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All I remember is that I read it around 12-13 years old at school and it was about some green lizard I want to say Kraken for some reason? The cover was bright green too and I don't remember a lot except I think this lizard was taking over the street where this boy lived.

Any help would be great thanks.

Ann aka Iftcan (Iftcan) | 4070 comments Mod
when did you read it? Was it a YA, chapter or what?

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Lobstergirl | 5236 comments Mod
Well there's The Kraken which seems to be for young children, and The Kraken Snores which does have a green cover and the description:

A sleepy sea monster threatens to sink Britain with its snoring. Can William and Zeus wake it up before the land disappears below the waves? William Popidopolis is in deep water! The kraken, a giant squid from Norse mythology, is extremely tired, and has swum from the warm waters of Bermuda to the colder waters of Britain for a long sleep. But if it falls asleep beneath the British Isles, the bubbles from its snoring will thin the water and Europe will sink! Zeus needs William's help to wake the kraken before Europe disappears below the waves!

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It would have been around 6 years ago? It would only have been maybe around 100 pages long? Bright green cover from what I can remember.

Sorry but I've checked its not those, though thankyou for looking @Lobstergirl :)

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