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Elizabeth (elizabethoverton) | 15 comments Reading the first few chapters, how do you feel about Coraline so far? Her parents? Are you sympathetic to her you like/dislike her?

Sandi (Sandikal) I finished the book. What I liked about it is that Coraline is a very ordinary child. She acts just like a child her age acts. She's not extraordinary, she doesn't have special powers. She's a lonely little girl who feels out of place, just like most kids do.

message 3: by Tera Marie (last edited Jul 02, 2008 11:29PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tera Marie (teradugan) She seems just a very bright child with parents that are putting too much time into work or other activities and not enough time into raising her. Something all of us parents can fall into from time to time.

Christine Hart (christine_hart) I agree with Tera (her comment in the Done Reading thread) that I would be enjoying Coraline more as a child, but for me, part of the fun is going back into my younger self when I read a book like this. From the first rats' song to Coraline's first steps into the alternate world, I can hear that little voice in my head shouting at Coraline to "Turn back! Run home!" So far, I find the doppelgänger parents very suitably creepy. I also I think I'm biased in that I'm a huge Gaiman fan :)

Ms. Hicks | 25 comments Wow. I wasn't expecting such a creepy book. I like that it's creepy but not nightmare scary (I don't think). I do wonder though why Coraline doesn't turn tail as soon as she sees the other parents. I think that would be my reaction to people with buttons instead of eyes.

Valerie McNamee Earl | 13 comments Coraline seems so bored too. So when anything comes along to spark her interest, look out. I think she doesn't run from the creepy parents only because they welcome her. That little missing element not felt at home/home. Though personally the red eyes would get me and I'd have been running back through the bricked off door!

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Angie | 2686 comments Mod
I am about to start chapter 5. I also wasn't expecting a creepy book.... but I like it. I haven't read anything creepy in a while.... so I am pleased. I also am wondering about why Coraline isn't burning out when she sees the creepy parents with the button eyes. I love how Gaiman's book are all so different. I mean really different from each other. I love him!

J-Lynn (JVanPelt) | 43 comments I think Coraline's tenacious curiosity (although it is reckless) is endearing. I can imagine a very precocious and bored little girl who is not even upset by button-eyed pseudo parents.

Valerie McNamee Earl | 13 comments Loved the book, sure loved the Alice twists. Neil Gaiman is a master story teller! I felt like I was in the dark with her, and in the mist. I love being transported into the story.

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Angie | 2686 comments Mod
I agree with you Valerie. I love Gaiman's books.

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