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night music -- bring on the clowns ♫ (pjreads) Requirements for Completed Tasks Posts

1. Include your Readerboard name at the TOP of your post.
(Not required if your Readerboard name is the same as the name that appears in the shaded area about your posts.)

2. Include Task # and a short (1-5 word) Task Description.

3. Include a link to the book OR both title and author (in bold).
Put book information on a separate line with a blank line after it.
Note: If NO link / title & author, then NO points, NO Big Book tickets, NO Goodreads Author tickets.

4. Include a few words to clarify how your book(s) fit the task if it is not obvious.

5. Include only newly completed tasks - do not include previously completed tasks or partially completed tasks.
(If you want to include this extra information, list the newly completed tasks separately at the TOP of your post, and indicate clearly that they are the new ones.)

6. If you want to claim a Goodreads Author or a Big Books ticket, you must say so in your post and include a link to the Goodreads author.

7. NEVER delete a post from the Completed Tasks thread.
(You can edit the post to replace all the text with “***DELETED***” but leave the post in the thread so the other post numbers do not shift.)


Requirements for Reposts

• All posts are validated by the Moderators.
Any questions or problems with a Completed Task will be posted in the "Completed Tasks Posts with ?s / Problems" thread and need to be addressed.
No points will be awarded until the issues are resolved and none of the data for the problem task will be recorded by the moderators.

8. Reposts must include Readerboard name at the top, Task #, Task Title (or short Description), AND a link to the book (or both title and author).

9. Reposts must include all task requirements including previously posted requirements as well as the missing requirements.

10. Reposts must include only the task(s) that had problems.
Do NOT include all the other tasks from your original post.

11. Include Task # and book link / Title & Author (in bold) in reposts to claim Goodreads Author or Big Book tickets omitted in original posts.
Provide author’s full name for Goodreads Author claims.


Preferences for Completed Tasks Posts

A. Include your current cumulative total = all your points (typed – Tickers change).

B. Make your post Black & White, not Gray.
White = blank lines after book links / title & author

C. It's fine to include more than one newly completed task in a post.
If you do include more than one task , put them in numerical sequence, rather than jumping around.
Put a blank line between tasks.

D. Before posting, please re-read the task requirements and then re-read your post to make sure you've done everything the task requires - this seems to be a particular problem with the tasks that require some sort of write-up.
Put a blank line between the book link (OR title & author) line and any other information for the task.

E. Possible template:
Readerboard Name

Task # - Short Task Title / Description
Book link or title & author (in bold)
** Goodreads Author & author link
** ### pgs claiming Big Book ticket

Total to Date = ### points

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