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message 1: by Jerry (new)

Jerry | 1 comments First - thanks. I own and have read almost all your books, and find your topics, insights and voice very enjoyable and enriching. And, to be fully honest, humbling. What you do takes a very rare combination of patience, care and intellect.

Second, let me be at least one of the first to say that I would be vicariously thrilled if your fantasy of being an airborne, world-circumnavigating writer-in-flight does indeed become a reality - if only for, say, a week or so. Would you attempt more than that?! If it led to a book, great. But, if a book is too much for your plate at the moment, maybe just a simple brochure on 'Tips for Flying' or the like. Safe to say I'd buy either. Cheers, and thanks again.

message 2: by Alain (new)

Alain de Botton (alaindebotton) | 24 comments Mod
Thanks so much - yes, that continues to be my dream, to be the writer-in-flight.
If anyone knows the CEO of British Airways or American Airlines...

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