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Nicole Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys has passed away. One of my favourite groups.

Michael Flanagan (Loboz) | 993 comments Here is some of my Favourite Hip-Hop/Rap Favorites:

Run DMC it's Tricky, watchout for a young Penn & Teller

Public Enemy Fight the Power

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Tv Drug of a nation this is Michael Franti of Spearheads first band.

Beastie Boys a classic film clip, hard to believe these boy went on to be one of the most respected Hip Hop groups of all time.

Finally this is the classic Hip Hop track Grandmaster Flash and the message

Michael Flanagan (Loboz) | 993 comments Anyone interest in learning about Hip Hop/Rap should start out with the following iconic groups, Run Dmc, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Grandmaster Flash, the Beastie Boy's amd one of the Ice's be it Ice Cube or Ice T.

Also an example of a great cross-over asrtist is Guru's Jazzamatazz series.

Garret (ggannuch) | 373 comments Thanks MIchael. Has anyone read this one?

Michael Flanagan (Loboz) | 993 comments Can't Stop Won't Stop  A History of the Hip-Hop Generation by Jeff Chang by Jeff Chang

This book also looks like a "goodread" on the history of Hip-Hop/Rap.(sorry for the bad puns it's getting near the end of my third nightshift)

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Bentley | 25072 comments Thanks Garret...I do not know that much about hip hop...this book looks like a good place to start.

Garret (ggannuch) | 373 comments Hip Hop America by Nelson George by Nelson George

This book gets good reviews on goodreads.

Michael Flanagan (Loboz) | 993 comments One of my favourite performers comes under this banner, his name is Jamie T. As a song writer myself I really enjoy how he puts his lyrics together. A good song tells a story as good as any book in my opinion, all be a short book.

In the words of Jamie himself, "I ain't no abacus but you can count on me".

Oh by the way were is the METAL thread ;)

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Bentley | 25072 comments This is the thread dedicated to Hip-Hop music.

Hip hop music is a musical genre that developed as part of hip hop culture, and is defined by four key stylistic elements: rapping, DJing/scratching, sampling (or synthesis), and beatboxing. Hip hop began in the South Bronx of New York City in the 1970s. The term rap is often used synonymously with hip hop, but hip hop denotes the practices of an entire subculture.

Rapping, also referred to as MCing or emceeing, is a vocal style in which the artist speaks lyrically, in rhyme and verse, generally to an instrumental or synthesized beat. Beats, almost always in 4/4 time signature, can be created by sampling and/or sequencing portions of other songs by a producer.

They also incorporate synthesizers, drum machines, and live bands. Rappers may write, memorize, or improvise their lyrics and perform their works a cappella or to a beat.

Source: Wikipedia

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