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Brooke What do you think she decides to do after the photo shoot? If she decides to stay in New York, how do you think life goes for her?

I personally think she went back solely for the fact that it is all she has known for so long and the comfort of the known is far more important to most people. How hard would it be to adjust to the fast- paced way our world runs after virtual seclusion?! I couldn't and I live in the 'burbs!!! She had no friends to return to save the one couple, she had no home, no life, whereas on the island, she had a whole life carved out for herself. Also, I feel the tattoos and the strange looks she received because of them would drive her back to her island home where her body art was accepted.

Carolee Wheeler She gave herself her final tattoo in her hotel room, with a sewing kit and ballpoint pen ink. To me, that meant that not only would she not return to the island, she was planning to die.

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