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Lisarenee | 8415 comments Authors,

This is a place an author can promote their books.
Just start a new topic with your name and list your book(s) inside that post. Only one topic per author. We suggest you give us a teaser chapter as well as a description of what the book is about. All conversations regarding you or your book should be contained in your topic. Please no solicitations for your books outside this folder. We do not want our members to feel they are being pursued by new authors. If you are one of our guest authors for a Q&A session you will be permitted to tell us what you can about your book(s) and yourself while we discuss your work in the Q&A topic with you.

We look forward to finding out about you and your book(s).


Lauren, Sashana, & Lisarenee

Geraldine Wierzbicki-roach | 10 comments Hello, My name is Geraldine Wierzbicki-Roach and I've published my first novel. My primary reason for publishing the novel is that I love to write---anything. My second, well, maybe first, is that I am Polish and live in Buffalo, NY, a city where many immigrant Poles settled and I desired to preserve Polish customs and traditions for my children and others. Thus Bound covers four generations of a Polish family and spans the years from the Great Depression to the Vietnam war. It is a love story at heart. Tadziu and Marysza are two children of Polish immigrants who meet in grade school and fall in love, although they do not yet know the meaning of the word. The tale follows them through many years, years of passion, separation, betrayal and attempts at reconciliation It will appeal to those who enjoy a good read. Although authentic, the novel is not scholarly, so the reader can turn the pages without pausing.Thus Bound: the story of Tadziu and Marysza while learning about and learn about one of the under-represented groups in our country.

Geraldine Wierzbicki-roach | 10 comments Geraldine wrote: "Hello, My name is Geraldine Wierzbicki-Roach and I've published my first novel. My primary reason for publishing the novel is that I love to write---anything. My second, well, maybe first, is that ..."

Hi, Geraldine here again. I think I understand the rules now. I propose a discussion on "Immigrant groups in America". I am submitting a section of the Prologue to my book.

An Ending
Darkness surrounds us all, especially me. I am hunted, will be found. Red lights on the roofs of police cars, revolving eyes trying to see. Men huddle, speak in hushed tones. I’m not to know. I shrink into myself, no longer solid, never again solid, forever a mass of holes with everything falling through. I watch it beginning to fall—our bed, the new sheets, the pillowcases, the baby’s crib—and I’m afraid. The red lights turn. A siren wails, then fades, like a child told to stop crying. My baby cries, but Ma comes from someplace behind and takes her. The red lights turn.
I see this morning. My breasts are sore. The boy who is the man sucks hard but he is gentle, claims my breasts with his mouth, his tongue, his hands. He calls them flowers, sometimes plucks them from behind. Then I am lost. Hold my breasts out for him. We laugh in secret and slide down further into the bed.
He can’t reach me now. We’re not in the bed, in the room with faded paper on the walls, lace curtains with holes and puffs of pierzyna, with quills poking out to scratch us. Now it will all be gone, I know.
The darkness was our darkness. I opened for him until the night was gone. When he left, I carried him inside myself and waited, heard only the baby, the girl-child. He returned at night to find the place between my legs. He knew that I waited, that I gave my breasts to the child who nibbled and made me ready.

Geraldine Wierzbicki-roach | 10 comments Hi y'all, don't get so excited about my discussion proposal. I thought about it this weekend and perhaps a better title for the discussion would be "Immigrant Life in Literature." That could include authors, characters, stories etc. It could be limited to American literature or expanded to World literature. What do you think? Help me, someone!

Lauren | 958 comments I'd like to read it too :)

Geraldine Wierzbicki-roach | 10 comments Dear Brenda and Lauren, Thank you so much. I guess the discussion is postponed for a while. After anyone reads the book, we can start talking. Lauren, I know alittle about you but Brenda is a new friend. Enlighten me, Brenda, with what you care to share. Regards, GerryThus Bound: the story of Tadziu and Marysza

M.A. Comley (Melcom) | 3 comments Hi I'm Mel Comley, I uploaded my thriller in October and since then have been writing my sequel. I finally finished it on New Year's Eve. Now onto the editing!

