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message 51: by Briaq (new)

Briaq  (Briaq) Oh...wait...that was LILYSTEM. sorry...

message 52: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn GRRR

message 53: by Lauren (new)

Lauren wait do you just create a character and RP??

message 54: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn Not here...but yes...

message 55: by Riv (new)

Riv (RivRe) | 1 comments More proof of Hollyleaf still being alive: Don't remember who found it or what herb it was, but in Night Whispers a cat brings Jayfeather some herbs they found outside the camp.

message 56: by Emily , *wonders if playing catch-up is like playing mustard...* (new)

Emily  | 72 comments Mod
You believe she's still alive too?!?! So I'm not alone!!!

message 57: by Janelle, I'm too lazy too come up with something original (new)

Janelle Maryam | 142 comments Mod
I'm not sure if I'm sad or happy. I sad that he's going to die, but I'm happy that I can finally see who the new leader will be!

message 58: by Nia (new)

Nia Sockkitty wrote: "Firestar will die in Omen of the Stars (Or so it says)"

I think that Firestar will die to

message 59: by Anna (new)

Anna (HpFL) | 8 comments i think he is gonna die at the end of the series

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