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The Boy In The Moon

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Ian Brown
Parenting, especially parenting well, is the hardest task imaginable; but I've wondered often how parents of disabled children manage the pain, the heartache, the endless work. "Through [the hard work, the smells, the intense emotion, the crises:], you hold your child's body, hold its flesh and heat close to you, like a skin of fire, because our need to make us shamelsess,but touch is our truest hunger. Just hang on. Just hang on. Just hang on. Just hang on." The intense fatigue caused by sleeping with his boy caused"my wife and I to fight a lot."

A doctor stated, "The Buddhists say the way to to pure being, is by getting your mind out of the way. Walker already knows how to do that. He is pure being. He may be developmentally delayed or moderately retarded, but in that way, he's already miles ahead of most of us."

"Walker had given my life shape, possibly even meaning. Bug Walker had also made our lives hell."

Brown is best when he is describing his life with his son. It's an incredibly touching work that centres around how much a life — and especially a severely physically and intellectually disabled life — is worth. When he digress to talking about other parents and children the book looses moment, but picks up nearer the end of the book. Well written. It is a must read with a small amount of skimming.

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