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Kay This is my 3rd Picoult book. I read "My Sister's Keeper" and "The Pact" and found them very interesting, well-written and intense.

This one I had problems with. The biggest one being that Cornwell, in her Scarpetta series, had a similar situation in one of her books. In her book, a suspect in a murder was killed, and due to lack of DNA match, they felt that they had killed the wrong guy. However, Scarpetta, as usual, digs further and finds that this suspect had undergone bone marrow transplant. They had gotten the killer. So, in my mind, that situation with DNA so similar to Cornwell's it felt "already done".

Another major problem I had w/this book of Picoult's is that the situation in her book really stretches the bounds of credibility. I mean, come on. Not only are the suspect and true perpetrator linked by DNA because of the bone marrow transplant, but they are half-brothers, both are priests, and have such very similar names (Glen and Gwynne). Guess all that "coincidence" is possible, but really, I felt that Ms. Picoult really stretched it. And it gives the book a kind of "phoned in" feel, not one of her best efforts.

Otherwise, it contained many of Ms. Picoult's strength. Good character development and outlining. Complicated relationships and situations. Just wish she hadn't overdone the coincidences of the perpetrator/suspect.

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