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message 151: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
You're planning on making a film? THAT IS AWESOME.

message 152: by Molly's Sister, Rararasputin lover of the scatman (new)

Molly's Sister | 2329 comments Mod
Awesome! ^_^
One of my friends and I used to make short films and post them back and forth on each other's fb walls. I don't have the time to make then anymore D-:
I want to make a legit documentary. I've been writing down ideas about how I want it to be.

Stevie ***[HIATUS]*** (StevieL) | 13 comments HAI peoples! I'm an artist (in training) and I use paint tool SAI, corel stechpad, and photoshop. I've got a deviantart account, here's the link if you want to check it out

message 154: by Molly's Sister, Rararasputin lover of the scatman (new)

Molly's Sister | 2329 comments Mod
Hi there! :-)

Dylan Charlotte wrote: "i love to draw anime
i love to paint(abstract)
i love photography
i love films(and planning to make one)
i love fashion design (cosplay)
i also love to make poems and short stories
and i love anyth..."

You're planning to make a film? I am primarily a filmmaker, and have finished a film last month. That's neat! :) Care to share anything about it?

message 156: by Molly's Sister, Rararasputin lover of the scatman (new)

Molly's Sister | 2329 comments Mod
Charlotte hasn't been on in awhile.

message 157: by Lena (new)

Lena So hello I'm Lena. I want to try out every art medium that exists at least once. I mainly work digitally though (scanning my pencil work and finishing them with a tablet). I really really really want to try watercolors. I have a set of gouache at home but I never have the time to even try them! I have a knack for oil pastels but they're too messy to deal with.
Right now I'm trying to draw things with more feeling/meaning/depth to them. I'm also trying to make my art blog a better art blog and not reblog so much.
The only art classes I've taken are in school, but we had a pretty good art program and I got to explore a lot of mediums.

message 158: by Al (new)

Al (almfr) | 111 comments Hello all! Sorry, I've been gone for a while. O.o

message 159: by Jia, The lemon. (new)

Jia | 1653 comments Mod
No problem, with the holidays it's hard to get on the computer.(Unless you're Jia and you're on everyday because you have no life.) Nice to see you again!

message 160: by Al (new)

Al (almfr) | 111 comments I'm usually always on, but I've been busy with my books. *headdesk* I HATE EDITING.

:D It's nice to see you again too!

message 161: by Jia, The lemon. (new)

Jia | 1653 comments Mod
Don't we all? EDITING IS D:.


Frida | 3 comments I love to draw traditional drawings, mostly realistic portraits, but I also loves to draw manga :)
If you want to check out my work, take a look at !
I have only been drawing realistic drawings for about a year, but it is so fun to learn new things and be able to improve what I am doing :D

message 163: by Alex (new)

Alex | 44 comments I'm Alex, female, born in Paris, France in the year 1761. I wish.

I suck at drawing, but if I do draw or paint, it's going to be abstract since that's the one genre of art that's pretty hard to mess up. Well, that's not true...I can draw some things. I'm actually pretty decent at eyes. But nothing I draw ever looks realistic. :\
I mainly focus on photography. I have a Canon Rebel XTi, a small Sony digital camera, and my iphone 4g camera...forget how many gigs it is though. So you'll mostly see my photography if anything.

That's about it. :)

message 164: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey Alex!

message 165: by Alex (new)

Alex | 44 comments Hey! :D

Justin McElroy (thoughtographic) | 1 comments Hello I am a Freelance art/ aspiring comic artist. I love looking at all different types of art and I love meeting new artists.

message 167: by Jane (new)

Jane (SmallinaBigWorld) | 3 comments Hi, people! I'm Jane. I paint, draw, and if writing is included as art then I also write(novels, poetry, short stories, just about everything). Of course, if writing was considered as art then acting might also be considered as art, 'cause I act.... Anyway... I draw randomly (flowers, trees, people, stuff.) with whatever I have in my hand at the moment, and I paint mostly people (but also flowers and trees and stuff). I started off with acrylic and tempera paints, but now I paint with oils and I like them so much better.

message 168: by Irina (last edited Feb 23, 2014 02:09PM) (new)

Irina French (IrinaFrenchArtist) | 2 comments Hello! My name is Irina French.

I am a digital artist and illustrator.
I'd love to help authors create a personalised book cover. Here are the examples of my work:

A bit about me:
I am a self-taught artist. I began by drawing pencil portraits but, upon discovering digital art, I became determined to make this medium my prime choice. I love the freedom of working in Photoshop and the endless
possibilities of digital painting, which I look forward to exploring through the course of my life.

I enjoy painting female portraits, though I do not limit myself to only such subjects. I aim to create emotional and symbolic scenes in most of my works, hoping to deliver a hint of a story.

I look forward to meeting authors and hopefully creating more illustrations and book covers.

My Deviant Art page and Facebook details are below:
Also, find me on Twitter:

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