Impeding Justice

Liz Fichera (LizFichera) My debut historical romance novel, CAPTIVE SPIRIT, was published in June by Carina Press. It's the story of a restless girl, a vanishing Native American tribe, and some not very nice Spanish invaders. If you like unusual historicals, I invite you to check it out. :-)

Here's the link:


Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 5 comments Hi, I'm Cliff Ball and I have three novels

The Usurper a thriller
Out of Time: 2nd Edition a time travel novella
Shattered Earth science fiction novel


message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

"Maranatha" (216pp., paperback: ) is the first novel in the "The Trinity Chronicles" series by Chaz Wood. “Maranatha” sets the scene with a shrewd attention to detail and offers radical new twists on popular themes - the secret underbelly of the Western Church, occult conspiracies, medieval heresy and the dark side of the human psyche – all seen through the eyes of a group of very human characters.

Two sequels and a prequel are in the pipeline.

Maranda Russell Hi guys! I am a children's/YA author. My most recent release is an inspirational and comforting ebook about death and grief entitled "In Memory of Dad" In Memory of Dad by Maranda Russell. It is a short story/novella geared for ages 7-14. So far it has gotten great reviews and has even been recommended by a few children's counselors and therapists. I also have a picture book coming out in the next few months called "Ode to Icky" and another ebook entitled "Weezie, the Elephant with Allergies" coming out sometime soon.

Phil Truman | 2 comments Legends of Tsalagee by Phil Truman Hello, Folks. I'm Phil Truman and I'd like to let you know about my latest novel, Legends of Tsalagee. It's a mystery, adventure, romantic comedy with a pinch of historical fiction. Hope you'll take a sec to check out my author's page and some of Legends of Tsalagee's reviews. I'll look forward to any questions or comments posted here. Thanks much.

Here's a brief synopsis:
Legends from a small town come in many forms. Near Tsalagee, Oklahoma a monster lurks and an infamous 19th Century outlaw's booty lays hidden. When two renegade bikers ride into town looking to find the Lost Treasure of Belle Starr, local legends Hayward Yost and Socrates Ninekiller suspect the ruffians' involvement in the murder of a local farmer; a man rumored to have knowledge of the lost treasure's location...and its curse. As events unfold, others in the community are drawn into the hunt - a Wiccan who moves to town to pursue her New Age lifestyle; her bumbling, socially inept boyfriend women can't seem to resist; a young Iraqi War veteran home to heal his physical and emotional wounds; and a mysterious creature known in Native American lore as a forest demon whom they call "Hill Man who screams at night." Mystery, romance, comedy, and adventure await in Legends of Tsalagee.

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 851 comments Lisarenee, perhaps you could suggest that authors might want to add a link to the book's Goodreads page (the easier it is for someone to "add" the book to her/his shelves), as well as information on where one can buy the book.

Sharla Lovelace (sharlalovelace) | 1 comments Hello! I've just joined the group, and I wanted to give a little shout out to my debut novel, THE REASON IS YOU, which released on April 3rd with Berkley. It's a romantic womens fiction about mothers and daughters, ghosts, love, and second chances. :-) My Goodreads page is here if you'd like to go see: and the first chapter can be read here at my website:

Thanks for letting me share!!

Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 5 comments I have three more novels since I posted:

New Frontier - alternate history
n this alternate history novel, Reagan became President in 1976 instead, continues with the moon landings, declaring that a moon base would be established, followed by a Mars Base by 1989. Terrorism rears its ugly head, which will forever change American politics, but not the Space Race. We follow America's progress from Moon to Mars to an eventual starship mission out of the solar system.

Times of Trouble: an End Times novel
Told in first person point of view from Brian Atwood, our main character, works for the FBI. His work involves potential cases of terrorism. Recruited to become personal bodyguard for the President. His faith as a Christian is tested daily working for the President. We follow Brian as the U.S. slowly disintegrates around hm

Times of Trial: an End Times novel
Book two in my End Times series
In this parallel novel to Times of Trouble, the government sends people to re-education camps, Iran tries to start a war, and the President of the United States declares a dictatorship as the End Times approach.

