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Marisa Atkinson (totesmarisa) | 244 comments Mod
What do you think the bookstore of the future will look like, considering all the different permutations of the bookstore through history? Can you see any evidence of this future in Buzbee's own history of the bookstore?

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 6 comments Gosh, I hope the bookstore's future isn't too dismal. I have recently been in Barnes & Noble and the marketing for their e-reader, The Nook, slams you in the face when you first walk in and they have a bunch of sales reps waiting to tell you all about it, swarming around the front of the table. I can see the larger bookstore chains becoming totally digital. One would walk into Barnes & Noble and plug in their Nook and upload whatever they wanted, or in that case, I guess the bookstore wouldn't even be necessary.

The craze of the e-reader reminds me of Gary Shteyngart's new novel Super Sad True Love Story where everyone owns an "apparats", which is like a super iPhone/e-reader and books become extinct. I just listened to Shteyngart on Fresh Air on NPR this evening and he was asked about how all this technology has affected his reading habits. He said that his reading life is over unless he is in upstate New York where there is no service and he can thus read again.

In thinking about the future of bookstores/books/publishing this all seems a little frightening, but Buzbee does claim that in the last five years (since 2006) book sales through the independent stores have remained steady (200). I am trying to believe him.

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