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message 1: by Connie (new)

Connie Faull | 80 comments Wow. I hardly look at those boards because I think a lot of the frequent posters are just mean a$$h*les, but today I went on and read a post by a woman who warned people not to buy the Kindle. She related her story where her Kindle died after only 8 months. She had paid almost $300 for it. Under the warranty Amazon offered her a "refurbished" replacement Kindle and only gave her a 90 day warranty for the refurbished Kindle. The people on that board just about crucified her. Plus all of her posts, including the original post, were hidden because "customers didn't feel this post added to the discussion." Really, the original post didn't add to the discussion?

I mean seriously, I paid $400 for my Kindle and if it died after only 8 months and they wanted to give a used Kindle, I'd be mad too!!! I think most people would. Don't get me wrong, I've had no problems with my Kindle or with Amazon and I just pre-ordered my K3, but that doesn't mean that it can't happen to someone else. So I'd advise to stay away from the Kindle message board on Amazon unless you have the same opinion as everyone else!!! :)LOL (Obviously, I couldn't post this on that message board for fear of death threats!!!)

message 2: by Candy (new)

Candy (CandyY) I totally agree with you. After all, they are supposed to replace it for a year if it dies within that time.

message 3: by M. (new)

M. Clifford (MCliffordAuthor) | 17 comments That's crazy. I agree about the people who seem to be on the Kindle Message boards the most.....they are SUPER harsh. There is one guy who goes around starting new discussions about each indie book listed, saying that their books are overpriced if they are over $0.99 . Really? Anything over $0.99 is just too much for a book? Mine was only priced $2.99 and he started this whole big thing about how my book was too expensive. And he hadn't even read it!!! It's so frustrating when you can tell some of these people just sit on the message boards ALL DAY, just waiting to pounce on someone.

message 4: by Ralph (new)

Ralph (sunwriter) | 327 comments Mod
Amazon has wonderful customer service when it comes to the Kindle. Mine had the screen go wonky about four months after I bought it and Amazon shipped me a brand new one over night for free. They even paid to ship the broken one back to them. Then it happened again about five months later and they did the same thing. I have a hard time believe that woman's story unless the Kindle died because of something she did. She probably dropped it or let it get water damage.

message 5: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Kaufman (AndrewEKaufman) When my Kindle screen went, Amazon shipped me a replacement within one day and told me to send the old one back at my convenience. Overall, it was a great experience with customer service. Of course, I've never posted a complaint on the discussion board--and quite honestly, after reading this, I'd kind of be afraid to!

Andrew E. Kaufman- Author Supernatural Thrillers

message 6: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 355 comments I read that post and personally, I think it was the way she started out it that pissed a lot of people. Additionally, there was another posted (I believe it was titled furious) that had almost an identical story yesterday...

however, what Amazon told her was well-within the terms of her warrenty and ToS...if something happens to it during the warrenty period - Amazon can choose to replace with a new or refurbished kindle - and you can't tell a refurb from a new...I got a refurb when I broke my screen (I admitted to me and paid the difference...this was back before they allowed one accidental drop)...but there was also something fishy (at least to me) about the way she worded it...she said she paid nearly $300 for her kindle 8 months ago...ok, well the kindle dropped in price to 259 in October...that is nearly 10 months by my right there, i'm questioning the veracity of her statement...second, the warranty very clearly states...if you get a refurb it is covered by warrenty for 90 days or the remainder of your initial if she claims 8 months, then it should be covered for 4 months...

I guess I work under the old addage. you catch more flies with sugar than salt...she appears to be very that may not be helping her situation...

2 quick stories from me why I stand behind Amazon Kindle CS...first one...I was getting ready to deploy to Iraq last year...3 days before I was due to leave, I dropped my kindle breaking the screen...I was nearly heart broken...since this was before international ones were available and they weren't shipping to APO overseas...I called Amazon, they fed'ex me a new one to an address not listed on my account - where we were training - so that I could get it before I left and did not charge me shipping.