M.A. Comley (Melcom) | 3 comments I have two more thrillers in the Justice series.

Cruel Justice #1

The headless body of a wealthy widow is discovered
decomposing in Chelling Forest. Then a second victim is found. Detective
Inspector Lorne Simpkins and her partner, DS Pete Childs are assigned the case.
Before they can discover the identity of the killer they must make a connection
between the two victims.

After a third murder, Lorne receives a grisly surprise. Clearly, a vicious
serial killer is on a rampage...and Lorne has become the killer's fixation.

Lorne can't allow her failing marriage or her new boss--a man with whom she
shares a sensuous secret--keep her from focusing on her job. She must catch the
macabre murderer, or risk becoming the next victim.

Approx 88,000 words

and Final Justice

A ruthless killer returns--and former DI Lorne Simpkins is forced to revisit her ugly past.

After suffering a breakdown and quitting the force, Lorne Simpkins
finds herself embroiled in an MI6 covert operation to hunt down her old
enemy, a sadistic and merciless criminal whose ambition is to become the
world's richest man.

Lorne tracks the madman through France, attempting to thwart his plans and bring her long-time nemesis to Final Justice.

Book four is due out this month.

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 851 comments M, I was looking into your thriller series and got confused about the order of the books. I checked out your website which didn't give me a books-in-order-of-series listing either. I'd recommend putting this information somewhere on your website for the readers who like to read in order of series. Thanks!

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Frankie | 25 comments I'm cheating a little here it's my friends book but she just won a comptition to get one of her books published on Kindle/amazon. As she is self published she need all the advertisement she can get.

the book is called fairies and is written by charlie yarwood (and is free at the moment)

alittle about the book
Fairies: Well what's in a name? The novel focuses on the life of average teenager Louisa "Louie" Morelli. As much as she is only human and could always be asking for more, she's not someone who has to be constantly looking for answers. She's perfectly content with just going to college, getting her grades and hanging out with her friends at the weekend. A thirty mile cycle and a head injury later something is clearly wrong and Louie is suddenly questioning everything; most importantly, her own sanity.

Arun Ellis | 9 comments Hi - I'd like to introduce you to my book Corpalism by Arun D. Ellis - it's a contemporary piece based on our modern dystopian world - I hope you have time to check it out - Arun

Pete (GettingPersonal) | 2 comments Greetings, my name is Pete Sprankle and I just self published my first novel GETTING PERSONAL which is now available on It is a sexy comedy about being single in LA in the age of Social media. I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks for your time.

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Jim | 5 comments Amazing Grace

I'll be doing two free ebook promo's in October. The first will be the 11th & 12th and the next will be on the 31st, & the 1st & 2nd of November. Check it out! :o) What's Amazing Grace about? Here's a brief synopsis...

It’s about being pushed to the the breaking point, then discovering that if you want to, there are other paths. Life is change…and change is pain.
Special forces Major, Tammy Fuller knows this firsthand. A former delta force commander she’s given all she has.
Despondent and medically retired Tammy drifts without purpose until a chance encounter with a child presents her with a painful choice.
“Life is change….and change is pain.”
With each new challenge her heart is slowly healed and her spirit restored. Redemption seems possible…but turning the other cheek has never been her strong point.
A series of events inexorably draw Tammy back into a world she thought she’d left behind and she will need all of her former skills and experiences to survive

Many thanks my friends! For those that wish to read a preview this Amazon link will take you there:
Take care.

Deborah S. Nelson (AuthorYourReality) | 3 comments Happy New Year, Everyone!

Need an EFFECTIVE goal-setting book to get New Year Momentum off like a rocket?

Here's a NEW GOAL SETTING BOOK that really works! You can read the digital copy for free; and I am asking for reviews on Amazon at

Here's where you can get the complimentary Review Copy. (it takes about an hour to come to you)


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Casey Bond (goodreadscomcaseylbond) | 7 comments Devil Creek
New NA Romance release! Devil Creek by Casey L. Bond is now live on Amazon for only $2.99! Less than a happy meal! LOL

Jim | 5 comments Amazing Grace Hello all! Get a free copy of my debut thriller this weekend and the next (28th, 1st, & 2nd) here:
Reviews and comments are always welcome!

