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message 1: by Lisarenee (last edited Jul 27, 2010 01:59PM) (new)

Lisarenee | 7661 comments This topic is inspired by that crazy book The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. In it people were jumping into the book Jayne Eyre. If you could jump into a book which book or series would you pick and why? Would it be a romance, mystery, or something else? What character from the book would you pick? Would you change the ending?

I've got a million I can think of off hand so it may be awhile before I narrow it down.

message 2: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 218 comments I would very much like to jump into "Pride and Prejudice" for obvious reasons. Of course I would be Elizabeth because she is very witty and can say just about anything she pleases to anyone.

message 3: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 931 comments I would probably jump into Twilight because then I could meet the love of my life-- Edward! :P

message 4: by Lisarenee (last edited Jul 27, 2010 07:22PM) (new)

Lisarenee | 7661 comments I can't decide, but I've narrowed it down to three:

I wouldn't mind being Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich's series by the same name. She's a woman who's a bounty hunter with really the wrong skill set for the job. She gets by with the help of Joe Morelli (her on again off again love interest) and Ranger (probably the only man who has a chance of stealing her away from Morelli). The series is filled with funny and unbelievable happenings which make me laugh myself silly.

I also wouldn't mind being Clary in the Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. She's smart and tough and discovers she's not quite like other girls. She's part of a group humans called Shadowhunters who protect other humans from demons and a hidden world that can rarely be seen by your average Joe. It's a role her mother tried to keep her out of, but one Clary is determined to step into. A world within our world containing demons, vampires, werewolves, wizards and what mayhem I think it'd be a fun trilogy to step into.

I also wouldn't mind stepping into the role Morgan from Lynn Kurland's Nine Kingdoms series. She's trained to be one of the best mercenaries in the Nine Kingdoms and she is the only female ever to do so. She lives in a world with magic and while she detests it she discovers to her dismay that she is gifted with the ability. In a land filled with flying horses, mages, magical singing swords, dragons and more what's not to love? Oh, and she has a love interest as well, Miach.

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1) by Janet Evanovich Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2) by Janet Evanovich Three To Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum, #3) by Janet Evanovich City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) by Cassandra Clare City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2) by Cassandra Clare City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3) by Cassandra Clare Star of the Morning (Nine Kingdoms, Book 1) by Lynn Kurland The Mage's Daughter (Nine Kingdoms, Book 2) by Lynn Kurland Princess of the Sword (The Nine Kingdoms, Book 3) by Lynn Kurland A Tapestry of Spells A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms by Lynn Kurland

message 5: by Heather (new)

Heather | 504 comments Hmm, wouldn't mind stepping into P&P as well but then again, no one really took baths and to do your business, you have to do it outside!

Lauren, yeah, I could see myself in Twilight but then I would have to seriously wise up if I were going to be Bella..

Wow, to be Stephanie Plum: two hot guys after me but stuff blowing up around me and people shooting.. then again, two hot guy..

yojharobed || I have no sword. I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor and this is my spoon. En garde! (yojharobed) Any and all of the Redwall books! I would probably want to be one of the hares.

Most of the Warriors books! Part of ThunderClan, of course.


Pride and Prejudice! Elizabeth, who else?!!

message 7: by Kristina (new)

Kristina (KristinaLawhead) | 569 comments definitely Harry Potter! I would love to be Hermione :) Of course I'll settle for just being in Gryffindor!

I'd also like to step into Sweet Valley High or Baby-Sitters Club just for the nostalgia, hah!

message 8: by Lisarenee (new)

Lisarenee | 7661 comments Deborah, My son really loves the Redwall books so I started collecting them. Did you hear the author passed away? Very sad.

Kristina, Harry Potter books would be fun to step into. I never read the Sweet Valley High or Baby-Sitters Club. I think I missed out.

message 9: by Lisarenee (new)

Lisarenee | 7661 comments Would you want to be the main character, the love interest, or the sidekick?

yojharobed || I have no sword. I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor and this is my spoon. En garde! (yojharobed) Lisarenee, Yes I did hear that. I am very sad that there won't be any more. :( Brian Jacques was/is my favorite author.

yojharobed || I have no sword. I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor and this is my spoon. En garde! (yojharobed) Lisarenee wrote: "Would you want to be the main character, the love interest, or the sidekick?"