Second story - I bought a DX when they first came out - had my landlord ship it to me in Iraq...had had it probably close to three months and the screen got broken (I had put it in my bag and it was in the hmmvw and someone sat on it...) - when I was home on leave i called them. Fully expecting to have to pay the 50% to replace it...they replaced it free of charge....

message 7: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Kaufman (AndrewEKaufman) Yeah, Dee. I tend to agree with you. For me, Amazon has been nothing short of awesome whenever I've had a problem with my Kindle. They've replaced it twice now because of defects with absolutely no questions asked and no cost to me. On the one occasion when a Kindle was delivered later than promised, they even gave me a gift certificate to use toward my next purchase. Nope ... you won't hear me complaining. Not one bit. I wish other companies were as conscientious!

Andrew E. Kaufman- Author Supernatural Thrillers

message 8: by Aaron (new)

Aaron (syar) | 142 comments I maybe totally wrong here but I think this person like so many on that board had a bad experience with the customer service and is going the whole hog to stop people buying from them. For me, I have not had to replace my kindle and hopefully never will. I have on occasion needed the help of customer services. I have read reports on websites stating that Apple have the best customer service in world. Again never used them but have heard good things. I think that Amazon had to be number 1 or at least 2 in those rankings as I have nothing bad to say about them

The other week i accidentally ordered two books while trying to send 2 samples to my kindle and my phone thought I wanted to buy them. Well a quick e-mail to Amazon and I had my money back and the book was off the kindle, fantastic!

message 9: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Gentry (AuthorJenniferGentry) | 18 comments Sometimes people are almost asking for negative comments in the way they word their posts.

But I agree that many folks are just plain old nasty in their responses. And this idea that an *original post* does not contribute to the conversation?! That one has me baffled, but I've seen it a lot.

I've been on the boards long enough to recognize some of the worst of the negative posters and to avoid them like the plague. I have personally been raked across the coals by some of them and have no desire for a repeat experience.

Sadly, Connie, you are probably correct in your last comment. If you'd posted this on the Kindle boards, you undoubtedly would have been the recipient of several snarky posts.

And we're all technically supposed to be adults.... ;-)

message 10: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Anderson Some forums can get quite icky. Actually even Twitter conversations can also get nasty. I find myself reading through the discussion and getting all worked up. I'm trying not to do this anymore. I don't have to agree with or listen to negative people. Call me Pollyanna - I don't mind. :-)

A nice forum to hang out at (besides here) is

Nice people there.


Awesomevegan (AKA JenReads) (awesomevegan) | 109 comments I haven't looked into Kindleboards much. I have heard of them though. Thanks for the reminder :)

message 12: by IUHoosier (new)

IUHoosier | 93 comments I just joined Kindleboards over the weekend. I like the group so far. I haven't gone much further than the "Let's Talk Kindle" board yet, tho.

message 13: by Linda (new)

Linda (bikrgran) I just joined this group, thinking I might get some help in deciding whether to get a Kindle. For now, I use my PC and Ipod Touch for Kindle books. I never thought to go to Amazon's Kindle boards, til I saw this group, and now I'm not too excited at the prospect, at all. However, what I'm seeing is that the Kindle seems to have a problem, as many of you have had problems, even if Amazon is tops in customer service. I had a problem with my Touch not long after I bought it, and that's really irritating to spend so much money on something that has problems. I'm thinking I should just stay with paper.

message 14: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (Shandril19) | 8 comments I don't know that the Kindle inherently has problems. I don't think there's a product in the world that has message boards supporting it which don't have reports of faulty units. It's inherent to electronics. I don't think Kindle is any better or any worse than any other consumer electronics item.

I think the majority of people on Kindleboards have had no issues whatsoever (me included). But it's nice to know that if you do, Amazon is one of the best in trying to address it....

