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Rayna  | 1785 comments Well i was reccomended this series by a friend.
Passionate Thirst (Candace Steele Vampire Killer Series, Book #1) by Cameron Dean Luscious Craving (Candace Steele Vampire Killer Series, Book #2) by Cameron Dean Eternal Hunger (Candace Steele Vampire Killer Series, Book #3) by Cameron Dean
While it was a decent read it was by far my favorite. It kept me reading which is a good thing but i was dissapointed in Dean's character development of her leading vamp Ash. while he is described as handsome, mysterious, and captivating. His raw hunger and intense passion that i so readily look for in a vamp was missing! Dont get me wrong, im all for loving and soul mates but when i think far from a word i would associate with them and to me Ash is a big fluffy marshmellow!!! He loves his candace and the passion is there but it is lacking. i would suggest reading this series just to read it but i wonder if you will be satisfied with Ash once you've read them!!!

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