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Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments I read this book somewhere around 1998-2000, though I think it was an older book. The title I keep wanting to say is the November Prince or something like that, but tons of searches have turned up nothing, so that's apparently not it. The setting was the medieval times, I'm wanting to say around the 1300's but possibly as late as the 1600's. I remember there was a young girl I think she was only like 11 or 12, and her uncle(s?) had arranged for her to marry a prince, and she didn't want to, but the uncle was kind of a bad guy. I think I recall a scene later on when she and the prince were teenagers where she caught him in bed with some other people(?) though it's all pretty foggy in my mind. I also read Judith Merkle Riley and Phillipa Gregory at that time, and this book was shelved in the same category as those if that helps at all. The cover was kind of ivory with purple and gold with medieval looking lettering and I think a medieval type illustration of a person.

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 282 comments Perhaps The Winter Prince? Time period is plausible but I'm not sure how well the plot matches.

Cathy | 30 comments I have read a book from that era by Rosemary Hawley Jarman and I think she has written a few from that time set in England and France.

The one I read was also an older book with a very Medieval cover, so worth a look maybe? The one I read was Crown in Candlelight

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments Thanks! I checked and neither one is it, though it gave me some new ideas for me to-read list :)

Jane | 7 comments I don't think this is what you are looking for but have you tried K. M. Grant's books? She writes great YA historical fiction set around mediaeval period. One trilogy is set in southern France.I think it is called the Perfect Fire trilogy and involves a boy and girl who have grown up together and fall in love. She definitely has a creepy power-crazed uncle and her family want to marry her off to someone else.

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments I don't know if this helps, but I remembered she found out the prince was into guys, and that's why he didn't really want to consummate their marriage.
Also it was a big book, probably 600 to 1000 pages.

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 282 comments Edward II of England, maybe?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural... lists some titles, though none appear to have "prince" in the title.

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments Nikki wrote: "Perhaps The Winter Prince? Time period is plausible but I'm not sure how well the plot matches."

Not the one I'm looking for, but I was just digging through a box of my books and found that I've had The Winter Prince all along and never read it lol

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 282 comments Oh, and this page has a list of gay and bisexual rulers. You could search the page for France and England to find the ones from those countries, and see if any of them sound right. (Keep in mind that some of the ones on that page are disputed.)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments I'm gonna give this a bump and say I think the girl's name may have been Elizabeth, but she was definitely not the Queen Elizabeth of England. Man this is driving me nuts...

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Lobstergirl | 5351 comments Mod
A Woman of Passion by Virginia Henley is about Elizabeth Hardwick, lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth in 16th century England.

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Possibly something by Margaret Irwin? She writes historical fiction of this era and has a book called The Stranger Prince, or maybe it's one of her other books.

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments Thanks for the ideas! Lol my TBR list is growing :). Sadly it's neither of those though...

Miss Melly | 2 comments Kit wrote: "Thanks for the ideas! Lol my TBR list is growing :). Sadly it's neither of those though..."

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Am | 12 comments Maybe not this one either but there are some matches:
Lady in Waiting to the Queen, a bad uncle, marriage at 12 or so... but the "Prince" must live disguised as a highwayman. Time setting around 1650. It is Barbara Cartlands "The Lady and the Highwayman" (there is even a movie with Hugh Grant, same title...).

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments No there was no highwayman, the prince was just a prince. That sounds like a good one though. I like Hugh Grant lol, I'll have to put it on my Netflix if I can.
I'm thinking this was set even early than that, maybe back when it was Normandy and Saxons, whenever that was.

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments Ok, so I was browsing through threads in a different group, and found this book, Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery, and Murder in Medieval England and the plot seemed similar to the book I'm looking for, which leads me to believe that I may be looking for a book about Queen Isabella. The Alison Weir book is way too new to be the one I'm looking for, but there's probably other books out there. So hopefully that might help?

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 282 comments Heh - I suggested Edward II of England above. He was married to Isabella.

The Follies of the King
Death of a King
The lord of misrule

If none of those seem right, here are the Worldcat results for fiction about Edward and Isabella. Maybe something there will sound familiar.

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments Sweet, thank you! My memory is so terrible lol.

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 282 comments Please do let us know if you identify the right one! I'm curious now. :) Honestly, I'm a little surprised there's so much (relatively) fiction about Edward and Isabella.

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments Hopefully one of them will be the right one :)

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Lobstergirl | 5351 comments Mod
Kit, are you still looking for this book?

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 105 comments Yes! I have found it! Went to a library sale the other day, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one! The Rain Maiden The Rain Maiden  A Novel by Jill M. Phillips I was way off on what I thought the title was, no wonder I couldn't find it.
Yay! I'm happy now. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions :D

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