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message 297: by I.G. (new)

I.G. Orozco (IGOrozco) | 2 comments Hello! I'm new here! I'm actually fifteen and got accepted by a publisher! My novel is really close to finish production and then be out to sell online and later on in all bookstores of the U.S. My book is called the Golden-Syph, "Life With a Price." The genre is mainly sci-fi fantasy.
I need support and help! Please spread the word about this for it would be tons of help! You can check my book's website in and share this website to your followers if you want! XD

message 296: by Zack (new)

Zack Love (ZackLove) | 2 comments Hi Everyone,

I thought you might want to know about my 99-cent sale of "Sex in the
Title" -- just in case you needed a good laugh today (or are stocking
up on laughs for a future rainy day). In fact, the novel has been
objectively certified as one of the funniest things ever written. To
see what all of the hype is about, check out this gushing but
extremely unbiased review (written by me):
Or just take a leap of faith and start clicking on these buy links:
Amazon UK:

message 295: by Zack (last edited May 27, 2014 01:16PM) (new)

Zack Love (ZackLove) | 2 comments I am delighted to announce my latest release. Stories and Scripts  an Anthology by Zack Love

7 stories, 73K words, and countless emotions.

Thought-provoking, dreamy, sad, and hilarious, this collection of works takes you on a diverse and unforgettable literary journey through a variety of topics, themes, and emotions.

"Stories and Scripts: An anthology" is a great way to get all of my latest releases (plus a few bonus stories) at under half the price of buying each work separately! Grab your copy now using these links:

Amazon UK:

message 294: by Paul (new)

Paul Douglas Lovell (PowerpuffGeezer) | 6 comments PAULYANNA INTERNATIONAL RENT-BOY

Discover what goes on behind the glassy eyed smile of a male street worker. A stereotypical cliché? Perhaps.

I attempt to knock away any preconceptions about damaged goods using plain spoken truth. No added glam or grit, this is my unapologetic story. A social history report. (of sorts).

I hope some of you will take a look and add it to your TO-READ list.

Regards PDL

message 293: by Stan (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) | 35 comments Here is a very short story about young love.

Marta Tandori (Marta_Tandori) | 3 comments Hi Everyone - I'm a Goodreads author as well as a self-proclaimed book junkie. I write a weekly blog on my website where I talk about books and authors and anything book related that I think may be interesting to like-minded readers.

This week's topic is Fictional Detectives: the World's Most Famous Girl Detective. Last week, it was Fifty Shades of Naughty: the Explosion of Erotica. I hope you have the chance to stop by and check it out. The link is here:

Robert Italia (Robert-Italia) | 8 comments Cristofori's Dream

Jon Lomberg, Chief Artist for Carl Sagan's Emmy Award-winning Cosmos TV special (Jon won an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement on this series), has given me a flattering "review" of my novel, CRISTOFORI'S DREAM. I asked Jon -- a fierce skeptic in his own right -- to critique the science in the story, and feared he would send the guys in the white coats to my front door. He did not. You can find the whole story here:!endors...

Jon's famous painting "Infinite Regression," featured in Sagan's blockbuster book COSMOS, is also featured on my website:!inspir...

The painting illustrates one of the more amazing scientific theories from COSMOS presented in MY book (and you thought it was just a Christmas story!). For the scientifically-squeamish, no worries. You don't have to know science to do science (we all do). After all, what is science but the thoughts and dreams of God, and how He "does it"? This is a major theme/debate of the book.

Special thanks to Jon for his kind words and for his valuable time. Check out his website, send him an email (and tell him that I sent you):

Robert Italia

Brian Marggraf (BrianMarggraf) Please check out and share...
$.99 today (83% off) List price was $5.99

Dream Brother: A Novel by Brian Marggraf

Dream Brother: A Novel

Robert Raker (robert_raker) | 60 comments I am proud to say that my novel "Entropy" is now available on several formats.

When a series of child abductions and murders disrupt the life of an economically blighted community, the consequences have far-reaching implications.

The brutal crimes take a different toll on a disparate group of individuals; the scuba diver who retrieves the children’s bodies; the disfigured cellist who thinks he knows who’s responsible; the undercover federal agent; and the mother of one of the victim’s.

United in a situation not of their choosing, they are forced to take a deep, introspective look into their intersected, yet isolated lives.



I hope everyone enjoys the read.

Robert Raker

Tisha Starr | 3 comments Hello everyone, I'm Tisha Starr, one vastly opinionated woman. I stumbled into authorship when HIV touched the life of one of my dearest friends. Immediately I wanted to use my love of writing to help a cause that haunts our community and it 100% preventable.

