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Kaleb Firestone | 76 comments Mod
* A.S.A. = After school activities

Fire: For the hot-headed, Fiery Kids who need to blow off so steam.

Light: For the Kind, Wise, Compassionate Bunch that help keep us sane.

Earth: For the Artsy, Fun-loving People that seem to alway have a green thumb.


Math, History, (Break), Gym, Mythical Creatures, Spanish, Chemistry.. (Relax-Free time), (A.S.A.), (Study), (Dorms), (Lights out)

Chemistry, Spanish, Math, (Break), Mythical Creatures, History, Gym.. (Relax-Free time), (A.S.A.), (Study), (Dorms), (Lights out)

Mythical Creatures, Gym, (Break), Spanish, Chemistry, History.(Relax-Free time), (A.S.A.), (Study), (Dorms),
(Lights out)

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