FWIW - I love reading on the Kindle. So much easier than PC or Ipod.

message 15: by Linda (new)

Linda (bikrgran) Thanks, Amanda. I think this was what I was "fishing" for. I have to admit, I hear a lot more FOR, than against, Kindle. I belong to a local chat group, and one woman has a Kindle. She said, "The problem is, you can't swap your books, this way." Seeing as I haven't got room for lots of books, this might be a way of curbing my "collecting" addiction.

message 16: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 355 comments well, you can "swap books" if you don't mind having someone else put on your account...I know there have been book clubs that i've read about, where the people who have kindles, have registered themselves to a certain account to get the book - since most books you can have up to 6 copies of the same book on different devices at the same time...but that person would have access to the CC info, unless you used giftcards...

my mom is on my kindle account - when she wants something she lets me know and I grab it since we probably read about 90% of the same stuff in common

message 17: by Linda (new)

Linda (bikrgran) That's an idea, Dee, but I don't think that's exactly what she was thinking. There's something about going to a meeting (and eating) and telling about a book you read, or someone else read, and having it there to take home and read, yourself. I'm enjoying the feedback here, and that club, and the different takes on the same book. So far, I seem to agree with most of the reviews I've seen here. Be that as it may, I'm a gadgetholic, so will in all probability get the Kindle. Looks like shipping is to be around the 27th. The fact that they were sold out to begin with says a lot.

message 18: by Jason (new)

Jason (ForeverJuly) | 41 comments Amazon forums is a little like playing with fire. Yeah, I've found readers there and eeked out a few conversations, but you always have to be on your toes and be careful what you say. I think the trick is just to always stay positive and avoid anything that turns toxic. is a really wonderful community of readers and writers that I'm proud to be a part of. Especially for us authors, it's all a labor of love and so I think that brings out the best in everyone. I highly urge everyone to swing by for a visit!

message 19: by Linda (new)

Linda (bikrgran) I'm a little confused. What's the difference in Amazon forums & Kindleboards, since Kindle IS Amazon, right? I mean proprietary? I'm going to go check this out. I'm not the least interested in the Amazon forums, after all this.

message 20: by IUHoosier (new)

IUHoosier | 93 comments Linda wrote: "I'm a little confused. What's the difference in Amazon forums & Kindleboards, since Kindle IS Amazon, right? I mean proprietary? I'm going to go check this out. I'm not the least interested in ..."

Kindleboards is a public board funded by donations and advertising. They are not an Amazon affiliate, altho they do advertise for Amazon. Its basically a message board for Kindle enthusiasists. They offer a variety of topics from Kindle FAQs to comparisons of products to shopping for accessories. And they have a section for non-Kindle messages as well (and a board for other e-readers if you're looking for something other than the Kindle).

message 21: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (Shandril19) | 8 comments The Amazon forums are the official forums hosted/run/moderated by Amazon. (That "moderation" is pretty much a joke.)

Kindleboards is a totally unaffiliated message board hosted/run/moderated by fans of the Kindle. Much like the "Amazon Kindle" group here on GR. Kindleboards is an incredibly active vibrant polite message board.

As for the Amazon forums, I think most of the problem is just the incredibly poor design of the forums themselves. I'm pretty helpful and polite, but spend any time there at all and even I'm likely to snap at the 1800th "The Kindle is DUMB it doesn't have backlight" thread.

message 22: by Linda (last edited Aug 11, 2010 03:29PM) (new)

Linda (bikrgran) I'm in the process of perusing the Kindleboard. It IS very interesting and helpful. Thanks!

message 23: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Anderson If you do sign up on you can get notified of great deals. Just go to The Book Bazaar area and look at the first two threads. One is "Free Book Finds ________ (month)" and "Bargain Book Finds _______ (month)" Indicate you want to be notified and Ta da!! Emails of free and bargain books.


message 24: by Linda (new)

Linda (bikrgran) Thanks, Jenna. I did sign up. I'll go back and do this. I just had a brain storm, while in the other room, but by the time I got here, I forgot what I came for. Growing old is not for sissy's.

message 25: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 540 comments The Amazon discussion boards remind me a lot of what USENET like to be, back when dinosaurs roamed the internet and we all had text only interfaces.