Talk about a tear jerker, I've been told my novel had it's moments when tissue grabbing was inevitable.

Watch the book trailer, check out my site and feel free to take the book, The Fear of Knowing on a ride of your life.

message 287: by Steve (last edited Nov 27, 2013 08:35PM) (new)

Steve Valiquette (purplemoonpublishing) Soul Journaling - Lessons from the Past

Please check out this debut book from Karen Valiquette called: Soul Journaling - Lessons from the Past

Karen’s life was changing and she seemed helpless to stop it. Her husband of almost 30 years, her soulmate, was responding to the manipulations of a younger woman.

She was afraid that if she made him make a choice, she might not win. But that was not the case. Their love prevailed and the very event that should have surely shaken their marriage ended up giving them an incredible gift. The answers they sought to heal themselves came from an unlikely place – a past life that they were together in. Karen shares her journey to a life in the 1500s in France that seems to hold the answers to so many questions. Questions they didn’t even know to ask. The story of the past life itself is riveting, but it’s only part of the message. After reading, you will surely begin to look at your own life in a different way. Remember, we are all connected.

This is Karen’s first book and is published in Kindle, Paperback and Large Print Editions.

message 286: by Robert (last edited Jan 23, 2014 06:51PM) (new)

Robert Raker (robert_raker) | 60 comments Hello. I am an author with a book now available:

ENTROPY by Robert Raker| Pub Date: 29th November, 2013
I recently received my first review:

"Entropy was a complete surprise. It's definitely not your typical, crime book experience. The story is told from the perspective of four individuals in a small and depressed town in America; each story describes how they are affected by the child murders and how this affects their personal relationships. I don't want to give away the ending for those that haven't read the book as yet but I found the overall experience numbing ... it left me in a state of melancholy. If this was the intention of the author - then, he achieved his goal. The diver is unfeigned; the musician surprising; the agent calculating and the portrayal of the mother's story heartfelt. The writing is dense and very sad.

If you are looking for something a little different, enjoy the drama in crime-related books, and/or books that examine relationships then Entropy's sad story may appeal. Although I haven't read anything by this author before, I will be on the lookout for his next book as I understand that a companion piece is in the making..."

Entropy Available in Kindle Edition and Paperback from &

Chris Henry (AuthorChrisHenry) | 1 comments The Naked Way

Hello! The Naked Way, a dark, sexy novel of twisted love & rock n roll, is a FREE Amazon download for kindle all week - Oct-22-26.

Think "Sid & Nancy" meets "Henry & June" ...or "Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man" meets "No One Here Gets Out Alive"

Please help yourself and share with your networks if you are so inclined. Honest reviews very much encouraged and appreciated! Thanks!

US download
Canada download
UK download

message 284: by Tony (new)

Tony Cleaver | 1 comments Hello All,

My name is Tony Cleaver and I write Christian Fiction. My new novel is about to be 'free' on Amazon so I created an event for it. I'd like to invite you to come and be a part:

message 283: by Dawn (new)

Dawn | 159 comments Hello everyone! I run an all-lady online review called The Female Gaze. We review books in addition to TV shows, movies, and music without regard for genre, style, or release date. We also occasionally conduct interviews and group discussions.

If you check out our work and enjoy it, please do follow us on tumblr if you have one. If not, you're welcome to follow us on twitter.

message 282: by Eli (new)

Eli Kittim (EliofKittim) | 1 comments Hi there. I wrote a book entitled, "The Little Book of Revelation: The First Coming of Jesus at the End of days," which argues that the biblical story of Christ is prophetic rather than historical.

Pavel Merzlikin | 1 comments Hi!
What's my book about?
Majority hate "abnormal". Majority is afraid "abnormal". Paranoids!
My short but exciting (hopefully) book is about our "lovely" society. My book ("FASHIoniSM") is available! Just click!:)

Audrey | 1 comments Hi readers and authors!

As a member of this nice book club group and also a good stories lover, I want to share that this week was released a new website with the sole purpose of sharing everything related with books and high quality literature.

The latest news regarding books, authors, and other publishing industry are updated weekly.

For new authors, it offers to feature their books and also interviews.

Feel free to visit it and enjoy good recommended readings!


Great week for you all!


Brooke Powley | 1 comments Hi Everyone :) My first novel "The Missing Half" went live two days ago. Here is the description:

“When I was a little girl and children went missing it was just one of those sad things. It never happened to anyone I knew ... It happened over breakfast, or lunch. It happened to parents who were careless”

Alice Winters is not a careless mother. Yet one awful day her two-year-old daughter is taken from her pushchair outside a village shop. Alice’s life becomes every parent’s worst nightmare as she begins questioning everything and everyone she knows, vowing to leave no stone unturned until Grace is found.