George Kos | 2 comments Hi everyone, I'm George A. Kos and I'd like to introduce my novel Wizards' Secret Service: The Key of Radmar (Book 1) Children's Action\Adventure Fantasy.

Here is some description of the book: Twelve-year-old Nora lives in a world parallel to our own. A world where magic is a part of everyday life. Nora’s life is turned upside down the day she discovers that her father is an agent of the Wizards’ Secret Service and has disappeared during his last mission in New York City. Nora will stop at nothing to rescue him—even if it means traveling to the human world.
Nora, along with her best friend Tim, soon find themselves in New York where they unveil secrets beyond their wildest dreams. Clues unfold, revealing information on the mystery of the Key of Radmar, a relic sought after for centuries by the Union of Witches. Can Nora avoid the darkness that lives hidden among human-kind and rescue her father in time?

My book is available for Kindle: for $4.99 in US AmazonUS
Canada $3.32 AmazonCa
£1.86 UK AmazonUK
And for Nook $2.99 US Barnes & Noble
£1.86 UK Barnes & Noble UK

Bill Blodgett (Billblodgett) | 2 comments Hi all, I'd like to introduce my new book, Unrequited. Unrequited is a mainstream with romantic elements including just a touch of paranormal. Unrequited delves into the idea of what path a man might take if he were to lose his wife written from a man's POV because contrary to popular belief guys have feeling too! ;-) Be prepared to smile, laugh, cry and route for the survival of the main character Joe. Oh and don't forget to break out a box of Kleenex! Unrequited is published by Rebel Ink Press. Here's the back cover blurb:

Unrequited is a story of everlasting love, heartbreak, addiction, and courage of the human spirit to fight back against all odds.

Travel back in time to this peaceful New England community during the simpler days of the post WWII era of 1955, and join Joe on a reminiscent walk down Main Street America to the Five and Dime where he’ll ask Kathy out for the first time. Visit the Connelly’s home as Kathy and her family gather around their potbellied stove and trade stories of family values and of Chester, the fabled family protector.

It’s the picture-perfect family Joe’s always wanted and when he calls on Kathy, he’s welcomed with open arms. When he proposes and she says yes, their future promises them an idyllic lifetime together, but fate breaks that promise and Joe’s plans are turned upside down. Suddenly the peaceful 1950’s become his prison and the keys to his prison are hidden away in the true meaning of life as told to him by Riggs, a elderly black man with roots in slavery. Riggs shares his three truths with Joe as they’ve been handed down for generations, but there’s more to Riggs and his three truths than meets the eye.

There's not enough room to post Chapter one here so I'll upload it to my webpage.

David Bell (DavidEFCBell) | 2 comments The Dog Hunters IllustratedI'm giving away three packages of 1x copy of my hefty new, lavishly illustrated edition of 'The Dog Hunters', including 3 signed prints plus a signed piece of original artwork.

It's a Goodreads giveaway, for one day only on August 5th, so you might want to watch out for it.

In a nutshell, 'the Dog Hunters' is a retelling of the classic legend of Gelert the wolfhound. It's as an epic medieval mystery adventure featuring Prince Llewelyn, Gelert, Feiyan, an enigmatic Chinese girl, and many bizarrely bred dogs. It was already getting great reviews in text only, but now it comes with with over 290 illustrations it's really taking off. More info on the book at

Ellie Stevenson | 10 comments Shadows of the Lost Child by Ellie Stevenson


Hi everyone

My new partly historical novel Shadows of the Lost Child is now out as an ebook on Amazon.

Would YOU rent a haunted house?

Shadows of the Lost Child is a ghost story, and a tragedy, that happened over a century ago. And a mystery - can you solve it?

When Aleph rents a run-down house, his whole life changes, along with the lives of the people he meets. This is their story.

The Present

Aleph Jones is running away but the house he ends up in turns out to be haunted. Or is it just him? For Aleph has a dark secret that’s changed his life.