The Signal to Noise ratio is just very, very bad.

Every now and again I accidentally bump into a good discussion, usually revolving around what to read next or what authors are like what other authors, but mostly, it's just people ranting emptily.

message 26: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 355 comments the boards never used to be that way though. i've been lurking on them since October 08 when I got my kindle and they were entertaining - funny threads (like limericks); dog and kindling kowboy (dog died last year and KK has just disappeared) - they didn't turn really back until about 8 months ago, when all the Nook people started posting, then it was the new upgrade its not fair, I just bought mine posts, then the ipad posts (how its a kindle killer) and now the new K3 does get very tedious...

message 27: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Gentry (AuthorJenniferGentry) | 18 comments Delicious Dee the book slut wrote: "the boards never used to be that way though. i've been lurking on them since October 08 when I got my kindle and they were entertaining - funny threads (like limericks); dog and kindling kowboy (d..."

I've recently seen KK's posts somewhere but for the life of me, I can't remember where. Perhaps under the K3 announcement?

Anyway, he's definitely around.

message 28: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (Shandril19) | 8 comments Delicious Dee the book slut wrote: "the boards never used to be that way though. i've been lurking on them since October 08 when I got my kindle and they were entertaining..."

The huge growth of posters with the increased popularity/awareness of the Kindle was always going to change things. Larger groups play right into the "anonymity" of the web. People feel free to post in a manner that they wouldn't speak to a stranger in person. You see it lots of places. And given that the Amazon forums don't have any real moderation, it's an unchecked effect.

message 29: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Anderson Delicious - love your user name :-)

Maybe things will come back around on the Amazon Kindle threads. Does anyone visit the other Amazon communities - movies, health, etc


message 30: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 355 comments i hang out on the Romance forum, the paranormal forum...but even they have been iffy lately, a lot of anti-self-promotion virulance...threads on why paranormal sucks, and other stuff...its just riduclous!!

I saw KK pop up on one of the old resurrected threads...but I don't think he'll still around

message 31: by Beth (new)

Beth Orsoff (BethOrsoff) | 2 comments It would be nice if Amazon had some real moderators in the Community. I'm on Kindle Boards and those are moderated. It's a supportive group over there and when someone posts a question in the wrong place or a question that's been asked many times before either the moderators politely point the person in the right direction or one of the other board members does. Except for one or two threads where "cyber-friends" hang out, I've pretty much stopped reading/posting in the community. It's just too nasty.

message 32: by Al (new)

Al | 11 comments Beth wrote: "It would be nice if Amazon had some real moderators in the Community..."

If they had active moderators I'd get in way too much trouble. Glad you hang out where you do though. :)

message 33: by Regina (new)

Regina (ReginaR) Delicious Dee the book slut wrote: "the boards never used to be that way though. i've been lurking on them since October 08 when I got my kindle and they were entertaining - funny threads (like limericks); dog and kindling kowboy (d..."

Dee I agree. I do think the board can be harsh, but I do understand why sometimes. I think it would be different if people were posting for support, but it is often that people go there for a fight or to dissuade future purchasers.

One time I regular poster posted that he found a way to get back up batteries for his K2 and he was very excited. There were several posters who bashed him and making fun of him trying to fix a problem that didn't exist. Turns out he goes into the bush for months on end with no power source and limited capacity to carry a generator/electrical source so the replacement batteries was the answer to keep his kindle going. I thought this was a "good" example of the harshness of the board -- mocking and making fun of a poster, just for the sake of doing it.

Dee I am so glad Amazon got you the Kindle before you deployed -- awesome CS! I stepped on my kindle and Amazon sent me a replacement within 2 days. I love Amazon.

message 34: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 355 comments I was super excited to see KK back today!! he started a thread yesterday..

It would be nice to see the boards moderated but I think its a lot easier said than done. The way it is set up right now, anyone can set up a community on Amazon, whereas Kindleboards is a private entity...

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