Now, ten years later, Alice believes that the publication of her book recollecting the events surrounding Grace’s disappearance will be the final needle in the haystack needed to bring her home.

Who had taken Grace and why? Will Alice ever be ready to accept the truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear?

If your interested in buying, it's available here:

Happy Reading!

message 278: by Irma (last edited Aug 14, 2013 06:53AM) (new)

Irma Fritz Hi,
My birthday is August 27. I'm celebrating it with a Hot Summer 99 Cent Kindle Sale all during the Month of August!
I have 2 novels, Confessions of a Predatory Lender (watch for the audio book release) and Irretrievably Broken. In addition, I just published my fourth Kindle short in my series The Angel of Death. The shorts are: Cigarette Break, Amazing Grace, Dear Sugar, and my newest,Piano Lessons. Stock up for more summer reading now!

Nihar Suthar (niharsuthar) | 19 comments Hey guys! My name is Nihar Suthar. I'm a college student and recently released my first motivational book titled Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life. This book is made up of powerful inspirational stories.

Better yet, I'm donating most book sale profits to Acumen, a charity investing in solutions to global poverty. The ebook version of my book is only $3, you can inspire your life and support the cause here if you are interested :)
Twitter: @NiharSuthar

message 276: by Maya (new)

Maya Pruett (MayaPruett) | 3 comments Looks like a great group!

Kelsey Mo (ikelseymo) | 2 comments My YA Book Blog!
Calliope Reads

Please follow with Google+ and msg me for a follow back!

Julie Brown (Julieb657) | 7 comments Hi Sherry - I'd love to be a featured author. You can read the first three chapters of my book, The Long Dance Home, on my website:
Feel free to email me through the website or by reply here on Goodreads.
Julie The Long Dance Home by Julie Mayerson Brown

Sherry Thomas | 9 comments Hi all!
I will be debuting a new internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio in a month.
It will spotlight a different author every week.
So, if you are or know someone who would like to be featured please send me a direct message here on Goodreads.

Kelsey Mo (ikelseymo) | 2 comments Hello!

My name is Kelsey, and I am a young-adult book reviewer. I am the founder of a small blog created on June 09, 2013 called Calliope Reads.

You can follow my blog with Google+

If you have a book blog featuring young-adult as one of the genres, please share it with me as I would be more than happy to stop by.

Have a wonderful day!

Kelsey @ Calliope Reads

message 271: by Irma (new)

Irma Fritz I recently visited a readers' group in the Seattle area, who had read and wished to discuss my first novel, Irretrievably Broken. I hope they will read my most recent book, Confessions of a Predatory Lender and invite me back for another talk. Not only did I spend a wonderful afternoon with them, somehow there followed an inspiration for a new novel, a work in the magical realism genre.

KelseyKES | 17 comments My YA book review blog (:

If you follow mine, I'd be more than willing to follow yours. I'm mostly interested in ya book reviews!

message 269: by Irma (new)

Irma Fritz Barbara, congratulations! Sounds good & I'll have to look into it.

Barbara Froman Hi!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my homage to women's films, Shadows and Ghosts, is now a Kindle book!


message 267: by Irma (new)

Irma Fritz I just finished reading this picture book by the Greek writer/photographer Sotiris. See my review of "30 Ways to See the Acropolis." You'll feel his Greek charm ooze all over this book. Fun!

KelseyKES | 17 comments My review of Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanan:

Barbara Froman I just posted a Book Club Reading Guide for Shadows and Ghosts on my blog:
and also on my web site:

I hope you'll take a look! Thanks!

message 264: by Irma (new)

Irma Fritz Today only - April 15 - to take the sting out of tax day I'm offering a free download of this sweetest little story ever to break your heart. (While the Amazon address I give here is for the U.S., Dear Sugar is available today only at no cost worldwide!) Read it! Love it? Review it? Thanks much.

Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 20 comments

New Release: Times of Turmoil: Christian Thriller

In this prequel to Times of Trouble and Times of Trial, we follow how the Evans family gained their riches and eventually their power to influence events in the United States. We see important events that the Evans family gets themselves involved in: such as the return of the Israelites to Israel, the assassination of President Kennedy, the terrorism of 9/11, and eventually events that lead to gun control and other types of government tyranny in the United States.

The novel also follows the Atwood family, starting with the Great-Grandfather of Brian, Charles, as he fights in World War Two and ends up helping liberate Buchenwald shortly near the end of the war. Charles returns to the States and gets married to the love of his life, Betty. Eventually, the family ends up in Delaney, Nebraska, where we watch Aaron, the father of Brian, join the Army to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan after 9/11. Later on, we get to see how Brian and Lynda finally get together and get married.