To whom were you asking this question?

message 12: by Jex (new)

Jex (Jexball) | 2215 comments #1 choice would be Harry Potter. I love the magical world and would totally want to explore all the places they talk about in the book first hand. Not to mention it would be awesome to have magical powers.

I also have a fascination with wonderland and would love to enter Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass.

message 13: by Lisarenee (last edited Jul 07, 2011 03:04AM) (new)

Lisarenee | 7661 comments Deborah wrote "Lisarenee wrote: "Would you want to be the main character, the love interest, or the sidekick?"
To whom were you asking this question?"

I was asking everyone. I'm guessing in some books I'd prefer to be the main character such as in the Stephanie Plum series. In the Harry Potter series I think I'd want to be a sidekick, but not one of the primary ones. I think it'd be more fun to actually meet the characters - if such a thing was possible.

message 14: by Remmy (new)

Remmy Eragon definately!

message 15: by Brooke (new)

Brooke  (Brookeluvsbooks) I think I would like to be in Graceling or Poison study

message 16: by Lisarenee (new)

Lisarenee | 7661 comments Brooke wrote: "I think I would like to be in Graceling or Poison study"

Two of my favorite books. :) Good choices.

message 17: by Brooke (new)

Brooke  (Brookeluvsbooks) Lisarenee wrote: "Brooke wrote: "I think I would like to be in Graceling or Poison study"

Two of my favorite books. :) Good choices."

Thanks I read a lot of dystopian books and these seem to have the safest worlds lol :)

message 18: by Kim (new)

Kim | 12 comments Anne of Anne of Green Gables but only after she gets to Avonlea. Scarlett in Gone With the Wind long enough to get to slap Prissy, kiss Rhett and kick Ashley.

message 19: by NayNay (new)

NayNay | 312 comments Pride and Prejudice, I would fight Elizabeth for Mr. Darcy!

message 20: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte (caelestial) | 31 comments Wendy in Peter Pan for sure! That way I could fly to Neverland and experience it all myself. Then I would finally meet my childhood crush, Peter, fight pirates, party with Indians. Oh great now I really want to go.

I would go into Carrie by Stephen King as Sue Snell so I could maybe save everyone too. At the same time though, I might be too scared. I was constantly thinking about this as I read it actually.

message 21: by Abby (new)

Abby  | 69 comments oooo The cat and bones series by Jeaniene frost or Darynda Jones' Charley Davidson series....

message 22: by Seth (last edited Jun 25, 2014 08:16AM) (new)

Seth Wickens-Walther | 6 comments Looking For Alaska or Paper Towns they are both really good books so it would be a hard choice.

message 23: by Kat (new)

Kat (superkatness) | 184 comments Anne McCaffrey's Pern series book world. They have always been my favorite.

Mary: Harry Dresden's Love Slave (HarryDresdensLoveSlave) | 2782 comments I would step into the Harry Dresden series of course. Or Hamish Macbeth's world.

message 25: by Jeanne 'Divinae' (new)

Jeanne 'Divinae' | 1101 comments Oh the choices... Mercy Thompson series

message 26: by Matty (new)

Matty | 16 comments Perks of being a wallflower!

message 27: by Eden Creed (new)

 Eden Creed (silver_quills) | 284 comments Dark Lover by J. R. Ward. Right at the very beginning of all the fun stuff so I could play to my heart's content *rubs hands together*

message 28: by Shelby (new)

Shelby | 26 comments If I could jump into a book it would probably as Tessa McClean in Something Witchy This Way Comes

Deidre(Dee) ~ Johnny's Grandma ~ (Deidre53) | 38 comments Inkheart. I loved that story.

message 30: by Jolly (new)

Jolly Per (jaliper) | 16 comments Aside from Harry Potter's world, Cinder!

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