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Are your themes accidental or carefully thought out?

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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 2 comments I've been a fan of yours since my early teens when I read The Robber Bride, and have since read every novel of yours (except your latest). You inspired ME to become a writer, and every time I read your work I want to get straight back to my own WIP. So I have a question about writing in general. I'm curious to know whether you carefully choose the themes you'd like to explore before you write, or whether they come about accidentally as you progress. For example, did you explore women's alienation in The Edible Woman because it was already present in the story you wanted to tell, or did you write the story because you wanted to explore the theme? I know from personal experience that some themes do actually pop up accidentally in my writing, but when I realise they are there, I begin to exploit them. Does this ever happen to you? Or do you know in advance every theme that your work is going to deal with?

message 2: by RuthG (new)

RuthG What is your writing process? Do you work from an outline? If so, do you change it as you go along if an idea spontaneously comes to mind? I'm a reader and not a writer but I do wonder about this process when I read various authors' works.

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