FREE to borrow for Amazon Prime Members or buy it for $4.99. Special $.99 price for book launch. ASIN: B00C9S9W5A
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada

message 262: by Soad (last edited Mar 30, 2013 01:43AM) (new)

Soad (soadhachami) | 99 comments
I write poetry, short stories, opinions anything really that sparks my imagination. check it out if you like?!?!?!

message 261: by Dick (new)

Dick Whittington (DickW) Lisa,
Thank you. Just downloaded my copy. Look forward to reading. Will leave review when I do.

message 260: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Gordon (lisalazuli) | 2 comments Hi there, My novel A SEALED FATE will be available for FREE on amazon on 23 March.

Set in exotic Dubai is a terrific Easter Break read guaranteed to transport you to another world.

Link to buy:

The book is a unique blend of contemporary fiction and thriller in an unusual setting and with an unusual theme at the centre - the concept of sacrificial and compensatory karma.

The author revs up the tension with her main character, the singer and wannabe rock star, Valda, who speeds through life in a sequence of emotional car crashes until she washes up on Dubai's shores at the feet of the mysterious Sheikh, who, whilst pretending to be her patron, has his own needs to satisfy. And boy does Valda satisfy them until she realises, when in very deep, that she has predecessors with the same experience. The only problem is she can't consult them because they are all dead - in suspicious circumstances. Her clandestine relationship with the Sheikh, propels her further into a murky web of deceit, and she turns to Larissa for help. As an astrologer, Larissa predicts that Valda and the Sheikh's destinies were sealed from the moment of their first meeting; however she keeps the dire fate that she reads in the charts a secret. Together, Valda and Larissa take a gamble in a game of cosmic Russian Roulette where the stakes are their lives and their adversary, Fate itself.

Can they beat Fate? Can freewill triumph?

Take a leisurely tours of the City State's night spots and its haute cuisine; rub shoulders with the beautiful and rich, but never forget that nagging question of destiny and the price you have to pay to change it.

Willett Thomas | 6 comments Hi Lori,

I wanted to say thank you to those who agreed to read and review my Southern Gothic novel, Raised by Hand, Lifted by the Tides--A Southern Child's Memoir.

If anyone is still interested in reading simply to give me their opinion/suggestions for possible revision, I can send you a mobi file, epub, or pdf.

Also, for a short time Raised by Hand will be available for .99 or FREE to borrow on Prime.

Thanks to all!

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Cass | 1 comments AUTHORS - Here's an article with useful tips on book marketing -

Georgina Mcniff (ToughCritic) | 4 comments Lori, is it alright to shamelessly promote our favorite books here? Or the facebook pages to our favorite books?


message 256: by Cari (new)

Cari | 2 comments This book blog has useful information - Use Your Online Social Connections, Secrets of a Great Blog Following http://justthinkingjustsaying.blogspo...

Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 20 comments Beyond the New Frontier is FREE on Kindle December 26 & 27 and is alt history/sci-fi.


message 254: by Cari (new)

Cari | 2 comments Hi All, I enjoy reading all types of books romance, self discovery, sci-fi, biographies and more. Enjoyed article All Writers - Get Published! http://justthinkingjustsaying.blogspo...

Barbara Froman I just wanted to pop in to invite everyone to the Christmas Clip Countdown on my blog:
You may see and hear some of your favorite holiday sights and sounds there, as well as discovering new ones! Please stop by and share some of your own!

Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 20 comments 5 of my novels are on sale for $.99 this month on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo

message 251: by Beth (new)

Beth | 136 comments I'm running a contest on Inkspot, the Midnight Ink author blog, for a free autographed copy of the November 8th trade paperback edition of To Hell in a Handbasket To Hell in a Handbasket by Beth Groundwater. You can enter the contest at:

message 250: by Amy (new)

Amy Mah (AmyMahVampire) | 1 comments Hi any author want some free advertising?

I will do a feature on anyones book if they in turn do one on my books. email me at:

And take a look at my blog which has about 34000 hits so far

Nicholas Dettmann | 15 comments I recently made an appearance on Milwaukee's WTMJ-TV "The Morning Blend" to discuss my novel, "A Life Worth Dreaming About."

It was a neat experience.

Here is a link to the interview:

Nicholas Dettmann | 15 comments Lori wrote: "Hi Everyone!
I was just sitting here thinking... (yes, I have been known to do that now and then)... and what I thought was this:

We, as members, dont really have an area where we can un-self-cons..."

The cone of shame doesn't sound as bad as the Spammers Circle of Hell :-D

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