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Sherry (sethurner) (sthurner) I just got home from the Edgerton Book and Film Festival. The town is nearby, about 3,000 people, but they had Chris Van Allsburg, Jane Hamilton, and a bunch of good regional authors like Michael Perry. Van Allsburg arrived by antique steam train (very cool in itself) then spent hours signing copies of The Polar Express. I skipped that part. But it was all free, and a good time was had by all.
Chris Van Allsburg
Jane Hamilton
Michael Perry

message 52: by JoAnn/QuAppelle (new)

JoAnn/QuAppelle | 1608 comments Mod
Does the steam train run on a regular basis, Sherry? What fun!

Sherry (sethurner) (sthurner) No - the train is usually a static display, but it has been restored and occasionally makes a run. There's a little video here:

message 54: by JoAnn/QuAppelle (new)

JoAnn/QuAppelle | 1608 comments Mod
Thanks, Sherry

We have one of those restored railroads near us - it has quite a full schedule of events. I'd like to take Charlie on it sometime.

message 55: by Ann (new)

Ann (AnnRumsey) | 3 comments I guess we could consider that books scanned and resold are then connected with people who really want them, but it all seems so sad somehow - I can't imagine buying all those books and not looking at them as potential books I would read.

JoAnn/QuAppelle wrote: "Confession of a Used Book Salesman ---
This sounds like hard work to me!"

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