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message 1: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 151 comments Peter Benchley sometimes includes animal point of view in his books about big scary things in the water ... you're not thinking of Beast, are you?

message 2: by Emilyn (new)

Emilyn (emilynlinden) | 1 comments Sperm whale eat squid and are very deep divers. Females and young also apparently live in family pods.

MB (What she read) | 133 comments Here's a link I found while googling. Has 10 book recommendations for books regarding whales. Take a look and see if any of them look like what you remember. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2008/...

These 2 seem closest to what you've described:

#5 on list is The Year of the Whale

#6 on list is Sperm Whales: Social Evolution in the Ocean

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 1384 comments Bandwa, Should this be moved to SOLVED (or POSSIBLY SOLVED) and shelved, or do you want to come back when you've confirmed it's the book? Thanks.

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 1384 comments Okay, Thanks, Bandwa. if you figure out it's the book for sure, please let us know. Then, I can shelve it on our group bookshelves. Thanks.

message 6: by Cobalt_Cin (new)

Cobalt_Cin | 8 comments I had an idea about this too - where its the right or wrong book, if you like stories told from the animal's perspective I remember another good one.

Was about Humpback Whales. I remember in primary school we had a book read to us by our teacher about a family of humpback whales, told from the perspective of a baby whale (think the baby was female but not entirely sure on that one).

Basically it was about growing up in the pod with her mother. I belive at one point the baby got caught in a human fishing net and seperated from her/his pod. I believe humans saved the day, by using knives to cut her free. But the entire story was told from the whale's point of view, I can't remember the title at the moment, but I will look for it

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (LisaE65) | 1 comments I think I found the book you are looking for. I also read this book years ago and have been looking for it. I found it on Amazon.com. "Sounding" by Hank Searls. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASI... I read the first few pages and I think this is the one I have been looking for...I hope it is the one you have been looking for as well!

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