Cressida Sewell needs Aleph’s help. Her daughter, Alice refuses to speak and a team of specialists don’t know why. But Cressida has a hidden agenda and Alice knows more than she’s letting on. About Aleph.

Guinevere James is not what she seems. Disguised as Aleph’s business client, she really wants to solve a murder that happened over a century ago. And what about the children who vanished? Aleph and Alice can hear them scream.

The Past

Miranda and Thomas live in poverty. Miranda wants to protect her mother but when she seeks help from friends Ben and Thomas, they set on a path to even more trouble.

Then Tom meets Alice and the past and the present begin to collide, with dangerous consequences.

Author’s Note: Shadows of the Lost Child is set in a fictional city, but draws for its essence on historic York (UK). Those of you who know York might want to see if it resonates with you...

You can find the ebook on Amazon at: (US) (UK)

Thanks for reading!

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John Yantiss | 2 comments Hello fellow Goodreads readers, scriveners, and tome raiders. I am new here, and thought that I would introduce myself by introducing my Sherrod Colsne Mysteries series. When your coworkers ask what you did this weekend you can say you helped to discover the fiend who committed a series of bizarre murders, and witnessed a deep passionate romance flower, and be snuffed out, all for the price of $2.99 so 1-Click your copy NOW!!!!": Murder by Bequest , by me, John Spencer Yantiss, at, and,,,, and more international Amazon sites. Just check out your country's Amazon!

John Yantiss | 2 comments Planning for a good read this coming weekend? Curl up with an account of efforts to sabotage intelligence agencies around the world, in Code Name, Erelim (Sherrod Colsne Mysteries Book 2) by John Spencer Yantiss

David Bell (DavidEFCBell) | 2 comments In case you haven't seen it, Goodreads have a giveaway on 'The Dog Hunters'. The freebie is for the text only edition, but there's heaps of other goodies like signed original artwork from the the Illustrated version, plus postcards and bookmarks. The Dog Hunters Illustrated editionYou can check it out at

George Kos | 2 comments **FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED** **TOP 100 BESTSELLER IN UK**
Most innovative fantasy since HarryPotter! Immerse yourself into a fantastic world of magic, and discover the secret side of New York! WIZARDS' SECRET SERVICE Available now on Kindle and Paperback!
GRAB A COPY FOR YOUR KIDS! Wizards are among us!
KindleUS ONLY $2.99
Book1 Book2
KindleUK ONLY £1.92
Book1 Book2
Paperback US
Book1 Book2
Paperback UK
Book1 Book2

Jack King (JackKing) | 3 comments Hi, I'm new here. My name is Jack and I have 2 new novels just out. Take a look below for more info!

Quest for the Middle Kingdom
Quest for the Middle Kingdom by Jack  King

QUEST FOR THE MIDDLE KINGDOM by JACK KING - Scottish Highlander and China story of "betrayal, danger, high adventure, higher calling, and ultimately, beautiful romance” (unique twist, one subplot tells how basketball first came to China!) – Available now at or

=> To view exciting QUEST Book Trailer, click:

=> To view the QUEST Sizzle Reel, click:

ALSO, SEE . . .

TIME RIDER - Wildertrek by JACK KING – Young Adult adventure fantasy novel - Available now at or

“A bad present. An unforeseen past. Somehow he’s got to survive each for any future. Life sucks but it’s about to turn worse when a fantastic secret transports TJ back in time to the year 1802 where the world is raw, wild, and filled with relentless danger!”

=> To view TIME RIDER Book Trailer, click:

Jack King, Author

Time Rider Wildertrek
Time Rider Wildertrek by Jack  King

L.V. (lvgaudet) | 1 comments Where the Bodies AreThe search for the killer will lead to his dark secret buried in the past, something much larger than a man on a killing spree. Driven by his obsession and haunted by a past he cannot remember, even the killer cannot stop himself from committing the very crimes that torment him.

Do you know #WhereTheBodiesAre ?

Available in ebook format on Smashwords for: epub (Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, & tablets), mobi (kindle), and pdf (desktop)
Also available in paperback and ebook on and online at Barnes&

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