to their original
positions when faced

our men in the caves
flip through the different pages
like they’d like to
see them seeing

message 174: by Roseann (new)

Roseann geiger | 6 comments self-elegy

in case you wonder
where I am
here’s a diddy
to clue you in
I heard it break
but it wasn’t anything
deafening or dramatic
it broke like morning
it broke easily, like a rule
with consequence
it broke against my will
and for that I thank the many
who crammed unwanted crap
into my small and private space
until it burst
I envision it flaccid
and sighing
like a torn uterus
weeping for the child
it can no longer protect
well the joke is on you now
when you stuff your
garbage down my throat
and it lands back on your feet
what will you do?

-roseann sarra-geiger

message 173: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Brown-Baez | 127 comments Calling Home

Mom sends me my elementary school
report cards. “You used to say books
were your friends,” she tells me.

I hope she will develop an interest in
writes one teacher. Why do
I not remember this? I know I took

books to parties, read during lunch, propped
them up on my crumbled paper bag.
But I also remember jump rope and jacks,

hopscotch and baseball, Barbies with
the neighbor girls, sleep-overs in our
pink baby dolls.


Serving the poor

created family, all of us orphaned
wanderers, mostly from the middle class. I left
behind my blood-lines as quickly as pulling out

of the driveway in my boyfriend’s car, packed
for the trip across country to a city I had never
heard of. “There’s no place like

home,” Dorothy chanted to her
ruby slippers. I found a labyrinth
and a meandering

road. Each page of my life
is soiled with fingerprints, crumbled and
torn. I look for road maps to a world without

fear, to the calm of communion,
to a garden where life is fair. Oh ruby
slippers, take me there.

message 172: by Nanea (new)

Nanea | 1 comments Letter to a Moot Heart

Whatever happened to Forever and Always?
To the gentle kisses and the secret embraces?
They all just seem to fall away:
at night when you found the time for me
and days went as I was hushed for interrupting you
ashamed I would run from your friends tormenting laughter.
Did you ever think I would say I don't miss your shining blues?

My heart kneels before your daunting stare
breaking, cracking-it is...
I refuse to let you break me, so why must I bare
My empty heart to you?

Looking at your face I can see
You care not the slightest bit, your face emptier than my soul-
so that is the man you have chosen to be...

I will not linger then
I can leave the pain-and you-behind
I guess you were never mine

With Best Regards,
A Hollow Heart

message 171: by Jon A (new)

Jon A Anderson (JonAAnderson) | 5 comments Statue
No longer trust,
No longer time,
Lost of rhythm,
Lost of rhyme.

An empty stage,
An empty hand,
Lost in thought,
An empty stand.

By oneself,
A step to the ages,
Seeing all things,
Timeless and all the wages.

Never to end,
Never to part,
Without thought or soul,
Without heart.

Jon A Anderson

message 170: by Liam (new)

Liam | 11 comments Winter Tears

The clouds part from their souls
smacking the land as snow flakes.
Have you heard tell that only the snow clouds
grow fresh souls with each new storm
Ceding them to the devouring earth.
Seeping slowly into the nearly infertile loam
Slaking the winter roots’ brief greed for dampness.

But the drier earth sucks most of the souls
Deep into itself where the hellish Persephone
Tips her face upward toward the surface.
Capturing the moist souls in her eyes.

Her husband implores his cousin
To desist with his blizzards
His demon eyes loathe jealously any
Tears she pours for her days
Of dancing in river shallows and
Gathering meadow flowers and
Laughing with her maidens
Carrying them over the village bridge
Gifting some to the giggling children
Playing guardians and robbers at the gateway.
The maidens separate after pressing
Fragrant petals into the good lonely hand
of the blind bard chanting on the well stone.

Persephone takes her final bunch to her
Barren bedroom where standing before the mirror
She caresses the purple and yellow bouquet
To her breast and sighing over them.
Arranges them in the empty alabaster
Perfume jar she treasures for these
Gifts from the Great Mother
Lights a dim candle and incants
For Mother release a pretty hero
To claim her as his adoring wife.

message 169: by JennyGrace (last edited Nov 17, 2010 02:49PM) (new)

JennyGrace  M. William Thomas wrote: "truncheon.

lightning danced
across a bruised sky
like a pack of eels
as i stood
out in a field
on this northern plain,
fingers splayed,..."

did you happen to notice that your first three lines could almost be a haiku?

Here's a haiku for all of you out there who like or hate them, my brother wrote it, it's funny

Haikus are confusing;
Sometimes, they don't make sense.

message 168: by JennyGrace (last edited Nov 17, 2010 02:41PM) (new)

JennyGrace  M. My Walk Alone

Outside, pearls, white, falling, falling,
floating down, little, tiny, tiny angels.
Big red chair, I curl up in the silent, silent house,
Open my book, here it comes- cozy inside,
sweet, silver, snowflakes outside.

I step out the door, the snow dances,
powdered sugar, a white wrap for my shoulders.
In my fluffy boots, sweater, warm, pretty jacket, fuzzy scarf,
I take a deep breath, breathe it in. Take a walk, hands in pockets,
no one else, silent, silent, silent. Where is everyone?

They’re inside cozy, warm, by the fire,
I know, I see smoking chimneys; I’m glad,
It’s not the same with everyone else; just me, so special.
Fluttering snow, fresh, clean, bluish white,
no sun,just clouds, getting dark.

Perfect, perfect, white porcelain snow,
no footprints, no snowmen,
nothing but the spots my boots leave behind on the sidewalk,
to be hidden, covered up again.
Just me, just me, me and the snow,
my friend, the snow, so quiet, no other sounds.

Perfect, serene, tranquil, too typical to describe this,
Hear it? Hear it? I can hear it, silence,
It lets me hear the snow falling, sky falling, clouds coming down,
is this what clouds really feel like?
Listening to that music, I’m almost home,
no, no, keep walking, keep going.

Too cold, flushed cheeks, Rudolph nose,
I wrap the scarf around my face.
I keep walking, leave the neighborhood,
And walk through the sleeping,
Cuddling, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee drinking town.

Christmas decorations up in town, the little white church,
Lop-sided tree, wooden candy canes,
This is all mine. I drift along, find a staircase,
walk right up, through the
clouds of snow and into the sky, I swing on a star,
I watch the snow titter through the open space we call the sky.

Almost Christmas, I watch the sparkling, glistening cape unfold,
wrap the ankles of fences, and
cover the shoulders of my world
Just me, just me and my place. So chilly,
let’s go home. I stand on the porch, turn around, look again.

Keep this image, because tomorrow,
it won’t be just me and the not so silently falling snow,
tomorrow, this will be covered in people,
footprints, snowmen;
my valley winter scene filled with noise,
vandalized by running feet.

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